8 Must-Haves For Your Wedding in 2015

by aiowedding on March 25, 2015

While a wedding should be a wonderful celebration filled with great memories of family and friends, there are a lot of things that can happen to make the event a stressful one. However, by taking the time to do some planning and take care of the important ‘must have’ parts of a wedding, a couple can reduce the chances of things going wrong.


Great Music
Whether a bride and groom choose to go with a band or a DJ (or both), great music is essential for a memorable wedding and reception. As the best go quickly, it is important to choose a music provider early in the wedding preparation process and commit to a booking. Couples should look for a band or DJ that is experienced, flexible and familiar with a variety of music.
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Dhgate has cheap wedding dresses for sale

Weddings call to mind tradition and plenty of planning. The same can be said of Hens parties. Although heavy with tradition, the Hens parties can still be changed to meet the desires of the person being celebrated. The planner should keep in mind that this is more than just a party; they’re made to have a good time with friends. You can save time and money by planning your party online. Here are three great reasons for you to start shopping online for your hens party supplies Melbourne brides will absolutely love you for!

logo1- Shopping online for Hens party decorations is easy. You can see what you are buying before you get it. Odds are that if you go shopping in a real store, they won’t have the exact things that you want and you will be disappointed. With such a need for Hens party supplies, Melbourne residents can certainly find more available online than in person at a shop.

2- You can shop in your pyjamas and never leave the house if you use an online store for Hens party decorations. With so much planning to do, it is one less thing to do if you can shop online instead of trudging out to the stores and wearing yourself out. By saving yourself a trip, you can get more planning done at home and can even do more than one task at a time to prepare. Don’t waste your time on huge department stores that will likely disappoint when you can stay at home and click the mouse to order Hens party decorations.

3- It is a lot easier to share your ideas on social media than it is to get your friends to gather for a shopping trip. You can text, email, send a note on Facebook or Pinterest, or even create a wedding site that you can use to invite people to your Hens party. Creating an online gift registry is also a great idea! Shopping for your Hens party supplies in Melbourne has never been easier when you can just use your tablet or phone to do your shopping.

For all of your Hens party needs, and to show your friend, the bride-to-be that you have put a lot of care and effort into their Hens party, check out BuckingHEN Palace at http://buckinghenpalace.com.au/


Bride’s wedding bouquet plays an important role on the special day of her life. They define the significance of the wedding moments. It is an accessory carried by the bride displayed proudly while walking down the aisle. It enhances the beauty of the wedding girl.

Wedding Bouquets Beautifully

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How to Look Fab for a Glamour Photography Shoot

by aiowedding on March 17, 2015

Glamour Photography Glamour photography is all about capturing the subject’s natural beauty and best assets in order to produce striking and artistic images.

If you’re one of those people who is not comfortable getting her pictures taken, you can follow the tips listed here to give yourself a boost in self-confidence.


Remember to bring a lotion or oil with you. These two items can help keep your skin moisturised and let you achieve a natural glow.
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Infographic: PerfectRing Bridesmaid Battles

by aiowedding on March 13, 2015



Perfect ring was created in 2007 with the website going live in 2010. It is an Irish Company, based in Dublin, and was created out of necessity. Searching for the perfect ring should not be confined to walking from shop window to shop window. Perfect ring allows individuals search for their perfect ring via this website. Perfect ring does not stock or sell any rings or diamonds – http://www.perfectring.ie


5 Helpful Tips for Perfect Wedding Hair

by aiowedding on March 4, 2015

5-Helpful-Tips-for-Perfect-Wedding-HairWhen you’re the bride-to-be, one of your main focuses is making sure that you are picture perfect on your wedding day. This means finding a beautiful dress. This means getting gorgeous shoes and accessories to complement it. It also means having the right hairstyle as well.

In order to make sure that your tresses are in place on your big day, here are five tips that will help your hair look flawless at your wedding:

Get a trim a few weeks before. No matter what kind of wedding day hairstyle you have in mind, it’s not going to look as great as you envision unless your hair is in good condition. One way to keep it healthy is to trim your ends no less than four weeks before your wedding. That way, you won’t have any split ends and your style will hold from the beginning of your wedding to the end of your reception.

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

by aiowedding on March 1, 2015


The perfect venue, the perfect outfits (and matching shoes), and you even finally got that centerpiece you saw on Pinterest to turn out right. All that’s left is to say “I do,” right? But wait, how are you going to capture this perfectly curated moment? That’s where you’re wedding photographer comes in. While there’s something to be said for all the long hours of crafting and carefully matching shades of peach, there’s more to be said for what your wedding express about you and your partner. Your photographer must understand your identity as a couple if your wedding pictures are going to truly capture the spirit and emotion of the day. But how do you find a photograph that can learn so much about you? Below are a few key details about how to find a wedding photographer that covers all the things that are important to you.
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5 Common Mistakes Men Make With Engagement Rings

by aiowedding on February 25, 2015

Deciding that the woman you’re with is The One is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. At the same time,it’s probably one of the easiest, too!

Common-Mistakes-Men-MakeAfter all, she’s kind, smart, beautiful, and she’s always been there to make you smile when you needed it most. What more could you possibly need?

With such an exceptional woman on your hands, you need a proposal plan that is just as special- and it all starts with the ring…

The right engagement ring should be a lot like her: one-of-a-kind, stunning, and an everlasting reminder of your love and devotion to each other. Unfortunately, choosing an engagement ring isn’t nearly as easy as choosing a bride! With so many options and pressure to get it just right, it’s no wonder that men tend to make some slip-ups when delving into the world of diamond engagement rings.

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How to Buy Engagement Rings

by aiowedding on February 5, 2015

Even if you’d talked extensively about getting married, it can still be a fun surprise to go out and secretly buy an engagement ring and plan a proposal for your intended. The first major hurtle you have to cross, however, is buying that engagement ring.

artcarved wedding rings
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wedding-bottom-rowFor big occasions like weddings, some people think they need to fall in line with established event planning rules. The truth of the matter, though, is that weddings are not about following etiquette. They are about sharing a sacred, once-in-a-lifetime moment with those you love. In fact, by deviating from the standard path, you can actually reduce the stress and costs associated with planning the event. Having a Friday or Sunday wedding is one of the best examples of this, as it affords the following benefits.

  1. You Can Secure a Great Venue

Saturday weddings, especially in the popular months of June or October, are notoriously difficult to book because there is so much competition for venues; many locations have these slots filled more than a year in advance. This can make things tough for couples who have shorter timeframes within which to plan their weddings. By going for a Friday or Sunday wedding, you will automatically have more options in both venues and dates.

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