7 Most Famous Wedding Destinations aroundthe World

by aiowedding on December 9, 2013

Your wedding day will be cherished as long as you live, and it is unarguably the most important day of your life. How would you choose a perfect destination for your wedding? The place should have the scent of romance in the air, and the surroundings must be rich in scenic beauty. It also needs to have many amenities for accommodating the guests. There are several locations in the world where people love to get married. Let us take a look into the top 7 wedding destinations in the world.

1. Venice, Italy:

Venice does not need introduction for lovers and newlyweds; no other city in the world has such romantic appeal. The city is formed by 118 small islands connected by magnificent waterways and tiny arch-shaped bridges. The artistic buildings that pass away while you travel with your loved one on a Gandola make it more romantic.
2. Kuredu Island, Maldives:
Kuredu Island is your ultimate destination if you want an open-air beach wedding. Being the second largest island in Maldives, Kuredu is filled with powdery, white sands and turquoise waters. The island is buzzing round the year with people on honeymoon and those who arrive for a wedding. Plenty of luxury resorts, spas, restaurants and bars are located on the island.
3. Dubrovnik, Croatia:
Dubrovnik in Croatia is a relatively less known spot for regular tourists, but the place has recently seen an surge in number of weddings. There are many beautiful churches here. After the wedding you can travel by ferry to three nearby islands – Lopud, sipan and Kolocep where you spend the whole day kayaking. Located along the coast of Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is no less than Maldives or Hawaii in terms of beauty, but is comparatively inexpensive.
4. Las Vegas, USA:
What is the better than Las Vegas to get married in the United State? Be prepared to be flattered by the flamboyance of Vegas with its brimming nightlife. Here, you can take care of your guests better. Many hotels have their own casinos and some of them even have Gandola rides – so, your guests can have a nice time. Contrary to the conception that, in Vegas, you have to pay the top dollar for luxury, there are affordable hotels as well (in the suburbs); they offer excellent service without burning a hole in your pocket.
5. Scotland, UK:
Home of the royals, Scotland has innumerable castles with hundreds of acres of picturesque greenery around them. Brides who love a fairy-tale-style princess wedding will love to get married in Scotland. Plenty of hotels and churches are spread across the main cities of Scotland, and you can pick your favorite spot.
6. Paris, France:
Paris is the most romantic city after Venice. The city has all the amenities – excellent hotels, good transport and fine cuisine. You can marry your loved one in one of the most historic churches in Paris. Also, the city has plenty of museums, theaters, parks and gardens – it may take you weeks to explore it.
7. Skopelos Island, Greece:
The Skopelos Island is one of the greenest and most unspoilt islands of Europe. You will fall in love with its beauty the moment you see it from a distance while reaching it through the Mediterranean Sea. A summer wedding here is perfect as the temperature remains around 28 degrees Celsius.

Apart from these places, there are many spots like Morocco, Hawaii, Sydney and New York which are great for getting married in. Plan months ahead for your wedding so that you can get some best bargains on hotels and do the most important tasks like passport renewals to avoid hassles in the last minute.

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