Fabulous honeymoon ideas and inspiration across Africa

by aiowedding on December 2, 2016

If you have reached a certain stage in your wedding planning process in which you need to focus on the honeymoon venue, you should also include Africa on your list of options. Why? Because it is an astonishing touristic destination where you can experience its unique wilderness that will make your honeymoon an experience worth remembering.

Just imagine yourself being just a hop away from the breathtaking Indian Ocean beach and combining the relaxing experience under the Sun, feeling the smooth sand under your feet with the gorgeous, wild safari adventures that will satisfy your need for adrenaline. Everything you want can be done in Africa, the land of endless possibilities and the perfect place for honeymooners looking to have their fair share of fun.

Fabulous honeymoon ideas and inspiration across Africa

An original honeymoon experience in Botswana

If we were to use a single word to describe a honeymoon in Botswana, exclusivity would be it. Why? Because this African country is characterized by high value and low volume tourism that ensures exclusivity. Moreover, once you find exclusivity, you gain perfect privacy, the main ingredient of a perfect honeymoon holiday.

Also, this is a recommended destination for such events because no matter whether you and your life partner might have similar or totally different personalities, the wide range of options in terms of activities you could engage in there is endless. This will give you the chance to plan the perfect trip for both of you and make sure that romanticism is never left out of the equation.

In terms of accommodation conditions you could consider, we will name only two of our favorite places in Botswana: Duma Tau and Mombo. Moreover, you can engage in a 5-6 night tour in the Delta then move to Savuti for the next three amazing nights and end the itinerary in Zambia, the land of different landscapes, amazing wildlife experiences and game-viewing options. A perfect itinerary for an unforgettable honeymoon!

Fabulous honeymoon ideas and inspiration across Africa 

Luxury safari adventures in Kenya

Next on our list of amazing African destinations to consider for your honeymoon is Kenya. This country is the home of luxury safari experiences ever since the 1900’s when the first curious tourists explored its wild territory in search of wild experiences. The image of original colonial safari is featured in this place where classic rules and life guidelines apply. Perfect luxury romance is established in this amazing location on the wild African land where anything is possible and dreams seem to come true for every traveler who dares to get off the beaten tracks.

Everything in this country seems to make it a perfect honeymoon location. It includes great beaches where you can spend a few relaxing days with your love partner and simply take in the peace of the Ocean, the warmth of the Sun and the gentle touch of the soft sand. You can also be entertained by perfect game -viewing in the area or engage in a romantic tented safari. Either on a public beach, a deserted one or in the wilderness, in a safari tent, the honeymoon experience in Kenya will bring new levels of excitement in your life.

Moreover, the greatest thing about this place is that everything is there for you to easily reach without having to fly out of the country for safari or beach experiences. Therefore, you can have it all from a single trip with no additional costs. In addition, you can engage in a wide range of interesting activities like kite-surfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, snorkeling and many others so there is no chance of ever feeling bored in this location.

Fabulous honeymoon ideas and inspiration across Africa

In terms of accommodation conditions, we would recommend two lodges that seem to have it all for romantic tourists: Sarara and Rekero. These will also allow you to stay off the beaten tracks as much as possible so that the real magic of the African wilderness might be revealed to you in ways you have never imagined it would be possible.

Make your honeymoon experience the best one so far in terms of traveling, discoveries and romanticism. Choose the wild African land as your guide of entertainment and enjoy the Kenya safari honeymoon you have planned for yourself because it is totally worth your time, money and efforts to get there.

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