Finding a Competitive Mauritius Honeymoon Accommodation

by aiowedding on September 23, 2013

Your everlasting dream has been to spend your honeymoon in Mauritius ? You are now getting married and looking for a honeymoon destination? Mauritius seems so dreamy but yet you feel that you want to go for it? Why choose Mauritius? Besides the fact that the island is renowned as one of the best destination because of its wonderfully made nature, you will also find competitive offers in regards to accommodation. Qualitative services along with various activities opportunities are offered to honeymooners.

Are you looking for a cheap accommodation but yet with some standard? Cheap offers does not necessarily mean that you will not enjoy an intimate setting. Some luxury villas can offer discounted rates during low season. A competitive offer would be the one with the best quality/price ratio.

The rates will vary according to services, season, packages and the place. If you go for a 5 stars resort, you will eventually pay more than if you go for a 3 star resort close to the beach. Before choosing an accommodation, it is important to go for comparison of different offers. Isla-Mauricia can assist you in this study.

Requesting an online quote will help you find an offer that matches your budget and search criteria, within a record time. Isla-Mauricia provides you with such facilities. We start looking for your best option, at the very moment we receive your request. Based on information entered, we look for special offers. For this reason, it is important, when asking for a quote, to mention that you are coming for honeymoon, so that special offers may apply. While doing so, you can be confident that competitive offers will reach you.

When filling out the form, think well over your needs. Picture your honeymoon. For a moment put aside your budget. Why? You can sometimes come across an attractive offer but you find it too expensive and let it go. But if special offers apply, this same attractive offer can become cheaper and affordable to you. Special honeymoon offers can combine free nights offers and early bird discount at some Mauritius villas. Free night offers are normally identified as follows: Reservation Code 8=10, 11=14, 16=21. This simply means that you can stay up to 10 nights, for the price of 8. Pay 11 nights and stay 14 nights or pay 16 nights and stay up to 21 nights.

Couples who want to live in a secluded area providing intimate togetherness with own pool and garden, we always recommend our private villas in Pereybere. It will only costs around 121 EUR a night, depending on the season. Breakfast is included in the price. Special setting such as candles, flowers, and champagne are made available on arrival. If you want a wedding service at the beach, same is organised and includes floral arch, dinner and musicians and much more.

Are you looking forward to a heavenly honeymoon stay in Mauritius? Trust Isla-Mauricia in your search. We offer accommodation in different regions. Our offers have been thoroughly thought and we are eager to help out to facilitate your search of a Mauritius luxury accommodation.


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