Top 5 Wedding Destinations In London

by aiowedding on July 31, 2013

For couples, the wedding is the most memorable experience in their lives. They exchange vows and promise a wonderful and fruitful life together, forever. But planning for a wedding could be really tedious. Just thinking about the color scheme, the number of allowed guests, and the souvenirs could be very stressful for both the bride and the groom. So to help you start your wedding plans, here is a list of wedding destinations in London that you will definitely love and would also answer your needs.
Top 5 Wedding Destinations In London

1. Natural History Museum
Art and history lovers will definitely find this place perfect for their wedding. The intricate design of the walls and the hallways would add elegance to the event. At the same time, there is a big dinosaur skeleton, a very unique ornament for a wedding. You can choose from a lot of varieties of themes. The lights can be changed from blue to red depending on your preference. The mood and the theme of the entire event are in your hands. You do not have to worry about anything. The wedding will wow your guests.

Why choose this destination:

  • Classical and stylish feel
  • Great aesthetic and architectural value
  • Has a huge and spacious hall
  • 650 person capacity
  • Place is flexible to any theme and mood of your preference

2. Kensington Palace Orangery
If you are a nature lover, this place is for you. Outside the big windows, you can gaze at the refreshing trees and flowers. The garden has majestic bay trees and beautiful lawn. The details of the palace including the carved Grinling Gibbons are a one of a kind landmark you and your guests will remember.

Why choose this destination:

  • Can accommodate 1000 people
  • Terrace and lawns can be used for receptions
  • Spacious
  • During the day, it is well-lighted due to the big windows and the open space

Top 5 Wedding Destinations In London
3. The ICA
The Institute of Contemporary Arts could offer you a formal, yet elegant feel in your wedding. The walls are simple with a contemporary feel. Some rooms also have a vintage chic design. The white and cream walls make the event more solemn and reserved.

Why choose this destination:

  • Can accommodate 60 guests for ceremonies, 80 for dinner and 150 for receptions
  • The interior design is stunning
  • It is a glorious venue
  • Perfect for solemn and formal weddings

4. The Savile Club
If you would like to incorporate dancing in your wedding ceremony or reception, this venue has a ballroom hall that could accommodate 100 guests. It also has a wood-paneled bar and two reception rooms. Elegant and intimate, this place will make amaze you with its wealthy surrounds.
Why choose this destination:

  • It has a ballroom hall
  • Perfect for a small number of guests
  • Venue hours can extend up to 1AM
  • The place is flexible to any theme

5. IL Bottaccio
The grand staircase makes the place royal and elegant. Its Georgian design and adaptable space could benefit any wedding events.

Why choose this destination:

  • Regal feel
  • A huge hall for reception
  • Intricate design of the place

For more information and to carefully choose from these wedding venues, you can visit them and have a quick look. The transport for London number might come in handy so do not forget to save it.

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