World of Wedding Industry in Nottingham

by aiowedding on March 6, 2014

Not many years ago weddings used to be an intimate affair between the bride, groom, their families and friends. But since the beginning of the new millennium weddings have become a huge and profitable industry for many. Let’s catch a glimpse of the wedding industry
Wedding day is the most important day for every bride and groom. With weddings becoming more of a lavish affair, one aspect of it which needs to be understood is the world of the wedding industry. The industry is growing by the day given that months of planning by professionals today go into making the day a success. So it is not only about making the most important day of the lives of a bride and groom a success, but weddings are also about an associated industry which has many facets to it. In the US, the wedding industry is worth $40 billion whereas in UK it is worth $11 billion and is an ever growing one.
As we look into a wedding ceremony we can see that it has many aspects to it, which are as follows:
Wedding dress and accessories: This includes the bride’s dress and the groom’s tuxedo or suit, their engagement ring and wedding bands. Even though these are best left to professional designers, the idea and concepts take months of planning especially if it’s a themed wedding.
Bachelor/bachelorette party: These pre-wedding parties have been a part of the weddings for at least the past 50-60 years. The groom and the bride enjoy the last day of their ‘single’ life with close friends. And as tradition only friends pay for all of the arrangements.
Wedding ceremony: As the wedding industry is evolving the ceremony is becoming more and more extravagant. Including the priest/minister/rabbi, music and invitations, a couple on an average spends around $4000-$5000.
Reception style and pattern depends on the culture and region. But on a broad prospect it is much more informal than the formal wedding ceremony.
Location: The location of the wedding and the reception depends on culture, climate, and family tradition and mainly on the financial status of the couple. It may be fancy reception hall or a beach side or sometimes even a castle. Eventually it is all about how deep your pocket is. Decoration of the ceremony location and reception area is a major factor contributing to the expenditure. For all this a bride and groom may spend up to $8000-$10000.

World of Wedding Industry in Nottingham

World of Wedding Industry in Nottingham

The scenario of wedding industry in Nottingham is not so different either. Civil wedding or ethnic wedding, Nottingham has many exclusive wedding venues catering to individual requirements. The cozy and evergreen city of Nottingham offers a perfect place for weddings. It has a pleasant weather all year round which is a blessing for couples who like outdoorsy locations for their wedding and reception. If you want a country or garden wedding venue in Nottinghamshire then The Cockliffe Country House, Goosedale Conference and Banquets, Kelham Hall & Counttry Park, The Nottingham Bellfry, Eastwood Hall are some of the best venues you can hope for. These are also some of the great party venues in Nottingham.
If one wants a cozy and indoor wedding reception then also there are exquisite party venues in Nottingham like The Riverbank, Albert Hall Conference Centre, Alea Nottingham Casino, Park Plaza Nottingham, Goosedale Conference and Banquets and many more.
So, while planning a wedding one need not worry about the location as there is no dearth of exclusive wedding venues in Nottingham. All one needs to do is find a great wedding planner and invest a great deal of money to make your wedding day a success. The outcome will be an extravagant and fairy tale wedding couples would only have dreamt of.
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Author bio: Mary Thomas is working as a freelance writer. Over the years, she has reviewed many event hosting venues & has given an insight into their level of customer service & authenticity of their advertised claims.

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