10 Free Gift Ideas To Make Others Day Memorable

by aiowedding on April 12, 2014

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“It blesseth him that gives and him that takes”, says Shakespeare of mercy. We daresay it goes for gifts too. Money is the last thing that should matter in the matter of gift, like mercy is. It is the spirit behind the gift that stands scrutiny.  And, that brings us to gifts sans expenditure: Free gifts. What can you gift that will touch the heart of the birthday boy or girl?

  1. Make a list of things that he/she likes passionately. Think of the activities that you both are mutually interested in. You can create a gift certificate that bears witness to your and his/her interests. For instance, if you were both two of the very involved tennis players, you can gift an online download of a tennis match final of one of his/her favorite players.

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  1. Homemade delicacies have more appeal than the packaged chocolates etc..  After all, you have put your and soul into making it especially for him or her and that would strike a chord in anyone. Only, make sure that he/she loves the item that you prepared out of your pantry. 

  1. Hunt for old photos both in family albums or online storage files, organize them in chronological way and gift them. You can see how nostalgia overtakes them and how thankful they are. 

  1. If you are a business owner, you can gift something that you can pick out of the materials you produce or a service that you provide. For instance, a bowling alley proprietor can gift free coupons for the day or even a month. 

  1. Invite them for dinner at the privacy of your home with or without a limited number of other guests. Pen lyrics to the tunes of “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder or “Happy Birthday Girl” by the Equals and sing to them accompanied by piano or guitar. Never sing the originals; they will be most inappropriate. 

  1. Gift them time to enjoy. Offer them to take over their chores for the day. You can babysit, you can mop the floor, do the dishes, anything at all. 

  1. Stretching it further, you can even gift them the whole week-end. Carry out every task they usually perform during the period. 

  1. If you are good at craft? For example, if you can do embroidery with dexterity, you can gift an elaborately done kerchiefs or a set of pillow case. 

  1. Take them to a concert of their liking. Do not take a rap enthusiast to a Simon & Garfunkel live show.

10. Gift them a chance for adventure.  Age does not matter as long as you choose the appropriate activity. For instance, you can take the young birthday boy for a spot of bungee jumping. If you can not take them out on birthday then get something exciting for them from online shopping stores. You can find good vestidos de criança on various online shopping stores.

A matured gentleman can only be taken on a drive to countryside where you can look at the verdant foliage or maybe have a glass of wine at the vineyards, if there is one, on your way back.

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