Alternative Luxury Honeymoon Ideas

by aiowedding on June 19, 2014

After the stress of wedding planning and the joy of the big day, a honeymoon is a time for a couple to enjoy themselves and spend time together. There is a wealth of luxury resorts around the world that occupy extraordinary locations and can provide a wonderful, unforgettable honeymoon. But many newlyweds also want their honeymoon to be unique, personal and different. For this type of couple, a number of alternative luxury honeymoon ideas are starting to emerge and gain popularity.

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The Minimoon

Minimoons are becoming popular not so much from a sense of uniqueness as from an increasing number of newlyweds with busy schedules. If you can’t take much time off, a minimoon will help you spend just a few wonderful days at a fantastic luxury resort before you return to the daily grind. Minimoons are also being used by some couples for another purpose.

By reducing the amount of time spent on a luxury honeymoon, couples can make their budget stretch further in other ways. Some prefer a shorter yet unique and even more luxurious experience by piling on the extras. In some couples’ opinions, this means they are really getting a bigger and better honeymoon which is simply packed into a shorter space of time.

The Multimoon

The Earth is packed with wonderful destinations that seem perfect for a luxury honeymoon. If you can’t decide which one to choose, a multimoon could save you the agony. In a sense, a multimoon is like a series of minimoons, taking in two or more separate destinations. Couples spend a short but meaningful time getting to know one destination, before taking off again to take in a whole new luxury location.

By taking in two or more different locations, this type of touring honeymoon allows couples to explore and experience a more complete range of luxury holiday options around the globe. However, a lot more travelling is involved so couples will need to be prepared for multiple journeys and possibly allow extra time. For a more manageable multimoon, couples may choose to visit a place such as Thailand or Malaysia that can offer multiple different types of honeymoon within a single country. This cuts down on the time and effort of travelling while still allowing couples to enjoy a range of experiences.


The Buddymoon

Not all couples are into gazing wistfully into one anothers’ eyes and whispering sweet nothings all the time. For some, time alone may be valuable but it isn’t enough to make up an unforgettable luxury honeymoon experience on its own. Increasingly, couples are opting to take a select group of close friends with them on their honeymoon.

These “buddymoons” are allowing couples to make the time all the more unique and special by sharing it with their friends and having a good time with others. After all, you celebrate your wedding with friends and family. Why not continue to share the celebrations with them afterwards?

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