Whenever we hear the word “marriage”, one of the most awaited moments for the bride as well as the groom, it reveals a feeling of joy, fun as well as excitement. As this day marks the beginning of a new phase of life, people are curious to do everything in the best possible ways. The first ever thing done during the planning for the wedding, is deciding about the wedding invitations. As choosing the perfect wedding dress is important for any wedding, similarly choosing the perfect invitation is also important as it would create a first impression that would last forever.

wedding card

So let us have a look at some of the definitive tips that would help one in designing the perfect wedding invitation:

  • Decide about the theme: There are many brides who struggle for creating the perfect theme for their weddings. Usually, the brides do begin with a particular theme in the mind but as soon as they view a series of invitation samples, their thought goes out of the window. So it is necessary keeping an open mind while choosing the wedding invitation theme, especially when one has no locked-in theme or the colour scheme. Viewing the product samples is actually having the difference between liking an invitation card and ordering an invitation card. It is best to stick with colour rather than sticking up with the design of an invitation theme.


  • Focus on the affordability of the card: It is true that the wedding invitations can get pricey. It is just difficult weighing the fair price against the level of the quality as well as the details required. It is advisable to compare the prices in different online stores and ensure that you are getting the reasonable deals on such wedding cards. There are many of the online stores like the deals lands that provide discount coupons on such wedding invitations. The planet cards discount codes offers great deals on different wedding cards. Also some of the stores offer free guest addresses printing on the invitation envelopes while some of them offer free shipping.


  • Have a look at the invitation designs: Look at various invitation designs as it is truly said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is true that what one bride loves that may not be preferred by another one. For an instance, the traditional brides prefer classic invitations more that feature a white cotton cardstock with black, silver or gold lettering that resembles simple and elegant look. On the other hand, the more outgoing brides would prefer an invitation having a metallic pocket fold having satin ribbon and the rhinestone buckle that perfectly fits into its design. One could also add the photos of the couple in the wedding invitations. This would add a unique feature to the wedding cards.


  • Finalize the vendor: Shopping for the invitations online could be helpful in saving a lot of time, money as well as stress of the bride. The wedding marketplace offers a wide range of vendors who provides custom design invitations to fulfil the unique requirements of different brides. Also the brides can easily find the reviews of vendors online and can even ask the feedback from the previous brides.

Thus, before finalizing any of the order just checkout the sample work before placing the full order. This would allow brides to physically see the quality of wedding invitation before placing any large order.


Vital Tips for Selecting The Apt Wedding Dress

by aiowedding on August 5, 2014

It is essential to know the place and time of your wedding for proper selection of the wedding dress. If the wedding is being held during day on the coach, ball gowns with dramatic embellishments can be ruled out. If the vows are being exchanged in candlelit cathedral, short slip dresses and other dresses which could be for a cocktail party should be avoided. Majority of fabrics can be worn year round few like organdy and linen are suitable for warm weather whereas brocade and velvet are ideal for winter. Wedding ensemble that includes veil, accessories and undergarments account for about 15% of complete wedding cost. Other factors like alterations and shipping charges may cost few thousand dollars. Their professional steaming or pressing may cost few hundred dollars more. Use a Jabong coupon to help save on costs.

Wedding dress - 1

First decide the amount that you want to spend on your wedding dress and inform the salesperson before she starts bringing out the gowns. This way you would not get carried away by a dress that is beyond your reach. Shopping should commence at least six months prior to wedding. The manufacturer would take four months to make dress and another two months would be required for alterations. Extremely elaborate gowns would take much longer. Many shops also have sale section displaying samples that could be bought off the rack if you are lucky. Go through a number of books, bridal magazines and websites to gain knowledge regarding fabrics, silhouettes and lexicon so that you could convey exactly what you want. Maintain a folder having pictures of the dresses and the details that have impressed you and take it along when you go to shop. Buy one online at great discounts using coupons for snapdeal.

Decide the shops which you will like to visit. Get in touch with them and find out designers that they carry and whether they have matching accessories and provide alterations too. You should preferably shop on week day so that adequate time could be spent and certainly not during lunch hour. You should not shop till you drop and limit it two stores a day. Carry note book and note down description of dress. Invite few persons who are familiar with your taste and would be honest with you. Advice of many people would be frustrating and confusing.

wedding dress - 2

You could take help of bridal consultants even if you are urged to try something that you do not like. Few dresses are not very impressive on hanger but look impressive otherwise. Don’t let any dress be thrust on you. Don’t go by number for the size of dress because generally bridal wear are smaller than the ready to wear dresses. Also don’t insist on smaller size just because you plan to lose weight before wedding. Get the dress that fits you perfectly now. Find out when gown would be ready, fee for alternation, if it can be shipped out of the state and cancellation policy. Check fittings before the event and do not forget to bring someone to assist you in helping you into gown.


Perfect Wedding Dresses For Different Body Shapes

by aiowedding on August 4, 2014

It is very essential that perfect wedding dress is selected keeping the shape of your body in mind. Here are some tips to select the right wedding dress as per your body shape.

Perfect wedding dress - 1

Pear shaped women

Narrowness of midsection should be highlighted and take the focus away from thighs and hips. Taffeta and duchesse satin are quite effective being sturdy fabrics and they also do not cling. V neckline and spaghetti bodice will present much small upper half of the body. Classic A-line silhouette is suitable for formal weddings but might be dressed down when it is made of casual fabric such as raw silk or lace. Buy one using Amazon India coupons today.

Busty women

You should go for dress that has scooped neckline. This will open up the face and show your décolletage without displaying lot of cleavage. Those liking strapless gowns should opt for one having little dip along neckline such as sweet heart instead of the one going straight across. It would make your bust appear larger. Choose the fabric for the bodice having sheen to it as this will add volume and draw attention to the chest. Ruched material will have similar effect.
perfect wedding dress - 2

Plus-Sized Women

Opt for empire dress and skirt which starts just below the bust and flows to gradual floor-length A-line. Ensure that seam of empire is not starting on chest and pleating of fabric has not been done. Dress should be as per your shape. In case it is loose, pounds will be added. Fabrics such as satin which will provide structure should be selected. Flowy fabrics should be avoided. Those found of romantic look of fabrics should select gown having stiffer base and add embroidered overlay. Get one using Jabong coupon codes.

Apple-Shaped Women

Select dress which cinches in at smallest point on waistline and flares out to gradual A-shape. Go for bodice with lot of texture that would camouflage and also fit snugly and will have corset like effect. Deep V neckline will suit you most and draw attention towards vertical and not horizontal. Trumpet dress styles should be avoided as they emphasize widest areas of the body and also flare out at knees and legs.

perfect wedding dress - 3

Straight-Lined Women

Dress selected should be such that it would create the curve where you lack these. Look for ball gown which cinches in at your waist and then descends to full and flowing skirt of floor length. This would take advantage of your slenderness and hide lack of hips. Those with small bust should go for bodice having ruching for creating volume.

Petite Women

Go for gowns of sheath, trumpet and the modified A-line. The waistline should be above the natural waistline for making lower half of dress appear longer. You can have the fabric of your choice but ensure that detailing is small and restricted to bodice for drawing eye upward. Do not go for the dresses that have dropped waist as these will make your legs appear nonexistent and the ball gowns because it would be simple to get lost in voluminous skirt. Avoid a wedding dress with calf length because it would make your legs appear shorter.


Top Ways to Sizzle Up Your Wedding Reception

by aiowedding on July 23, 2014

Well, it is really a daunting task to arrange a party and if it happens to be your wedding. All the pressure is on, your shoulders. You will not leave any stone unturned for its success. That is why the bride and groom are in stress during the event. There are many things, which you have to take care of like bridal dress, rings, list of wedding invites, booking a place for the reception and a million other things also. In case you are looking for perfect places to arrange party events in dubai.  By organizing a party on a yacht you will have a different experience and get rid of hundreds of hassles of organizing at conventional places.  Here are few things to sizzle up your wedding reception.


Music: This is for sure that there is no party without music. I have seen a lot of people hiring orchestra or are famous music bands for the wedding reception. Hiring a DJ is the most suitable as you can listen old songs of your choice as well as new songs mixed with new music beats. You can dance to lots of tunes like salsa, hip hop or any Bollywood song. People like to listen the songs in party at which they can shake a leg. Ask your DJ to prepare some current as well as all time hits. You can also fragment the entire event in three parts, music wise. The first is when you are performing the rituals and you are the center of attraction. So everything must go in accordance with your movements. Second is when people are willing to shake a leg and the party is at its peak. And at last when guests are leaving and the party is going to end.


Hire Dancers: There are many dance studios which provide professional dancers; this will give a different look to your party. While hiring these dances you can ask them to learn a specific dance or you can tell your dance numbers to practice for performing at the wedding reception. A well choreographed dance will leave your guests spellbound and they will enjoy this party up to the fullest.

Theme: Give your party a theme, a theme party is remembered for always and it is a lot more fun also. You can pick up a theme and ask your guests to dress up according to the theme. Decoration, dressing of the guests will make it a wonderful party. You have to decide the theme according to the availability of the place and the time of the year at which you are going to organize the wedding reception.

Finger foods: Finger foods are the best foods for weddings and you can also save a good amount of money. There are many varieties of finger foods like chicken, vegetables, fruits, fish varieties and at the last but not the least snacks. While ordering for this food, make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality as people will remember everything related to this event and food tops the list.

Games: There is a misconception that games are only for kids. As a matter of fact, every one of us can enjoy the game. You can have separate games for kids and adults.


The Latest Wedding Photography Trends

by aiowedding on July 22, 2014

Wedding Day Photos – Current Proclivity

The changes that have taken place in the wedding photographic arena is quite amusing; at the present time, brides and bridegrooms have their own precise visions of wedding photographic necessities, and they make all the needed arrangements to set their wedding photo sessions right, in line with their personal options, before the grand day! They try to apply all of the available avant-garde wedding-day photographic styles and techniques, so that they can capture the flow of the occasion in an authentic and imposing manner!

Wedding Photography - 1

  • One of the latest trends that can be seen in the wedding photography domain is the venue change. Instead of one or two unvarying backgrounds, which often pass on a droning feel to the viewers, most people prefer to have several locations for their photo sessions and hence, multiple photo sessions in diverse locations have become all the rage, as far as all modern-day marriages are concerned.
  • In the same way, the costume change is another distinctive thing that you can notice in the current wedding photos. Almost all contemporary couples like to have their wedding-day photos taken, by using different types and styles of attires.

Significance of Wedding Photos

In general, everyone gives great importance to their wedding days; each and every moment of that precious day is meant for later rejoicing and hence, great significance is attached to wedding photos. If wedding photos are taken in a shoddy manner, by employing greenhorn methods, then for sure the desired upshot will be missing! So, while picking up a photographer for capturing the momentous moments of the wedding day, you will have to be highly prudent.

Wedding Photography - 2

  • There should not be any compromise on excellence; go for only specialized wedding photo experts, if you are keen on quality.
  • Always compare your personal aspirations and the actual requirements with the abilities of the photographic expert, whose service you are planning to hire.
  • Do not feel reticent to open up yourself, because, it is your day and you have the right to get all the things right!
  • Discuss your photographic requirements with the concerned photographer and find out whether he or she is capable of fulfilling your demands by the book.

Try to Have a Handle on the Modern Wedding Photography Trends

If you wish store the bracing and blissful memories of your own wedding day, or the pleasant wedding celebrations of your loved ones in apposite ways, it is good to discern about the latest wedding photography trends. An in-depth knowledge on the modern wedding photographic styles will help you to plan better.

Wedding Photography - 3

  • It is good to have consultations with a dependable and experienced professional photographer regarding the actions that will have to be prearranged, for making the grand occasion really grand!
  • By this way you can acquire a profound and pragmatic awareness on the topic of wedding photography.


Covered by the plenty of services and ceremonies that stamp an Indian Wedding, the work of a Wedding picture taker gets a great deal additionally difficult and erratic. The assorted qualities in traditions and gatherings starting with one wedding then onto the next clears route for a need to get to know shared traits of Indian Weddings, to not miss the vital occasions.

Indian Wedding - 1

Indian marriages are notable for his or her pomp in addition to elegance. Tell all your family you want a zero hassle wedding service or party, it’s likely that they may vehemently is at odds of choosing one. Generally there also may very well be a number of dramas in addition to sobbing with cue. Furthermore, it’s got today get to be the usual for Indian brides to bring about his or her marriage fund. Positioning 2 collectively, lovers today ought to sponsor the awesome marriage affair along with 1000 unusual company in addition to money. Areas tips to get this function with no drilling an essential ditch as part of your wallet.

A couple of recommendations to remember while planning to do an Indian wedding.

Meet the Couple

Might sound senseless, however in many events at Indian weddings you could wind up gathering the couple shockingly upon the arrival of the wedding. A snappy meet prior will help set the desires, plan shots with the couple & get them in the safe place to be clicked by you. This would make it simple on the D-day & you will make sure not to miss that basic minute!

Indian Wedding - 2

Arranged Shots Vs Candid

It is greatly hard to get elite time with the couple throughout the wedding for pictures and thus you would need to get the greater part of your shots as the occasion is going on. Through the years I’ve observed that if arranged appropriately you could get a window of 20-30 minutes with the couple for your arranged shots. Make great utilization of it! Guarantee to timetable the arranged shots before the wedding starts or a prior day the wedding. After the rigors of the Indian wedding, the couple won’t be significantly entertained to posture for you.

Photography Co-coordinator

Well before the wedding, ask the couple to designate a relative who would help you. Indeed in the “little” Indian wedding, you can wind up with many relative thronging to be in vicinity to the couple, consequently making a confining calamity. You most likely would require the photograph co-ordinator to acquaint you with the nearby relatives who should be secured in the photos furthermore help in getting you to the Bride and Groom upon the arrival of the wedding. A co-ordinator would come amazingly convenient in taking care of swarm while you are occupied with taking pictures.

Indian Wedding - 3

Know your Wedding Process

Every Indian wedding is exceptional in its own particular way. Address the couple and the family well ahead of time and comprehend the wedding, the occasions, and their vitality. In Indian weddings, the picture taker is relied upon to catch certain particular minutes of the occasion. On the off chance that got uninformed, you may wind up missing key minutes.

Various kinds of novel and delightful Hindu wedding cards are currently accessible in different outlines and are in gigantic interest nowadays. It is genuine reality that wedding cards are the matter of honor and pride for some families all over the globe. Numerous spouse and lucky man select excellent outlines and send these perfectly planned welcomes to their relatives and companion’s far away. These days, wedding functions are arranged in an excellent way. These wedding functions have their religious and social importance. It is fitting to arrange and print the wedding welcomes no less than 5 to 6 prior weeks the wedding capacity.


How To Make Your Wedding Unique And Great?

by aiowedding on July 8, 2014

The persons that are going to get married are too excited about their future life. They are thrilled about the memorable event that would fill them with glamour and unforgettable memories. Such events should be planned with extra care as making them unique and great is a matter of great pride and pleasure. It is advised that you plan your wedding in an excellent manner so that everyone is impressed with your good arrangements. The following steps will help in making your wedding an event that leaves long lasting impressions upon all.

a.     Advance Planning – It is suggested that appropriate arrangements are chalked out well in advance. You should be prepared well in all respects for this unforgettable moment of your life. A viable program must be written on a piece of paper and nothing important should be left out, after all it is the most auspicious event of your life that is going to make your life partner to join you.

Wedding Planning

b.    Selection of suitable Church and good Wedding Place – plan your wedding giving deep consideration to selection of the Church where you would be praying along with your life partner. It should fall near to your residence and should be quite convenient for others too. You should make all arrangements well in advance with regard to the facilities and other aspects that are a must for a memorable wedding. Same is true with the venue of your wedding. It should also exist in the central place that should not be too far from the reach of the participants. They should be at ease to reach the place well in time.

c.     Dress – The dress chosen by the bride and the bridegroom must be glamorous enough so that the onlookers are impressed greatly. It is the most lovable event of their lives and as such all efforts must be made to make it attractive enough. The dress should be charming and should leave unforgettable impression upon others so that they remember the bride and bridegroom for longer periods.

Wedding Planning - 2

d.    Other facilitiesPlan your weddingwith a deep consideration to the requisite facilities that are a must for everyone that attends the event. The transport hired for the guests must be reliable enough and should pick up everyone in a feasible manner in time. The food for the guests must be delicious enough and the hotel staff must be instructed to serve the guests to their entire contentment. Drinks should be served quite consistently.

A well planned wedding means an event that would be remembered for long by all. The bride and bridegroom will take pride in enjoying their wedding if everything is arranged in a feasible manner. The guests’ satisfaction should be taken seriously as they are the people that are witnesses to the wedding ceremony, the most significant event of one’s life. Lovable music, good food, attractive photographs and other memorable things make your wedding unique and great.


Before the wedding day, each and every bride looks forward to the bridal gowns that would be essential for her to look the prettiest and along with that, she also ensures which make-up artist and hairdresser would be employed. Apart from this, there is something else which is also equally important that is employing the right photographer. Once the photographer is booked, you can be rest assured that the photographs and the videos taken on the wedding day would be something to cherish for the years to come. But on the other hand, have you ever imagined what it would be like if you want to see the videos after a few years and the poor quality of the video does not let you enjoy the film at all? This is the main reason why it is better to go for HD videos rather than having the videos in the ordinary formats. With high definition picture quality, it is guaranteed that you can watch the videos over and over again and that too at any time you want. Searching for such photographers has now become easier than before because of the internet. You can filter your search according to the place you live such as wedding video Gold Coast. A list of companies would come up from where you can select according to your wish.

Wedding Day - 1

Reasons to choose HD videos for weddings

When a photographer is appointed to capture wedding video Gold Coast, he does not know with which film, he has to take the videos. It can be on a VGA camera or a HD camera or a Blu Ray camera. These cameras are different from each other because of the varied video qualities. So it would be better to specify the person with which film he needs to take the video. Here are some of the reasons why you must choose HD videos over others:

  • A high definition video is the difference between an ordinary video and a brilliant one. Most importantly since it is your wedding, you would definitely not want the videos to be just ordinary. Moreover the cost of ordinary videos is less while high definition videos are a bit expensive but it doesn’t mean it would be unaffordable for you.

Wedding Day - 2

  • HD videos are just the perfect choice for weddings. This is because it captures the finest quality videos and the audio will also be crystal clear. If you see an ordinary quality video, you will be able to understand a marked difference with an HD video. Talking about the sound quality of an HD video, the film is made in such a way so that there is noise reduction in it. This means even if there is noise around you will be able to capture the video properly and when the video is viewed, the noise will be subdued because of the noise clarity feature.

Wedding Day - 3

  • Another reason why you must choose HD video for your wedding is because it has many different editing options which are not present in any ordinary video quality. A high definition video will be much sharper and in places where the sharpness is not equal, the photographer or the editor will be able to edit and increase the sharpness. This facility is not present in VGA videos. Apart from this, there are the clients who want their wedding video to be composed in a traditional format. This can only be done if you have a good video editor and the quality of the video will only look good if it is in high definition. Just imagine the scene if the video is taken in an ordinary mode and it comes hazy. After many attempts, the editor comes up editing the video and with the hazy picture quality and the heavy editing; the whole film will be a mess. You would definitely not want that.

So with so many benefits, it would be wise to choose HD videos when it comes to your wedding.


Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

by aiowedding on July 3, 2014

Your anniversary is a special day that you share with your significant other. It is important that you make your yearly celebration special and memorable. Below are a few ideas that you can use to do that.

amanda and tom

Re-create something from your wedding night

This typically is about recruiting your wedding night meal menu, but if you have any other ideas you can go with those as well. The idea is to re-create memories of the most special day that you and your significant other shared together. Reliving these moments will take you right back to when you first fell in love with each other. There is no going wrong with this idea. No matter how good or poorly you execute your plan; the simple act of revising those memories is good enough on itself.

Re-create your first date

This goes along the same lines as what we just talked about above. You can take your significant other on the same day that you both went on the first time. You will be able to relive all of the memories that you experienced on that first date. You will both find a lot of satisfaction sharing this process with each other.

Go on an adventure

Take your significant other on an adventure that they will not forget. Do something exciting and memorable. It would be best if it is something that you have never experienced before. To throw out a random example, you can go on a hot air balloon ride. Whatever it is, make sure it is something spectacular and it will be a memory that you can share with one another for the rest of your life. Try to do something that involves the two of you interacting with each other on a one-on-one basis. Group activities are not preferred for this, but activities and adventures that require you to work together or experience it together are ideal.

Write a love letter

Write a letter that shows your significant other how much they mean to you. This is a great way to show them how special they are to you in ways that you may not normally expressed to them. If you need some help, you can use happy anniversary quotes to get you started. These quotes are perfect for this type of situation. A love letter is a very thoughtful gift and is something that your significant other can keep with them and look at whenever they want. Any time they miss you or they want to relive that moment, they can look at that letter again.

These are just some of the many ways that you can celebrate your anniversary with your significant other together. The best thing that you can do is do something from the heart. You know him or her better than anyone else and you should know exactly what they would like to do for your anniversary. Feel free to steal any of these ideas or even surprise her with one of your own.


Choosing The Caterer At Your Wedding

by aiowedding on June 26, 2014

From the day that we arrive in this world and we start to grow up, we prove a witness to a number of occasions like birthdays; get to gathers, parties, social functions, even funerals. We take part in each of the rituals ceremoniously. One such occasion is the wedding. It is but obviously special for the bride and groom,with their loved ones witnessing their union. The wedding vows are taken are craved in every beat of their hearts. It’s like joining in making a unanimous heaven. Along with their joy there are the couple’s family friends and relatives which take an equal participation in their joy.

Whenever a wedding is planned a couple has to make a long list of do’s & don’ts. The invitations to the guest, the music, the food which would be a necessity at the wedding reception. Make sure that the drinking is not served beyond a certain limit to the guests. If you want to ensure the best alternative to boost up your reception in elegant manner then go for the catering company orders.

The money spent on the catering is the highest then the other arrangements.You will have to plan your budget in the food and drinking area because it would consume of about fifty percent of the wedding celebration.


Let us assume that you are adding items in the list. The wedding gown, the photography team, the cake, music chairs and tables, flowery and glossy decorations and the church. By then you will have to check on the reception cost. It happens with loads of couples that they opt to cut down on the actual ceremony of wedding because they want to have more fun at the reception.

How To Search A Perfect Caterer?

Begin with a process of an interview.Interview at least 4 or 5 caterers for your satisfaction. There is also an option of references which you can request for. Start by asking a family member, a neighbour, your friends or your office colleagues whoever had has a good go through with the catering stuff. This is one good way to go because you can have a briefing on each of the caterer personally.The people of Brisban opt for pure food catering company, the famous face of Catering Brisbane and have a quality experience of over 40 years and have catered in ample of functions. There are sites which give you an option of ordering your wedding caterer online like Mycaterer.com. These kinds of websites offer you a hassle free process of finishing up your catering business.


If there are any wedding couples who have had the experience of catering, then you could take their feedback that whether they found the catering service fulfilling or are they giving them the thumbs down.

When you have settled for your selected caterer, start from tasting the sample dishes that they would be offering your guests at the event.If they hesitate then then feel free to show them the doors. However, there are professional caterers, who are willing to give you the taste of their food, because they know that you could easily terminate the contract and look for some else, and they need you..Make sure that the food looks well presented when served.


Discuss the expenses on the food items with your caterer.You must tell him your budget limitations, and how far you are willing to spend it. A professional caterer will come up with a best option as to how to make best from the rest.For example the buffet styled dinner is less expensive then the sitting one.

Take Count Of The Cutleries:

When you are finished with the food items, ask your caterer about the cutleries which they have to provide at the reception. It is a crucial thing to discuss because, there would be children playing around. To avoid the embarrassing situation make a sufficient amount of storage of cutlery items on the table. Also, if those items are identified with the theme of your wedding, then it would be best. You have to see that the wedding style in included in the contract because you don’t want to ponder in the last about the extra expenses included in the caterer’s bill. Also decide on the kind of serve that would be offered by your caterers.


You are opting for a buffet style, so check on the cleaning up for the dishes, the appetizers that are to be served, the coffee and the tea sections, the slicing and cutting of the meat in the non-vegetarian section, the wine collection, all this aspects should be examined carefully.

The Catering in Brisbaneis popular amongst its customers and client. They offer a professional, yet warm approach to their clients which give rise in their positive feedbacks.


A professional caterer makes suggestions to enhance the beauty of your wedding.They should be such, who are equally enthusiastic about making your wedding grand and memorable in the eyes of your guests. it is the duty of the caterer to take part in your ceremony and cherish the happiness of the whole event making it a grand success.


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