Valentine’s Day celebration has almost become synonymous with chocolates, roses, stuffed toys, and VD cards that the essence of romance and love are starting to be lost in the process.

Love Forever on Valentine’s Day

With that notion, some couples tend to think that Valentine’s Day is costly and celebrating it requires spending a good amount of money.
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4 tips of selecting the prettiest ring for your fiancé

by aiowedding on December 23, 2014

Choosing the right engagement ring to make the proposal a memorable event of life, need not be a mind-numbing experience. With adequate understanding of one’s partner’s interests and knowledge about the things to look for in an engagement ring, coupled with the excitement of drams of proposal can make this a truly enjoyable process. So let us discuss a few important things to keep in mind while choosing a perfect engagement ring for fiance.


1. Choosing the band: The band of a ring is the circle which sits on and around the finger. It can be made from a variety of metals like gold, silver, platinum or even a combination of some other metals. Choosing the band is the first step of selecting a suitable engagement ring for one’s partner. It is at this point of time that one must know which type of band will be best for one’s fiance. Also, when there is a budget crunch, knowing fiancé’s choices can keep one grounded. Every type of metal band holds a different degree of symbolism. For example, a gold band symbolizes chastity and togetherness. Some prefer lighter shades of this metal which are less pure, like 10-14k. White gold is cheaper as it is alloyed with other materials and thus holds a silvery appearance. Since engagement rings are for life, white gold must not be opted for, as the gold plating tends to wear off from time to time. Platinum bands are naturally silver toned but with daily abrasion, tend to dull over the years.


2. Choosing the right combination of setting and gemstone: Life is all about mix and match. Two things which would look horrible separately sometimes come together to create unique combinations of beauty and innovation. The same is the situation with engagement rings too. The setting of a ring is the part that holds the main gemstone with the band. The setting may be either invisible or protruding. Popular choices are platinum setting on a gold band for lending a stark contrast. The gemstone is basically the most prominent, feature piece that captures the maximum attention. It is important to assume the preferences and personality of the partner before choosing the nature of the gemstone. Many consider diamond to be a safe and pretty option. Four factors should be considered while choosing diamond gemstones like cut, clarity, carat as well as clarity.

3. Choosing the proper size: When choosing the band for the engagement ring, it is essential to choose one of the right fit. Since this is entirely an individual factor, one can figure out a rough size by eye estimation or even sneaking out some of the fiancé’s frequently worn jewelry. The average ring size is around 7 but the actual fit does differ from person to person. Even if it seems impossible to determine the exact size, one can have the ring resized by the jeweler itself later on.


4. Know your partner’s style and choice: It is really a sensible decision when both partners choose a ring, but if one wants to make this a surprise affair; it becomes important to know the exact style of ring that suits their persona. An ideal engagement ring should be non-flattering and something that stands out in its simplicity and elegance. Also it should be worthy of daily use. Diamond engagement rings Sydney are among the best ones to select from.


5 Helpful Wedding Day Jewelry Selection Tips

by aiowedding on December 22, 2014

As a little girl, there’s a pretty good chance that you dreamed of your wedding day. You thought about the kind of place you wanted to be married in, the type of dress that you would wear, and definitely the way your groom would look.

Now that the day is only a few months (or weeks) away, it seems that all of your dreams are coming true. You’re getting married in a perfect venue. Your dress is absolutely amazing. You’re totally in love with your fiancé. All you have to take care of are small details like your jewelry.

Wedding Jewelry - 1

If you’d like a few tips on how to select the kind of jewelry that will make you the prettiest bride that anyone has ever seen, here are five that will help make your bridal look flawless.

Remember the “something rules.”: A very popular tradition for brides is to wear something old, something new, something borrow and something blue. So as you’re in the process of deciding what kind of jewelry to wear on your wedding day, keep those four things in mind. You can wear some antique pearl earrings, a new rhinestone bracelet, a borrowed diamond necklace, or even a blue-colored cocktail ring.

Wedding Jewelry - 2

Make sure your veil and earrings complement your desired hairstyle: Another tip to keep in mind is that your earrings and veil should complement the hairstyle that you choose to wear. For instance, if you decide to wear your hair up, some diamond posts and a crystal tiara would be exquisite. On the other hand, if you prefer to wear your hair down, some dangling earrings with some matching rhinestone barrettes would provide a simple yet sophisticated look.

Don’t wear a watch or a lot of rings: If you’re someone who happens to be a real stickler when it comes to being on time, there’s a pretty good chance that you own a couple of watches. But for your wedding day, this is actually a piece of jewelry that you should do without. There are going to be a lot of pictures that will feature your hands, so it’s better to have on a shimmering bracelet instead. Also, while it’s OK to have a keepsake or signature ring on your right hand, try and have no more than one ring on. Remember, you will have your engagement ring on your left hand as you walk down the aisle and a wedding ring on top of it once the ceremony is finished. That is more than enough hand jewelry.

Wedding Jewelry - 3

Embrace your signature style: Say that you’re looking on a website like BodySparkle Body Jewelry and you see a couple of items that may not be considered to be traditional wedding day jewelry, but you still like them a lot. It’s OK to get them and incorporate them into your bridal look. A beautiful bride is someone who embraces her signature style. This includes the kind of jewelry that she chooses to wear.

Less is more: That said, if there is one thing that you should definitely keep in mind, it would have to be that less is more. Just like with makeup, jewelry is meant to enhance your look, not overwhelm it. So with all of the pieces that you choose, make sure that they don’t take away from your natural beauty or the detailing of your dress. For wedding jewelry ideas, go to your favorite search engine and put “wedding jewelry ideas” or “wedding accessories” in the search field.


5 Major Benefits of Online Wedding Invitations

by aiowedding on December 22, 2014

As you’re sure to discover pretty quickly when you start planning your wedding, a lot goes into the process of turning your vision into a reality in order to create a beautiful and memorable event. And it’s not inexpensive, either. Between booking the venue, buying the dress, and securing all of the service providers you’ll need (caterers, florists, photographers, and more) you can quickly burn through your budget and drive yourself half mad. So any way you can find to make your life easier and save some dough is bound to be appealing. And you’ll find that there are all kinds of benefits to be gained by opting for online wedding invitations. They may buck tradition, but even your guests will find them easier to deal with than standard, snail mail options. Here are a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you choose to send out digital wedding invitations.

Wedding-card - 1

1. DIY creation. While you can certainly make your own traditional invitations with little more than some card stock from your local craft store and a basic layout and design program on your computer, why add extra steps to the process? If you’ve already got the digital template and you’ve filled in your information, why print it when you could just email the invites and save yourself a lot of time? Or, if you’re not keen to learn your way around a new program, simply use a site like Evite that does most of the work for you. All you have to do is choose the template you prefer, fill in your event information, and upload your contact list.

2. Use your contact list. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to go digital with your wedding invitations. Rather than going through the long and frustrating process of chasing down the addresses of everyone you want to invite, you can simply use your contact list of email address to mail out invites. And a little time on Facebook and other social media sites can help you to connect with anyone whose info is missing from your contact list.

wedding-card - 2

3. Instant RSVPs. In addition to one-click sending of invites, you’ll enjoy the ease with which you receive RSVPs. When you send out invites by email, it’s easy enough for guests to respond with a yay or nay concerning attendance and meal preferences. But if you use a online invitation service, you can actually track responses from your home page.

4. Save a ton of money. There’s no denying the financial appeal of digital invitations. Not only can you avoid the costs of printing and postage, but if you choose to make the invitation yourself, you don’t even have to pay a designer. Of course, you probably want your wedding invites to look beautiful and professional. By spending a little on an online service like My Digital Wedding you can not only set up your wedding website with info, photos, and more, but you can also use your account to send out invites and receive RSVPs. You’ll still save money over traditional invitations, but create a more professional looking product than you could get from free services like Evite, just for example.


5. Additional uses. Don’t forget that you can also use online services to send out reminder emails as your wedding date approaches, as well as invites for related events like the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, and so on. The ease of use and financial savings associated with going digital cannot be overstated.


Ноw Wedding Sparklers Саn Light Uр Yоur Special Day Wedding are an occasion to shine, and what better way to give your wedding that “wow” factor than by lighting up the night with fireworks? They are the perfect way to end a great wedding reception. These are some fun ideas on how to light up your wedding with sparklers and fireworks.

Can you picture the big day? Your wedding day. The white dress, flowers cake and of course the decorations. What kind of decorations would you use? For the actual wedding, maybe flowers lace and candles. What about the receptions? Maybe balloons, streamers, candles and what about wedding sparklers? Wedding sparklers are sure to give any reception a fun magical atmosphere. They would definitely make your wedding stand out from many of the others that I am sure your guests been too. Sparklers can make your wedding unique and give the guests something to talk about.
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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

by aiowedding on December 12, 2014

The Perfect Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is perhaps the single most important piece of jewelry that you will give to your spouse in your lifetime.  It is important that you choose a timeless ring that will not become outdated or unstylish after a length of time.  Men and women have different options available to them when choosing a wedding ring and it is not required that they choose matching rings.

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Beginners guide to wedding dresses

by aiowedding on November 24, 2014

beginners-guide to wedding dresses



Weddings remain tо bе іmроrtаnt events аnd іt іs nо big wonder whу people gо іntо great extents јust tо mаkе thеіr wedding extra special. Іt іs quіtе common fоr couples tо plan weddings аs early аs months bеfоrе thе wedding dаtе јust sо аll details аrе cared fоr. Frоm thе wedding dress tо vows tо wedding favors, couples handle thе nitty-gritty details јust tо ensure thаt еvеrуthіng will gо аs planned. Іf уоu аrе planning а wedding sооn, оnе theme tо consider fоr уоur wedding іs thе sparkler theme. Тhіs раrtісulаr theme саn gо wіth аnоthеr theme оr motif аs thе usе оf sparklers саn simply bе аddеd tо thе program tо mаkе thе ceremony аnd reception mоrе exciting аnd colorful.
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It’s this season again, when everyone seems to be marrying. The wedding would call for a lot of things to do, numerous errands to take care of, and multiple fittings to go through. Especially for the bride, there would be series of trial make-ups, outfit choosing, and post wedding lingerie pick-ups. Every bride should find out some fashion tips for Indian Bride immediately after engagement. Bride, entourage and attendees alike go through the issue of what are the best makeup, the best outfit, and the best accessory to get by this season of love. Putting on the right outfit is always difficult especially when the occasion requires a special preparation from top to bottom. In this case, the experts always have fashion tips for Indian Bride. Experts can be hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, and wedding organizers.

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Tips For Buying a Wedding Ring For Your Partner

by aiowedding on November 10, 2014

Wedding rings being symbols of the eternal love, it is essential that due care is taken while purchasing these. This is an important step in your life because you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. Some suggestions are offered here to assist you in finding the dream wedding ring.

There is little difference between engagement and wedding rings. Engagement ring is likely to be bought by you in the absence of your fiancée. But in case of wedding ring, it will be a combined choice as wedding preparations will already be in full swing.

Both of you should first decide budget together and that will determine your options whether to go for diamond or a plain ring. How thick or thin it should be? The best way of searching for the appropriate rings would be to search online and use coupons from

Certain things should be kept in view while especially while selecting a diamond wedding ring:

1. Two Rings

If your partner will be wearing both engagement and wedding rings, you may think of buying curved wedding ring or one which complements engagement ring. Right choice would be to have both these rings in same metal and style.

2. Comfort

If you and your partner lead an active life, you should opt for robust wedding bands as these would be secure. Diamond ring with a large stone will certainly look fantastic but will be uncomfortable to wear in long run. It can also get caught in clothing easily. If the ring has to be removed regularly, it would be better to go for plain ring that could be replaced on getting lost. Simple ring can also be made unique by getting it engraved.

3. Metal

Keeping your budget in mind, decide whether to opt for white gold ring, platinum bands, silver or yellow gold wedding ring and use Amazon India offers for good discounts. Gold whether yellow or white is most preferred choice. But gold purer than 18 carat is not recommended for rings as 24 carat gold being very soft can lead to damage and warping. White gold is coated with rhodium which is similar to platinum for creating real white look. But this thin layer will wear off after sometime and will have to be re-plated after every 12 to 18 months. If you can afford it, platinum is best metal for jewelry.

4. Setting

A diamond solitaire ring having prong setting creates more sparkle as this setting permits more light to go through diamonds. Bezel setting shows top of gems with beautiful edge around. It makes it less likely to get struck in clothes.

5. Design your own wedding ring

You could create your own and personal wedding ring design.

6. Diamonds

It is not the size but quality of diamond that is more important. While buying diamond ring, it pays to read color, cut, carat and clarity.

7. Style

Your wedding ring should last for life. Don’t just go by trendy pieces because your preference shall change.


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