Getting married means starting a new life together with the person you feel closest to your heart. Planning the most important event in your life is a challenging and at the same time an emotional experience. After long months of planning, comes the big day. You dress up and get ready for the sacred union in front of God and your close friends and family. The whole day as well as the party afterwards will be filled with special emotions, joy and pure happiness. After all is done, comes the next great celebration in your life as newlyweds: the honeymoon.

Although you might have done trips together in the past, the honeymoon is something totally different. It is your first trip as newlyweds so you need to choose a special, romantic destination for this holiday. Romantic does not necessarily mean days spent on the beach or in a swimming pool. It can be anything you perceive as romantic, attractive and which matches your preferences as a couple. For some couples, adventurous trips are the most romantic getaways possible. To make things easier for you, today, we have discovered ten great places you could be interested in for your first adventure as newlyweds.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora seems to have been created for couples looking to spend a romantic honeymoon. Crystal clear waters wait for you to mirror yourself in them. The local picturesque mountains are there to offer you a gorgeous view of the landscape as well as the possibility to go trekking, hiking and mountaineering. You will be able to spend a few marvelous days admiring the reef swirling with colorful fish. Finally, take your adventure to the next step by chartering a helicopter to take you flying around the imposing Mount Otemanu.

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