Searching for a catering company is an overwhelming task. There are so many things to consider ensuring that you have found one that meets all your requirements. While there are numerous catering companies in the market, not every company is able to serve your choicest requirements most of the time. Hence, you need to be cautious to choose the one who follows through all your requests and make a special event like wedding well served.

But, how to decide which catering company will be the best for you? Indeed, there is too much to consider while making this critical decision. Before you finalize any caterer for the event, here are some questions to ask the them to find out if they are the people you are looking for:

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Fabulous Wedding Facts – Infographic

by aiowedding on April 1, 2017

We all know that there are lot of wedding traditions around the world and people celebrate  It very much. If you are planning the same then you should know that the most important thing is number of guests of a wedding , If you have clear idea about this then it will be very easy to you plan everything according to the same. And the next important thing of a wedding is DJ and also the type of wedding that you select, the DJ will contribute 75-80% success of your wedding reception that you have selected for your wedding . In the below infographic you will read about the Fabulous facts of wedding.

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Planning a wedding is a nice and at the same time challenging experience for couples who wish to celebrate their special day in a unique manner. From the wedding venue to the best decorations and the wedding clothes, everything plays an important role for future brides and grooms.

Their goal is that of planning a special event for themselves, their families and friends and creates special memories that they will all treasure forever. Spring is a popular season for weddings so today we will offer you all the inspiration you need in terms of hot trends for spring weddings.

Hot Trends for Spring Weddings
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6 Common Wedding Mishaps and How to Fix Them

by aiowedding on February 18, 2017

Months of planning, even years, are put into planning one of the most special days for a bride and groom. Unfortunately, there are things that can happen beyond the control of even the best wedding planner. Bad weather, airport delays, vendor family emergency and a broken down limousine are just some examples of unforeseen things that can go wrong. Here are a list of common wedding day mishaps and the best quick fixes to help you continue enjoying the big day.

  1. Wine Splattered Wedding Dresses

At the end of the day, a wedding is a party. Accidents are bound to happen. Drinks can, and most likely will, be spilled as you and your guests dance the night away. An expert tip is to keep a batch of stain removal wipes on hand in case your pristine gown is given an unwanted splash of color. The sooner you treat the stain the easier it will be to lift the liquid from the fabric. Consider getting a pack of Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit that can remove anything from makeup foundation to tomato soup. Another quick fix is to use club soda to lift the stain.

6 Common Wedding Mishaps and How to Fix them
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The wedding plays an essential role in the life of any couple because it is the special event that celebrates the union of two souls looking to become a family. Once the planning stage is over and the big day has ended, it is time for the honeymoon to take place. Given the wide range of options available for couples in terms of exotic destinations where they can travel these days, planning the perfect honeymoon trip is no longer a challenge but an interesting experience. Today we have considered useful to analyze whether a cruise ship kind of trip is appropriate for this event. Discover the reasons why you should plan this kind of dream wedding or honeymoon ship honeymoon Enjoy traveling far away from home with your love partner
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Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America

by aiowedding on December 20, 2016

Weddings are definitely one of the events to look forward to not only for engaged couples but for their loved ones as well. It is a time for friends and relatives of both parties to meet and celebrate together.

For couples who are soon to get married, the wedding preparation is something that makes the bond more meaningful but sometimes stressful as well because of the money needed for the preparation alone. It will also take up a lot of effort on both partners in preparing, planning and deciding on some details necessary for the event to be a successful and a joyful one.

Some of the things that you need to plan ahead are choosing the perfect date, venue for the wedding, food, wedding gown, photographer/videographer, wedding coordinators, wedding planner, makeup artist and many other details to make this once in a lifetime event perfect. All of these come with a hefty price and the cost increases each year especially with the wedding suppliers.

Weddings that include these things mean spending a lot of money especially during these times where prices are pretty high. What more if you wish for a majestic and luxurious one. If you have the money to spend why would you stop yourself from having one? Weddings create memories worth spending for anyway.

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Are you engaged and planning to get married pretty soon? Well, then you might be looking forward to make your wedding day the most memorable and special one. Do not leave everything on your wedding planner because they look more into their profits more and less towards your emotions. So, put your own efforts and make your wedding the most memorable one. Look for a perfect wedding destination, a place that can make your day the most special and romantic one. It should be unique and give you a comfortable space to you as well as your partner.

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Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is probably one of the more nerve-wracking moments and decisions any man can make. Even when you know you’re ready to take the proverbial leap, there’s still a great deal of anxiety behind such a life-changing event.

10 Ways To Guarantee A Yes From Your Dubai Proposal

And that is exactly what it is — an event, one of many you will have with the love of your life. So it pays to put some serious thought into your Dubai proposal. Here are 10 ways to secure an ecstatic and love-filled “yes” from your bride-to-be.

  1. Ask for the family’s blessing.

Get your proposal off to a good start by asking for her family’s or father’s blessing. A marriage that begins with the family’s approval not only solidifies the union but also gives you great confidence in how your proposal is going to turn out.

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The concept of wedding photography has witnessed significant transitions in the past few decades. There was a time when it was all about routine posing in front of the camera, but with today’s high resolution cameras and smart equipments wedding photography has become more candid and expressive.

Wedding Photography is a distinctive concept that is highly dynamic. Since, creativity has no limits, professional wedding photographers like experimenting with every project undertaken. While sometimes the outcome might not be satisfactory but in most of the cases the results are outstanding. The following are some of the ruling wedding photography trends which are a result of the experiments involved by the top notch photographers in the industry.

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wedding-bottom-rowFor big occasions like weddings, some people think they need to fall in line with established event planning rules. The truth of the matter, though, is that weddings are not about following etiquette. They are about sharing a sacred, once-in-a-lifetime moment with those you love. In fact, by deviating from the standard path, you can actually reduce the stress and costs associated with planning the event. Having a Friday or Sunday wedding is one of the best examples of this, as it affords the following benefits.

  1. You Can Secure a Great Venue

Saturday weddings, especially in the popular months of June or October, are notoriously difficult to book because there is so much competition for venues; many locations have these slots filled more than a year in advance. This can make things tough for couples who have shorter timeframes within which to plan their weddings. By going for a Friday or Sunday wedding, you will automatically have more options in both venues and dates.

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