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Quirky wedding location ideas for a unique feel

by aiowedding on May 29, 2014

A person’s wedding day is one of the most important events of their life. It’s a time when two people are brought together in holy matrimony to spend the rest of their lives together, therefore, it’ll be the most special night you are ever likely to have.

Quirky wedding location ideas for  a unique feel

Your wedding will always be a memorable occasion, and some people like to spend their special day in unique locations that reflect their own personalities. For some people, these locations may seem strange and quirky, but they can create the most unique atmosphere ever had on anybodys wedding day. The following locations are all places you can get married legally.

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Wedding Favors for a Romantic Wedding

by aiowedding on May 23, 2013

Wedding Favors for a Romantic Wedding

Wedding can be planned in a variety of different themes. Weddings can have themes based on the seasons, on a holiday, on the beach, on science fiction, on a period of history or any other theme imaginable. However, the underlying theme of any wedding should always be love and romance. Even weddings which may not have a particular theme will likely convey the message of love and romance. This article will provide ideas for wedding favors which will help you to give your guests a reminder of your wedding which will help to invoke the feeling of love and romance. Whether you are planning a particularly romantic wedding or a wedding based on another theme you might want to consider giving favors which are related to romance.
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A Wedding Flower Guide

by aiowedding on April 1, 2013

When it comes to choosing wedding flowers, many brides may know the wedding flower they want in their own bouquet, but are a little mystified about the rest of the wedding flowers needed to fill out the ceremony and reception.
A Wedding Flower Guide aiowedding
While you can leave all your wedding flower selections in the hands of a capable professional florist and get great results, you may want to take a more hands on approach. We hope this wedding flower guide will help making planning your most special day just a little easier.

Your first decision should be whether you plan to use a professional florist to create a wedding flower arrangement and bouquets, or if you’d rather visit a wholesale wedding flower retailer and order flowers to make your own bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and so forth.
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