Sometimes finding a perfect wedding dress can be even more difficult than finding the perfect groom. Some dresses look gorgeous but don’t fit you well. Some look good on you but don’t match the wedding theme. The ones which look stunning have sky-high prices. While sometimes you will not like anything in the store and on the other hand, there will be times when you might like two or three dresses too. And nowadays due to the overwhelming presence of designers, you can really be spoilt for choices. From high-collared long sleeves, ball gowns and a-lines to mermaid style and fit-n-flares, there are plenty of styles to choose from and in a variety of fabrics. So, how will you know which is your perfect wedding dress?

the Perfect Wedding Dress

In order to save you the confusion, we have gathered a few signs that suggest what might be the dream wedding dress for you.
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Every wedding season witnesses the comeback of a few trends and welcomes a few more. This time, it is all about short and sassy dresses with unique cuts and designs for the Bridesmaids. Well, we all know how the glamour quotient of a wedding depends on the look and appearance of the Bridesmaids. As you will walk down the aisle, looking all pretty and elegant in white, they should be dressed in a way to compliment the elegance. In the end, it is all about the perfect picture of you with your girl squad laughing and giggling, and enjoying to the fullest.

One of the major reasons why short dresses have won hearts of many is that the length is comfortable for the bridesmaids and they can walk around freely and complete their duties (like looking after the guests, taking care of the decoration, making sure everything is in place, etc) without any trouble. Plus, there are many who are not really fond of the long dresses, considering it to be tad boring and unattractive. Here are some of the latest styles and cuts of short bridesmaids dresses. Take a look below to know.

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Weddings call to mind tradition and plenty of planning. The same can be said of Hens parties. Although heavy with tradition, the Hens parties can still be changed to meet the desires of the person being celebrated. The planner should keep in mind that this is more than just a party; they’re made to have a good time with friends. You can save time and money by planning your party online. Here are three great reasons for you to start shopping online for your hens party supplies Melbourne brides will absolutely love you for!

logo1- Shopping online for Hens party decorations is easy. You can see what you are buying before you get it. Odds are that if you go shopping in a real store, they won’t have the exact things that you want and you will be disappointed. With such a need for Hens party supplies, Melbourne residents can certainly find more available online than in person at a shop.

2- You can shop in your pyjamas and never leave the house if you use an online store for Hens party decorations. With so much planning to do, it is one less thing to do if you can shop online instead of trudging out to the stores and wearing yourself out. By saving yourself a trip, you can get more planning done at home and can even do more than one task at a time to prepare. Don’t waste your time on huge department stores that will likely disappoint when you can stay at home and click the mouse to order Hens party decorations.

3- It is a lot easier to share your ideas on social media than it is to get your friends to gather for a shopping trip. You can text, email, send a note on Facebook or Pinterest, or even create a wedding site that you can use to invite people to your Hens party. Creating an online gift registry is also a great idea! Shopping for your Hens party supplies in Melbourne has never been easier when you can just use your tablet or phone to do your shopping.

For all of your Hens party needs, and to show your friend, the bride-to-be that you have put a lot of care and effort into their Hens party, check out BuckingHEN Palace at


How to Look Fab for a Glamour Photography Shoot

by aiowedding on March 17, 2015

Glamour Photography Glamour photography is all about capturing the subject’s natural beauty and best assets in order to produce striking and artistic images.

If you’re one of those people who is not comfortable getting her pictures taken, you can follow the tips listed here to give yourself a boost in self-confidence.


Remember to bring a lotion or oil with you. These two items can help keep your skin moisturised and let you achieve a natural glow.
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5 Common Mistakes Men Make With Engagement Rings

by aiowedding on February 25, 2015

Deciding that the woman you’re with is The One is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. At the same time,it’s probably one of the easiest, too!

Common-Mistakes-Men-MakeAfter all, she’s kind, smart, beautiful, and she’s always been there to make you smile when you needed it most. What more could you possibly need?

With such an exceptional woman on your hands, you need a proposal plan that is just as special- and it all starts with the ring…

The right engagement ring should be a lot like her: one-of-a-kind, stunning, and an everlasting reminder of your love and devotion to each other. Unfortunately, choosing an engagement ring isn’t nearly as easy as choosing a bride! With so many options and pressure to get it just right, it’s no wonder that men tend to make some slip-ups when delving into the world of diamond engagement rings.

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress

by aiowedding on October 16, 2014

How to Choose the Right Wedding DressYour wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of your life. Of course you want it to be the perfect day. All brides do – it’s only natural. Choosing the right wedding dress is crucial. If you make a bad decision and choose a dress that fails to flatter your body shape or vintage, it will cast a shadow on the day and potentially ruin it for you. So how can you ensure you pick the right wedding dress?
Look for Inspiration

There are a million and one places to look for inspiration before you go shopping for a wedding dress. There are also lots of dresses to choose from, including short wedding dresses and designer dresses. Magazines are a good place to start – specifically bridal magazines – but there are also plenty of inspirational websites you can spend a bit of time browsing through if you are stuck for ideas about the type of dress you want. Check out image websites such as Pinterest and Instagram for starters.
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For the Love of Pearls

by aiowedding on May 20, 2014

There’s nothing like a string of pearls around a woman’s neck or wrist. They’re such a classic piece of jewelry, one that can be worn to a variety of occasions in order to complement so many different styles. With a host of resources available such as, there’s no reason that any girl should go without this magical gem from the sea.

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10 Free Gift Ideas To Make Others Day Memorable

by aiowedding on April 12, 2014

photo: foxnews

“It blesseth him that gives and him that takes”, says Shakespeare of mercy. We daresay it goes for gifts too. Money is the last thing that should matter in the matter of gift, like mercy is. It is the spirit behind the gift that stands scrutiny.  And, that brings us to gifts sans expenditure: Free gifts. What can you gift that will touch the heart of the birthday boy or girl?

  1. Make a list of things that he/she likes passionately. Think of the activities that you both are mutually interested in. You can create a gift certificate that bears witness to your and his/her interests. For instance, if you were both two of the very involved tennis players, you can gift an online download of a tennis match final of one of his/her favorite players.

photo: wallsave

  1. Homemade delicacies have more appeal than the packaged chocolates etc..  After all, you have put your and soul into making it especially for him or her and that would strike a chord in anyone. Only, make sure that he/she loves the item that you prepared out of your pantry. 

  1. Hunt for old photos both in family albums or online storage files, organize them in chronological way and gift them. You can see how nostalgia overtakes them and how thankful they are. 

  1. If you are a business owner, you can gift something that you can pick out of the materials you produce or a service that you provide. For instance, a bowling alley proprietor can gift free coupons for the day or even a month. 

  1. Invite them for dinner at the privacy of your home with or without a limited number of other guests. Pen lyrics to the tunes of “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder or “Happy Birthday Girl” by the Equals and sing to them accompanied by piano or guitar. Never sing the originals; they will be most inappropriate. 

  1. Gift them time to enjoy. Offer them to take over their chores for the day. You can babysit, you can mop the floor, do the dishes, anything at all. 

  1. Stretching it further, you can even gift them the whole week-end. Carry out every task they usually perform during the period. 

  1. If you are good at craft? For example, if you can do embroidery with dexterity, you can gift an elaborately done kerchiefs or a set of pillow case. 

  1. Take them to a concert of their liking. Do not take a rap enthusiast to a Simon & Garfunkel live show.

10. Gift them a chance for adventure.  Age does not matter as long as you choose the appropriate activity. For instance, you can take the young birthday boy for a spot of bungee jumping. If you can not take them out on birthday then get something exciting for them from online shopping stores. You can find good vestidos de criança on various online shopping stores.

A matured gentleman can only be taken on a drive to countryside where you can look at the verdant foliage or maybe have a glass of wine at the vineyards, if there is one, on your way back.


Shopping for a gown on a budget

by aiowedding on March 12, 2014

So here’s the deal: you want to look like a gorgeous, glowing bride on your wedding day without breaking the bank. What do you do? You shop with you head and your heart.

First, check out eBay. It may not sound as thrilling as going to a bridal shop, but you will definitely be able to find a gown you like, at a price you like even more! You will be able to search through thousands of dresses that range from designer gowns to gowns you can grab and go! One positive aspect of purchasing from eBay is that you can score a dress at a much, much lower price compared to a store. However, there are a few things to be aware of. You will not be able to see the dress in person before purchasing, so make sure to have a seamstress on hand in case it needs to be altered! Also, if you have your eyes on a designer look, just know that other brides may want it too. They may be willing to take the bidding to the next level so be conscious of your budget before you bid.

Another option is to go dress hunting in retail stores. You may be able to find the dress of your dreams at a fraction of what you expected to spend! J. Crew offers the largest retail bridal collection with prices maxing out at $3,000. Don’t let that scare you; there are plenty of gowns available for under $1,000. Can you say steal? At The Limited, they offer basic styles that fall around $500. Don’t be afraid to save! Buy a basic style dress at a good price and then spruce it up and make it your own. Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, and BCBG are other great retail stores to check out before you head to a more expensive place.

If you are keeping it low-key, stop by your favorite department store and take a peek at their bridal collections. You may find a dress that is more simplistic and won’t make your wallet cry. This option is best for destination or less formal weddings.

Shopping pre-owned is another great way to save. Yes, the dress may have already been used once, but that doesn’t mean you need to pass up on a great steal! If you do purchase a pre-owned gown, add something to make it yours. Adding some sleeves, a sash, or some extra bling will transform your gown into a masterpiece that represents you.

No matter what you do, whether it be a bridal store, shopping online, sample sales, trunk shows, or any of the options we mentioned above, you will find the perfect dress that will fit perfectly within your budget. The search may be a little harder, but the reward will be beautiful and will help you make memories. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shopping!

This post was written for AIO Wedding by Lesley Allen. Lesley is the Fashion and Marketing Director for CC’s Boutique, Tampa’s premier bridal salon. You can follow Lesley on Google+.


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