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Sometimes finding a perfect wedding dress can be even more difficult than finding the perfect groom. Some dresses look gorgeous but don’t fit you well. Some look good on you but don’t match the wedding theme. The ones which look stunning have sky-high prices. While sometimes you will not like anything in the store and on the other hand, there will be times when you might like two or three dresses too. And nowadays due to the overwhelming presence of designers, you can really be spoilt for choices. From high-collared long sleeves, ball gowns and a-lines to mermaid style and fit-n-flares, there are plenty of styles to choose from and in a variety of fabrics. So, how will you know which is your perfect wedding dress?

the Perfect Wedding Dress

In order to save you the confusion, we have gathered a few signs that suggest what might be the dream wedding dress for you.
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One of the most exciting times in any woman’s life is when she makes the decision to share her life with the man of her dreams. And what better way to make that official than with a wedding? And what better way to make that wedding day unforgettable than to wear a show-stopping wedding gown?

Being that there are literally hundreds of different styles of dresses to choose from when you’re in the process of wedding dress shopping, it’s easy to get frustrated. So, in order to make it easier on you, here’s a list of five things that you should avoid when picking out your dress. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll have the dress of your dreams at a price that you can afford.

Wedding dress - 1

DON’T start without a budget. You’re going to find yourself being very overwhelmed and potentially disappointed if you go wedding dress shopping without having a budget first. The reason why is because there are plenty of wedding dresses that are within your price range; however, there are also plenty of them that are not. If you’re not careful, you could end up falling in love with a dress that you can’t get due to the price or buying one that simply costs way too much money. Before anything else, have a budget in place.

DON’T shop online. Although there are some people who will disagree with this tip, here’s the reason why shopping online is not the best idea. Yes, there are lots of beautiful gowns on the internet. But when it comes to delivery times and also figuring out if which dress is the right fit, that’s what can make shopping online a taxing process. Plus, you don’t want to be weeks out from your wedding and you still don’t have a wedding dress. So, if you can help it, shop locally or take a road trip with a couple of girlfriends to a physical store in another city. You can try it on and take it home the same day, knowing that it fits you.

DON’T take a crowd of people with you. Speaking of bringing some people along with you, while it’s always a good idea to get a second or even third opinion of what kind of dress is best, what you don’t want to do is have a crowd of people present. The more people there are, the more opinions there will be and before long, you might find yourself trying to please them more than yourself. (And that’s never a good thing.)

DON’T forget about your fiancé. Say that while wedding dress shopping at a bridal store like Allure Bridals, you find a dress that you are quite happy with. Before making the purchase, here’s something else to consider: your fiancé. Contrary to popular opinion, the wedding day is not just about the bride. It’s also about the groom. So, as you’re figuring out what kind of dress you want, think about what will bring a smile to his face as well.

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DON’T wait until the last minute. There are some people who are fortunate enough to be able to find their wedding dress 4-6 weeks before their wedding; however, they are the exception and not the rule. You don’t want to put yourself under the immense stress of waiting until the last minute to get your wedding dress. So, as soon as you and your fiancé lock down a wedding date and venue, make sure that getting your dress is one of the next things on your to-do list. For information on how to create a to-do list for your wedding, visit The Knot and put “ultimate wedding checklist” in the search field.


Vital Tips for Selecting The Apt Wedding Dress

by aiowedding on August 5, 2014

It is essential to know the place and time of your wedding for proper selection of the wedding dress. If the wedding is being held during day on the coach, ball gowns with dramatic embellishments can be ruled out. If the vows are being exchanged in candlelit cathedral, short slip dresses and other dresses which could be for a cocktail party should be avoided. Majority of fabrics can be worn year round few like organdy and linen are suitable for warm weather whereas brocade and velvet are ideal for winter. Wedding ensemble that includes veil, accessories and undergarments account for about 15% of complete wedding cost. Other factors like alterations and shipping charges may cost few thousand dollars. Their professional steaming or pressing may cost few hundred dollars more. Use a Jabong coupon to help save on costs.

Wedding dress - 1

First decide the amount that you want to spend on your wedding dress and inform the salesperson before she starts bringing out the gowns. This way you would not get carried away by a dress that is beyond your reach. Shopping should commence at least six months prior to wedding. The manufacturer would take four months to make dress and another two months would be required for alterations. Extremely elaborate gowns would take much longer. Many shops also have sale section displaying samples that could be bought off the rack if you are lucky. Go through a number of books, bridal magazines and websites to gain knowledge regarding fabrics, silhouettes and lexicon so that you could convey exactly what you want. Maintain a folder having pictures of the dresses and the details that have impressed you and take it along when you go to shop. Buy one online at great discounts using coupons for snapdeal.

Decide the shops which you will like to visit. Get in touch with them and find out designers that they carry and whether they have matching accessories and provide alterations too. You should preferably shop on week day so that adequate time could be spent and certainly not during lunch hour. You should not shop till you drop and limit it two stores a day. Carry note book and note down description of dress. Invite few persons who are familiar with your taste and would be honest with you. Advice of many people would be frustrating and confusing.

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You could take help of bridal consultants even if you are urged to try something that you do not like. Few dresses are not very impressive on hanger but look impressive otherwise. Don’t let any dress be thrust on you. Don’t go by number for the size of dress because generally bridal wear are smaller than the ready to wear dresses. Also don’t insist on smaller size just because you plan to lose weight before wedding. Get the dress that fits you perfectly now. Find out when gown would be ready, fee for alternation, if it can be shipped out of the state and cancellation policy. Check fittings before the event and do not forget to bring someone to assist you in helping you into gown.


Perfect Wedding Dresses For Different Body Shapes

by aiowedding on August 4, 2014

It is very essential that perfect wedding dress is selected keeping the shape of your body in mind. Here are some tips to select the right wedding dress as per your body shape.

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Pear shaped women

Narrowness of midsection should be highlighted and take the focus away from thighs and hips. Taffeta and duchesse satin are quite effective being sturdy fabrics and they also do not cling. V neckline and spaghetti bodice will present much small upper half of the body. Classic A-line silhouette is suitable for formal weddings but might be dressed down when it is made of casual fabric such as raw silk or lace. Buy one using Amazon India coupons today.

Busty women

You should go for dress that has scooped neckline. This will open up the face and show your décolletage without displaying lot of cleavage. Those liking strapless gowns should opt for one having little dip along neckline such as sweet heart instead of the one going straight across. It would make your bust appear larger. Choose the fabric for the bodice having sheen to it as this will add volume and draw attention to the chest. Ruched material will have similar effect.
perfect wedding dress - 2

Plus-Sized Women

Opt for empire dress and skirt which starts just below the bust and flows to gradual floor-length A-line. Ensure that seam of empire is not starting on chest and pleating of fabric has not been done. Dress should be as per your shape. In case it is loose, pounds will be added. Fabrics such as satin which will provide structure should be selected. Flowy fabrics should be avoided. Those found of romantic look of fabrics should select gown having stiffer base and add embroidered overlay. Get one using Jabong coupon codes.

Apple-Shaped Women

Select dress which cinches in at smallest point on waistline and flares out to gradual A-shape. Go for bodice with lot of texture that would camouflage and also fit snugly and will have corset like effect. Deep V neckline will suit you most and draw attention towards vertical and not horizontal. Trumpet dress styles should be avoided as they emphasize widest areas of the body and also flare out at knees and legs.

perfect wedding dress - 3

Straight-Lined Women

Dress selected should be such that it would create the curve where you lack these. Look for ball gown which cinches in at your waist and then descends to full and flowing skirt of floor length. This would take advantage of your slenderness and hide lack of hips. Those with small bust should go for bodice having ruching for creating volume.

Petite Women

Go for gowns of sheath, trumpet and the modified A-line. The waistline should be above the natural waistline for making lower half of dress appear longer. You can have the fabric of your choice but ensure that detailing is small and restricted to bodice for drawing eye upward. Do not go for the dresses that have dropped waist as these will make your legs appear nonexistent and the ball gowns because it would be simple to get lost in voluminous skirt. Avoid a wedding dress with calf length because it would make your legs appear shorter.


Beach Wedding Clothes That Fit the Occasion

by aiowedding on April 1, 2014

A beach wedding may require less formal clothing than a church a wedding. If you have never attended one before it is important to consider this factor. If you will be attending this kind of a celebration and you have no idea what to wear send a quick message to the bride or groom so that you would know about the theme or motif of the wedding itself.

Beach Wedding Clothes -1

Beach Wedding Clothing Suggestions

For Men – As a guest in a beach wedding ceremony, forget about wearing a black suit as this is only reserved for the groom. Although there is no strict rule to this, wearing a white cotton shirt with button down collar is a safer option. You can pair this with dress slacks and the right footwear. If you prefer to wear a suit, choose light colored linen slacks. Match it with a jacket and casual shirt to make a less formal blend.

Beach Wedding Clothes -2

Leather sandals are the best choice for footwear. Make sure to choose a more open style to let the sand get out of your feet easily. Leather flip flops are also a nice alternative. Depending on the formality of the ceremony you can even go barefoot but don’t go overboard. You can’t go barefoot when you are wearing posh linen suit.

For Women – Women who will be attending a beach wedding ceremony have plenty of clothing options to choose from. The main rule when selecting an outfit is to make sure you doesn’t catch more attention than the bride. Never out-dress the special person in the celebration. With formal wedding you will have more freedom in choosing dressy outfits but when it comes t a casual ceremony like a beach wedding, beach attire is the best choice. If the wedding is in the tropics, cotton and rayon skirts are perfect options. You can also choose a well tailored jersey dress. It is ideal to wear shorter dress. Long dress and high heeled shoes are not recommended.

Beach Wedding Clothes -3

Clothing Should Fit the Occasion

The right wedding clothes that you should wear in a wedding ceremony also depends on the time of the celebration. For morning events light colored dress is a great choice. Men can wear their suits and women can choose a fancy dress or skirts with a matching blouse.

For evening wedding celebrations any dress that can be worn for dining out is a great pick. Clothing with darker colors is ideal. Men can wear suits and women may wear sophisticated colored dresses or skirts. There are dresses available in the market that present formality and informality. The type of dress you should choose must be based on what is required in the invitation.

Wedding ceremony garments are very crucial to people who are invited to attend a special event. You always want to look good as a guest. The bride, groom and bridesmaid have their own selection of clothing which is tailored to their specific roles in the ceremony. You can be a good addition to the picturesque of a wedding by choosing the best dress to wear during the celebration.

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A wedding is one of the most memorable moments in an individual’s life. Of course it feels great to get mingled for the lifetime. The level of anxiety increases as the schedule day starts nearing swiftly. No doubt, it requires keen consideration for the preparations, arrangements and selections prior the wedding. Apart from these, one of the biggest aspects for any wedding is the wedding dress.


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6 Tips buying a Bridesmaid cheap dress

by aiowedding on January 14, 2014

Bridesmaid, the maid of honor, is the next important to the bride herself. She not only stands next to the bride but also carries her flower basket and takes care of all the needs of the bride. Bridesmaid is usually a close friend of the bride or a young cousin of hers.

6 Tips buying a Bridesmaid cheap dress

6 Tips buying a Bridesmaid cheap dress

Tips to buy a perfect bridesmaid dress cheap but classy
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Finding your perfect plus size wedding dress

by aiowedding on December 8, 2013

Traditionally, big brides have been neglected, or even ostracised – labelled as ‘large’ or even ‘fat’ and lumped together in one big bundle of inferiority. Only in very recent times have we seen a decent selection of plus size wedding dresses for these brides to choose from. Only now are designers celebrating not apologising for curves. Every bride wants that magical experience of wedding dress shopping – the fittings carrying the dream of looking like a beautiful bride.

New styles

Nowadays many big and small bridal businesses are creating a new stylish range of “plus sized” wedding gowns. Giving bigger brides more choice of what style and look they want. If you want a certain style of dress that only cater for “smaller” women, then be sure to shop around. Many vendors are starting to cater for bigger women’s needs and any and every style you want will be easier to find than in the past.

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Expressing Your Style with Your Wedding Dress

by aiowedding on November 6, 2013

There are all different bridal styles.  Some brides seek a bold dramatic look for their big day.  Others want a romantic, ethereal look and others still want a classic, understated look.  A wedding dress is a beautiful way to express your personality and showcase your style. It is the one day that you are the centre of attention with all eyes on you. So how can you look your best in an incredible designer gown without spending designer gown prices?Style with Your Wedding Dress
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6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

by aiowedding on October 8, 2013

A day that is very special for everyone that you look forward to, in your life is your wedding day. As per your liking you would want to ensure that every detail of this exceptional day is perfect including getting the right decoration, photographer as well as something very important is the right dress for your bridesmaids. Here are some of the points that you must consider when picking a bridesmaid dresses on your wedding day.

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