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5 Major Reasons to Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

by aiowedding on January 1, 2015

When you’re engaged and you’re in the process of planning out your wedding, every dollar matters. So much in fact, that as you’re going down the list of all of the things that you need to get, you might be tempted to skip over the line that says “hire a wedding planner.” However, if there’s one thing that you should definitely not go without, it would be a wedding planner.

Wedding Planner - 1

If you’re interested in knowing some of the reasons why hiring a wedding planner is one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make, check out the following five:

Wedding planners are professionally trained. One mistake that a lot of brides and grooms have made is hiring a family member or friend who simply has a love for weddings to do a wedding planner’s job. The problem with that is they oftentimes miss the details that a professional would stay on top of. There are wedding planners who actually go to school or take a series of courses for this kind of position. That’s because it’s a very tedious job that requires a lot of focus and hard work. You’d definitely be better off hiring a professional to do it.

Wedding planners have great connections with suppliers and vendors. Sure, you’ll have to pay for the wedding planner; however, more times than not, there are discounts that automatically come with doing so. Wedding planners who have quite a bit of experience usually have established relationships with suppliers and vendors. This works in your favor because you can end up getting a few deals on some of the things that you need. This ends up saving you a few dollars in the long run.

Wedding Planner - 2

Wedding planners come up with ideas and solutions you probably wouldn’t have considered. Wedding planners do not only help you to make your wedding dreams a reality, but they are also quite good at expanding your vision, too. For instance, while you may have always thought of having a fairytale-theme wedding at a church, a wedding planner may know of a castle that would better fit the theme. Or if you want to have orchids in your bridal bouquet, they may know how to find them at a cheap enough price where your entire bridal party can walk down the aisle with them. Wedding planners are experts at making the unimaginable happen. That’s a part of their charm.

Wedding planners will reduce your stress level. If you happen to live in Miami and you’re thinking about hiring a company like Inspired Events to handle the details of your wedding, here’s another reason why it could prove to be a great choice. When you hire a wedding planner, it is their job to worry if everything is being taken care of. This is beneficial to you, because that way, you can stress less and relax more.

Wedding Planner - 3

Wedding planners make it possible for you to fully focus on your wedding day. A wedding planner’s job is not done until the wedding day is over. That said, if you decided to handle your wedding all on your own, this means that you’d be caught up in all that’s going on during the ceremony and also during the reception. That could result in you missing out on some of the fun of your day and you definitely don’t want to do that. You deserve to take in all of the beauty and wonder of your wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner will make that possible for you. For tips on how to find a good wedding planner, visit Here Comes the Guide and put “questions to ask the wedding planner” in the search field.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding DJ

by aiowedding on September 29, 2014

You’ll find yourself juggling a lot of plates when it comes to planning your wedding. In addition to selecting a venue, hiring an officiant, and tracking down the perfect gown, you’ll have to plan for the reception, including selecting food, drinks, and a cake, as well as booking a photographer, a caterer, a florist, and all kinds of other vendors. Of course, you’ll also have to entertain your assembled guests, and this often means hiring a DJ to get the party started (and keep it going all night). And if you want to get your money’s worth when it comes to your wedding DJ, you need to be proactive. Here are just a few tips to help you get the most from your entertainment.

Wedding DJ - 1

First, you have to understand what a DJ does. In many cases, DJs are prepared to do more than spin discs. They will often participate in announcements, including presenting the couple to guests upon their arrival at the reception, as well as announcing the couple’s first dance, the father-daughter dance, the cutting of the cake, throwing the bouquet and the garter, and so on. It’s a good idea to talk to your DJ ahead of time about your expectations concerning such events so that you can work out an appropriate timeline for the evening, as well as making sure that it’s all part of the contract (and you won’t be charged extra for these services).

Wedding DJ - 2

Of course, the main function of the DJ is to get people onto the dance floor. But don’t confuse your wedding DJ with, say, a DJ at a night club. Generally speaking, wedding DJs come prepared with a pretty basic rig that they can jack into a PA system at your venue. Some can provide you with equipment like amps if you’re at an outdoor venue or one that doesn’t have speakers on hand. But you need to discuss this ahead of time to make sure that your DJ can accommodate such requests and provide you with pricing for equipment rental.

Most wedding DJs also offer a catalog of music that includes a wide range of genres, as well as songs that tend to be popular at weddings. Often, you can select songs from this list, make special requests, and even provide your own music in a format to be determined by your DJ (MP3, disc, etc.). Special requests may cost extra, especially if the DJ has to track down and purchase the music before your event.

Wedding DJ - 3

Finally, you might want to think about hiring a DJ that offers added value through additional forms of entertainment. Some services, like Soundwave DJ and Photo, for example, provide your guests not only with music, but also with a fun photo booth to take snapshots during the reception. Other DJs may have partnerships worked out with other types of entertainers, offering discounted rates on additional services when you opt for a package deal. Your DJ will probably offer you a variety of options when it comes to packages and pricing, but you need to make sure to address concerns and ask questions up front, before you put pen to paper and enter into an agreement for services.


Your wedding will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which means that you will want to remember it for a lifetime. While memory serves us well, nothing is as sharp, clear, and nostalgia-inducing as photography. This is why hiring a wedding photographer for your big day is so important. However, not all wedding photographers are equal – some photographers are leagues better than other photographers, so you want to make a number of critical considerations before you hire the right person for the job. If you think about it, the person you hire will be documenting an incredibly intimate part of your life, so you want to make a very careful hiring decision. Here are five considerations for brides when hiring a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photo - 1

1. Does the photographer have a lengthy portfolio? One of the most important considerations you want to make is the quality of the photographer’s work. In all likelihood, you probably don’t want to hire a subpar photographer to shoot your wedding. For this reason, you want to see a big portfolio – there should be many examples of different weddings that show the photographer’s experience and diversity.

2. Does the photographer specialize in weddings? Of course, you want your wedding photographer to actually be a wedding photographer. Some photographers are more generally interested in shooting whatever they can. The only problem with this is that they haven’t mastered the art of wedding photography. When you hire a wedding photographer, you want to make sure that wedding photography is the photographer’s sole profession. You may not get the best shots if your photographer isn’t thinking about the best way to capture the wedding.

Wedding Photo - 2

3. Does the photographer offer a flat rate? Some photographers will charge by the hour – others will charge based on how much you are willing to pay. To get the most honest invoice, you want to hire a photographer that will charge a flat rate. When it comes down to it, some weddings can go on a little longer and some unexpected things can happen, so you want your photographer there to capture the moment. Some wedding photographers, like Tom Hall Photography, will offer a flat rate, which is a lot more manageable, and you don’t have to worry about paying for overtime charges.

4. Does the photographer have all of his or her own equipment? Ideally, you want your wedding photographer to bring his or her own equipment – you don’t want to be responsible for renting the equipment yourself. Any truly professional wedding photographer will have his or her own lights, cameras, and other tools. If a photographer doesn’t have this equipment, you probably want to keep searching for a photographer.

Wedding Photo - 3

5. Does the photographer have references? Last, but not least, you want to consider the photographer’s references. Testimonials will help, but it is worth a shot to call a few previous employees. A wedding photographer should have a sense of decorum and professionalism at a wedding. In the end, you’ll be glad you did your research when you see how beautiful your wedding photos turn out.


Wedding Day Limousine Rental Negotiation Tips

by aiowedding on September 23, 2014

When it comes to weddings, there are summer weddings and there are winter weddings. Of course, a nuptial ceremony is not as common in the winter, which means that you can often save on some of the miscellaneous costs, like catering services and party supplies. The only service that can be tough to save on is a limo service. Limos are in demand all year, so you really have to negotiate with a limo company to get the quote you are looking for. Negotiating on a wedding day limo requires a combination of patience, confidence, and savvy. Here are four wedding day limousine rental negotiation tips.

Bridge and Groom entering Limo

  1. Do your research and know exactly what you need. Before you call limo companies and start negotiating, you want to make sure that you know exactly what type of limo you need and for how many people. If you aren’t sure what size limo you need – or even what kind of limo you want to hire – it will be difficult for the limo company to come to a quote that you can start working with.

  2. Call around to get an ideal quote. It is also important to call many different limo companies. There is a good chance that if you don’t throw out a wide net, it will be difficult to get the best deal. Calling around can also give you the upper hand at the negotiating table. If one company gives you a quote, you can take that quote to another company and have them try to beat it. You can actually get a great deal by going this route.


  1. Offer a deposit to seal the deal and show that you mean business. You also want to show a limo company like Midway Limousine Service that you are serious and that you are ready to hire a limo. You can do this by offering a deposit from the onset. If you mention money, it will be enticing for the limo company, and they will be more inclined to give you a better deal. For the limo company, accepting a lower quote is better than having the customer walk away.

  2. Be courteous, respectful, and diplomatic. On top of everything, you also want to be incredibly courteous and respectful. If you aren’t nice to the limo company, they will be less inclined to negotiate – they may even hang up the phone. You don’t need to be overly nice, but you do want to be pleasant – you could even crack a few jokes. When it comes to getting the best deal on a limo, being nice is one of the strongest negotiating chips.


Lastly, a limo will be an essential part of your wedding plans. However, limos can often be expensive, especially if you are hiring more than one. This is exactly why you want to get into the right gear to start negotiating with various limo companies. In the end, you can either get them to bid against each other or you can get the company to bring down the quote – whatever you do, though, make sure to shake hands when you get the quote you want; you don’t want to walk away from a good deal.


Splash Your Wedding Cash

by aiowedding on August 28, 2014

There are few moments in life that can live up to the excitement of an engagement; from the proposal to sharing the good news, announcing a wedding is a thrilling proposition. But once that has died down, the reality of the all-important budget can hit hard. There are the unavoidable expenditures such as the dress, the venue and the flowers but knowing how to spread the remainder of your budget can be tricky.

Wedding Photography - 1

It can be easy to get carried away with the competition to tie knot on up, but focusing on the following three areas and prioritising your money in a way that is right for you can ensure you have a day to remember.

A Must-Have

No matter what your budget allows, employing the talents of an experienced wedding photographer is a must. Yes, snapshots taken by your guests can be candid, fun and representative of the day but nothing beats the expertise a professional brings to the table.

The best photographers will be with you from early on in the planning process. Services such as those on offer through Nick Rutter photography provide expert advice not just on the day itself but throughout your preparations too.

Wedding Photography - 2

With your wedding album lasting long after the guests have gone home, the confetti has been thrown and the cake has been consumed it really is worth investing in a top quality wedding photographer to help you savour the fun, romance and magic of the day itself.

For your consideration

Although catering at a wedding can be considered as much of an essential as a photographer, the style of the food and drink served will be very much dependent on budget. Whether you are aiming for luxury, such as champagne and more courses than there are guests, or something a little more straightforward, such as these Hong Kong couples, getting the catering right for your theme and personality is the most important thing.

If your budget allows, a provision of free drink can work wonders at loosening up your wedding guests whilst also making them feel they are in for a treat. If you can stretch to a free bar then it is worth making sure there are snacks for guests to graze on in order to counter-balance the alcohol consumption! Do bear in mind though, it is your special day; your guests are there to see you get married and anything else is an added bonus.

If the budget allows

If there is money left over once the essentials are covered, having fun with your wedding transport can be a memorable way of spending those last few pounds. As with everything else, your mode of transport needs to fit in with your over-riding theme but there are a number of options for any couple’s personality.

Wedding Photography - 3

You might choose to tandem from your wedding venue to your reception venue, perhaps a vintage bus for you and your guests is more your style or maybe a blinged-up tractor will fit in with your country wedding theme.

Whatever you do, sticking to your budget is an absolute must if you are to make your wedding day one to remember.


The Latest Wedding Photography Trends

by aiowedding on July 22, 2014

Wedding Day Photos – Current Proclivity

The changes that have taken place in the wedding photographic arena is quite amusing; at the present time, brides and bridegrooms have their own precise visions of wedding photographic necessities, and they make all the needed arrangements to set their wedding photo sessions right, in line with their personal options, before the grand day! They try to apply all of the available avant-garde wedding-day photographic styles and techniques, so that they can capture the flow of the occasion in an authentic and imposing manner!

Wedding Photography - 1

  • One of the latest trends that can be seen in the wedding photography domain is the venue change. Instead of one or two unvarying backgrounds, which often pass on a droning feel to the viewers, most people prefer to have several locations for their photo sessions and hence, multiple photo sessions in diverse locations have become all the rage, as far as all modern-day marriages are concerned.
  • In the same way, the costume change is another distinctive thing that you can notice in the current wedding photos. Almost all contemporary couples like to have their wedding-day photos taken, by using different types and styles of attires.

Significance of Wedding Photos

In general, everyone gives great importance to their wedding days; each and every moment of that precious day is meant for later rejoicing and hence, great significance is attached to wedding photos. If wedding photos are taken in a shoddy manner, by employing greenhorn methods, then for sure the desired upshot will be missing! So, while picking up a photographer for capturing the momentous moments of the wedding day, you will have to be highly prudent.

Wedding Photography - 2

  • There should not be any compromise on excellence; go for only specialized wedding photo experts, if you are keen on quality.
  • Always compare your personal aspirations and the actual requirements with the abilities of the photographic expert, whose service you are planning to hire.
  • Do not feel reticent to open up yourself, because, it is your day and you have the right to get all the things right!
  • Discuss your photographic requirements with the concerned photographer and find out whether he or she is capable of fulfilling your demands by the book.

Try to Have a Handle on the Modern Wedding Photography Trends

If you wish store the bracing and blissful memories of your own wedding day, or the pleasant wedding celebrations of your loved ones in apposite ways, it is good to discern about the latest wedding photography trends. An in-depth knowledge on the modern wedding photographic styles will help you to plan better.

Wedding Photography - 3

  • It is good to have consultations with a dependable and experienced professional photographer regarding the actions that will have to be prearranged, for making the grand occasion really grand!
  • By this way you can acquire a profound and pragmatic awareness on the topic of wedding photography.


Covered by the plenty of services and ceremonies that stamp an Indian Wedding, the work of a Wedding picture taker gets a great deal additionally difficult and erratic. The assorted qualities in traditions and gatherings starting with one wedding then onto the next clears route for a need to get to know shared traits of Indian Weddings, to not miss the vital occasions.

Indian Wedding - 1

Indian marriages are notable for his or her pomp in addition to elegance. Tell all your family you want a zero hassle wedding service or party, it’s likely that they may vehemently is at odds of choosing one. Generally there also may very well be a number of dramas in addition to sobbing with cue. Furthermore, it’s got today get to be the usual for Indian brides to bring about his or her marriage fund. Positioning 2 collectively, lovers today ought to sponsor the awesome marriage affair along with 1000 unusual company in addition to money. Areas tips to get this function with no drilling an essential ditch as part of your wallet.

A couple of recommendations to remember while planning to do an Indian wedding.

Meet the Couple

Might sound senseless, however in many events at Indian weddings you could wind up gathering the couple shockingly upon the arrival of the wedding. A snappy meet prior will help set the desires, plan shots with the couple & get them in the safe place to be clicked by you. This would make it simple on the D-day & you will make sure not to miss that basic minute!

Indian Wedding - 2

Arranged Shots Vs Candid

It is greatly hard to get elite time with the couple throughout the wedding for pictures and thus you would need to get the greater part of your shots as the occasion is going on. Through the years I’ve observed that if arranged appropriately you could get a window of 20-30 minutes with the couple for your arranged shots. Make great utilization of it! Guarantee to timetable the arranged shots before the wedding starts or a prior day the wedding. After the rigors of the Indian wedding, the couple won’t be significantly entertained to posture for you.

Photography Co-coordinator

Well before the wedding, ask the couple to designate a relative who would help you. Indeed in the “little” Indian wedding, you can wind up with many relative thronging to be in vicinity to the couple, consequently making a confining calamity. You most likely would require the photograph co-ordinator to acquaint you with the nearby relatives who should be secured in the photos furthermore help in getting you to the Bride and Groom upon the arrival of the wedding. A co-ordinator would come amazingly convenient in taking care of swarm while you are occupied with taking pictures.

Indian Wedding - 3

Know your Wedding Process

Every Indian wedding is exceptional in its own particular way. Address the couple and the family well ahead of time and comprehend the wedding, the occasions, and their vitality. In Indian weddings, the picture taker is relied upon to catch certain particular minutes of the occasion. On the off chance that got uninformed, you may wind up missing key minutes.

Various kinds of novel and delightful Hindu wedding cards are currently accessible in different outlines and are in gigantic interest nowadays. It is genuine reality that wedding cards are the matter of honor and pride for some families all over the globe. Numerous spouse and lucky man select excellent outlines and send these perfectly planned welcomes to their relatives and companion’s far away. These days, wedding functions are arranged in an excellent way. These wedding functions have their religious and social importance. It is fitting to arrange and print the wedding welcomes no less than 5 to 6 prior weeks the wedding capacity.


Wedding fairs have become an established rite of passage in the long, drawn out walk up the aisle. It seems that not a single soul, who has promised themselves in wedlock to another, is able to get a sick note to escape the ordeal of the wedding fair.

Wedding fairs

Wedding fairs – are they strange?

Yes, wedding fairs, those strange events that strike fear into the heart of every bridegroom, and blissful mania into brides. Challenge even the most loved-up couples to spend a day at a wedding expo without exchanging a barbed word or two. They won’t manage it. It is not possible. Fact.

This state of affairs is a great shame. The time leading up to getting married, the planning, anticipation and excitement, should all be a romantic, cherished time. Increasingly however, it seems outside pressures throw couples off balance, into spirals of indecision, marriage-planning madness and general grumpiness about the whole affair. How can this be right?

Getting back to basics

We need to get back to basics, claw our way back to where it all started. When two people fell in love and decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together…

If you are a wedding exhibitor who has noticed the dead-eyed expressions of brides and grooms as they thread their way between stands at fairs, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. A disconnect has developed between the client who is buying a product or service, and the endpoint. To be blunt, wedding fairs are losing their relevance to their target market, and if we don’t do something to reverse this, such events will be consigned to history.

Keeping goods and services fresh and engaging

So what can we do to keep our wedding focused goods and services fresh and engaging? Well for a start we can keep updating and renewing what we offer. The days of exhibitions in overheated, soulless halls, filled with bland and unappealing stands are over. Couples about to get hitched are looking for something new, perhaps edgier and quirkier – the days of the cookie-cutter, fairy-tale wedding have not disappeared, but let’s just say things are evolving. Scaled-down wedding fairs held in charming church halls and historic buildings have become more widespread, championing the artistry and services of smaller wedding suppliers and tapping in to a demand for offbeat approaches to tying the knot.

Alternative weddings

Take a look at the movement towards alternative weddings. This term encompasses all manner of styles, but essentially it addresses head-on the fact that such weddings deviate from the path of frothy bridal gowns, stucco white cakes, teams of cute bridesmaids, a hotel reception, band and buffet. Expect something out of the ordinary. Weddings can now take place in some pretty weird and wonderful places such as caves, forts, bowling alleys, old power stations, Arabian tents, whisky vaults, aquariums, racecourses and more – for a wedding with originality and personality, such venues are hard to beat. So if you were considering the local golf course or stately home for your do, why not think outside the box and try something different?

It’s not just wedding venues that are changing; the food, fashions,photography, flowers, décor and traditions are all being re-worked and developed in order to meet altered tastes. Can you imagine ten years ago attending a wedding featuring a retro sweetie-bar for guests to get all nostalgic over, traditional ice cream vans serving cornets, an escapologist for entertainment, fish and chip suppers, camel rides? Even chocolate fountains were cutting edge once!

Wedding show exhibitor

If you are a wedding show exhibitor with a product aimed at this market, be aware that sweethearts are forever moving the goal posts. Trends in wedding style shift and morph all the time. Attract potential clients to your wedding display by making it stand out from the crowd. Invest in professionally designed and manufactured exhibition display stands that present your goods or services in the best light. Checkout for some ideas. Work with display stand experts who know all the secrets for catching the eyes of the crowd as they move past, they will have inside tips and tricks that could really improve your sales results. You will have specific ideas about the style and presentation of a display stand because it reflects your core business and when these ideas are translated into a stunning expo stand, sit back and enjoy the compliments and orders flowing in.


Getting the Perfect Warwickshire Wedding

by aiowedding on June 23, 2014

Getting the perfect wedding in Warwickshire is important. You want to be able to look back on your big day and remember it for all the good things. The last thing you want is to wish that you’d done everything differently. Finding the perfect wedding supplies is part of this, but the fundamental thing is choosing the right venue.

Warwickshire Wedding-1

Warwickshire Weddings UK can help with the planning of your big day. You can find out about all the different suppliers in the area, and where to go to suit your budget. However, here is a short rundown of some of the best venues in Warwickshire.

Coombe Abbey for a Vintage Elegant Style

One of the most popular options is Coombe Abbey, especially if you want something elegant, stylish and vintage. The building was originally built in the 1100s, but has been restored over the years. As well as the beautiful stately home, you get access to 500 acres of gorgeous scenery, which will be perfect for your wedding photos. There are formal gardens, a moat and amazing backdrops to get a range of styles, and create a unique experience.

The reception rooms will hold a small party or those who have hundreds in attendance. You just need to decide how much you want to spend. There are various packages available to make your wedding day perfect.

Studley Castle for a Royal Wedding

Every bride wants to be a princess on their big day, and a castle will make that even more possible. Studley Castle is a beautiful option, and very easy to find. Your guests will have no excuse not to get there on time! Along with that, you have views of the country side and beautiful gardens for the perfect shots to remember your day.

There is plenty of space with a 28 acre estate surrounding the castle, and the reception rooms are perfect for small and large gatherings. The rooms can also be transformed to suit your style and wedding theme, whether you want a royal wedding or you’re more into the roaring 20s style.

Warwickshire Wedding-2

No couple will have to worry about anything on the day. The staff at the venue take care of all the behind-the-scenes tasks, so you can focus on enjoying your big day.

Warwick House for Something Unforgettable

How about an unforgettable experience, whether it’s a wedding or civil ceremony? That’s just what you gain when you choose Warwick house. You will have access to a range of rooms on the site, and can switch between them depending on your needs. Have the DJ or band set up in the banqueting hall, and then use one of the smaller rooms for somewhere quiet for your guests to retire to but still enjoy the celebrations. It’s also perfect for those who want a wedding weekend, instead of just one day.

There is also the option of taking your big day outside. During the warmer months, there is a gazebo available and the ceremonies and parties can be held within that. Of course, that will depend on the weather and there will be alternatives arranged if the weather isn’t suitable for your day.

It is time to make the most of your Warwickshire wedding, and choosing the perfect venue is the first step to doing that. There are just so many different ones available, and it really does depend on the style that you want. All three listed above can be created into something unique and personal for you. Now it just depends on your requirements for places for your guests to stay and the budget you have in mind.


Being one of the most magical moments in one’s life, a wedding day is one of those events that you would want to remember for the rest of your life. This is why many brides and grooms are very particular about the kind of photographer they get. Many would spend hundreds of dollars to ensure that they get a capable photographer who can capture their memories.

Wedding Photos - 1

But before spending a lot of cash on any random photographer, here are some tips on how to pick a good photographer:


  1. Before choosing wedding photographers New York, make sure that you do your homework on researching about different wedding photographers. Check their portfolio before even scheduling to meet up with them. Most of the photographers now have websites that showcase their best work. Check out their creative style and see if it is something that suits you. Referrals from friends are also good bets. Check out wedding photos of friends and ask about their experience with the photographer. That way you have an idea as to who you will be working with.


  1. Once you have chosen some photographers whose work stands out to you, schedule an appointment to see them. Visit the photographer’s studio and check out more of their work. Talk to them and get a feel of what they want to do for you.

    Wedding Photos - 2

  1. After talking to several wedding photographers New York or any other place, you should be able to pick the one you like best. Their creative style must coincide with what you have in mind for your wedding pictorial. So make sure that you both are on the same page.


  1. One of the most important things to factor in when looking for an able photographer would be the budget. Some photographers do really good photos, but they charge exorbitant prices. If budget is not an issue, then pick whomever you like. However as budget is a common issue when it comes to wedding preparations, it is good to check out the packages available. Most photographers have wedding packages. Should you not need too many photo shoots, then costs will be less. Just remember that the focus should be on the bride and groom. There need not be too many shots of the entourage or other guests. Too many extra photos will just jack up the fees.


  1. When picking a photographer, make sure that you get one who is both adept at taking photographs and savvy at video editing. Most of the photographers also provide video services that include same day editing. As it is nice to show the guests behind the scenes footage of the happy couple, it is good to add this as part of your requirements from your photographer.

    Wedding Photos - 3

Once you have settled on a photographer, such as White Studio, it is time to focus on other nitty gritty details of the wedding. Just make sure that you discuss the details well with the photographer so that the photographer what you really want and need. That way, there will be no problems on the big day.


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