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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

by aiowedding on March 1, 2015


The perfect venue, the perfect outfits (and matching shoes), and you even finally got that centerpiece you saw on Pinterest to turn out right. All that’s left is to say “I do,” right? But wait, how are you going to capture this perfectly curated moment? That’s where you’re wedding photographer comes in. While there’s something to be said for all the long hours of crafting and carefully matching shades of peach, there’s more to be said for what your wedding express about you and your partner. Your photographer must understand your identity as a couple if your wedding pictures are going to truly capture the spirit and emotion of the day. But how do you find a photograph that can learn so much about you? Below are a few key details about how to find a wedding photographer that covers all the things that are important to you.
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Your wedding will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which means that you will want to remember it for a lifetime. While memory serves us well, nothing is as sharp, clear, and nostalgia-inducing as photography. This is why hiring a wedding photographer for your big day is so important. However, not all wedding photographers are equal – some photographers are leagues better than other photographers, so you want to make a number of critical considerations before you hire the right person for the job. If you think about it, the person you hire will be documenting an incredibly intimate part of your life, so you want to make a very careful hiring decision. Here are five considerations for brides when hiring a wedding photographer.

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1. Does the photographer have a lengthy portfolio? One of the most important considerations you want to make is the quality of the photographer’s work. In all likelihood, you probably don’t want to hire a subpar photographer to shoot your wedding. For this reason, you want to see a big portfolio – there should be many examples of different weddings that show the photographer’s experience and diversity.

2. Does the photographer specialize in weddings? Of course, you want your wedding photographer to actually be a wedding photographer. Some photographers are more generally interested in shooting whatever they can. The only problem with this is that they haven’t mastered the art of wedding photography. When you hire a wedding photographer, you want to make sure that wedding photography is the photographer’s sole profession. You may not get the best shots if your photographer isn’t thinking about the best way to capture the wedding.

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3. Does the photographer offer a flat rate? Some photographers will charge by the hour – others will charge based on how much you are willing to pay. To get the most honest invoice, you want to hire a photographer that will charge a flat rate. When it comes down to it, some weddings can go on a little longer and some unexpected things can happen, so you want your photographer there to capture the moment. Some wedding photographers, like Tom Hall Photography, will offer a flat rate, which is a lot more manageable, and you don’t have to worry about paying for overtime charges.

4. Does the photographer have all of his or her own equipment? Ideally, you want your wedding photographer to bring his or her own equipment – you don’t want to be responsible for renting the equipment yourself. Any truly professional wedding photographer will have his or her own lights, cameras, and other tools. If a photographer doesn’t have this equipment, you probably want to keep searching for a photographer.

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5. Does the photographer have references? Last, but not least, you want to consider the photographer’s references. Testimonials will help, but it is worth a shot to call a few previous employees. A wedding photographer should have a sense of decorum and professionalism at a wedding. In the end, you’ll be glad you did your research when you see how beautiful your wedding photos turn out.


Choosing the Perfect UK Wedding Photographer

by aiowedding on June 19, 2014

Searching for the perfect UK wedding photographer takes time, but it’s one of the most important things you will do for your big day. Getting one that is qualified, professional and reputable will make a difference when it comes to remembering your day afterwards through the photos. You want to look back and remember it all with a smile, instead of wishing that you’d gotten the shots you asked for or have to try and make out who people are in the images.

Wedding Photography

While it takes time, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a photographer in Hinckley or another part of Leicester,here are a few tips to help you get started.

Talk to Others and Ask for Recommendations

One of the best places to start is with people you know. Ask them if they know affordable and reputable photographers for your big day. It’s important to specify that you’re looking for someone who deals in wedding photography, as it required different skills to those who specialise in portrait or studio photographs.

You will know people who married recently, even if you were not invited to their weddings. It’s best to keep the questions to the people in your local area, as many photographers will charge extra if they have to travel far.

Visit Them at Wedding Fayres

There are plenty of wedding fayres in venues around the country. These are great, and you should attend as many as possible. Not only will you get to speak to the different types of vendors, but you can also get a few ideas to incorporate into your big day.

The wedding photographers will be around, and will be able to show off their skills and portfolios. This is the perfect time to see their work, and look at the type of shots they are famous for doing. Most photographers will have their own style and favourite shots, and you will see all this in their portfolio.

It is also a chance to look at the different photo album choices, and talk to the professionals about the packages they offer. You can discuss your needs directly with them, and find out about the type of offers they have to fit your budget needs. This is also the perfect time to talk about who owns the copyright of the photo, and the cost of getting copies of your own photograph afterwards.

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Trial a Few Options

You need to see how the professionals work with you, and that means trialling a few of your options. You can book engagement photo shoots or organise them for family shots. Most will be happy to come out to a spot of your choosing, and work with you to get the shots of your dreams. Some will even offer discounted rates because they know it is a trial for the real thing.

If you’re not happy with the idea of a trial—or you just don’t have the money—then you will need to have a close look through the portfolios. Don’t just look at a few images and select one. Really compare the different photos available to choose the best option for you.

It’s important to be extremely happy with your wedding photography decision. This determines the way you look back on your day. You don’t want to hire someone who turns out to offer poor quality work, but you also want to avoid those that charge an absolute fortune and then don’t deliver your photos on time. When it comes to Leicester wedding venues, Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography is just one option to look into for the perfect memories of your big day.


Being one of the most magical moments in one’s life, a wedding day is one of those events that you would want to remember for the rest of your life. This is why many brides and grooms are very particular about the kind of photographer they get. Many would spend hundreds of dollars to ensure that they get a capable photographer who can capture their memories.

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But before spending a lot of cash on any random photographer, here are some tips on how to pick a good photographer:


  1. Before choosing wedding photographers New York, make sure that you do your homework on researching about different wedding photographers. Check their portfolio before even scheduling to meet up with them. Most of the photographers now have websites that showcase their best work. Check out their creative style and see if it is something that suits you. Referrals from friends are also good bets. Check out wedding photos of friends and ask about their experience with the photographer. That way you have an idea as to who you will be working with.


  1. Once you have chosen some photographers whose work stands out to you, schedule an appointment to see them. Visit the photographer’s studio and check out more of their work. Talk to them and get a feel of what they want to do for you.

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  1. After talking to several wedding photographers New York or any other place, you should be able to pick the one you like best. Their creative style must coincide with what you have in mind for your wedding pictorial. So make sure that you both are on the same page.


  1. One of the most important things to factor in when looking for an able photographer would be the budget. Some photographers do really good photos, but they charge exorbitant prices. If budget is not an issue, then pick whomever you like. However as budget is a common issue when it comes to wedding preparations, it is good to check out the packages available. Most photographers have wedding packages. Should you not need too many photo shoots, then costs will be less. Just remember that the focus should be on the bride and groom. There need not be too many shots of the entourage or other guests. Too many extra photos will just jack up the fees.


  1. When picking a photographer, make sure that you get one who is both adept at taking photographs and savvy at video editing. Most of the photographers also provide video services that include same day editing. As it is nice to show the guests behind the scenes footage of the happy couple, it is good to add this as part of your requirements from your photographer.

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Once you have settled on a photographer, such as White Studio, it is time to focus on other nitty gritty details of the wedding. Just make sure that you discuss the details well with the photographer so that the photographer what you really want and need. That way, there will be no problems on the big day.


Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Hence, deep down there is certainly a desire to capture every moment which unfolds. The idea on such instances will be to hire a photographer. There are plenty of them, but if the occasion is an Indian wedding, then one may need a bit of specialization. On such instances, one may need to hire an Indian wedding photographer. Here, too there is no need to worry much. Indians are located all over the world. Hence, one is bound to run into photographers, who are experts in covering Indian weddings.

In this age of internet marketing contacting an Indian wedding photographer is no big ask. Now it is after all, a once in a lifetime event. Hence, before appointing someone it is essential to focus on quite a few issues. Let us now closely look at some of the issues, which need focus before actually appointing someone for the d-day.

The focus should be on experience:

An Indian wedding involves plenty of traditions. Hence, the focus should always be on experience while appointing an Indian wedding photographer. Is the particular photographer well aware of the traditions involved in an Indian wedding?  The idea will be to get involved into this bit of detailing. After all, one will certainly not relish any important event being not in a frame. The secret on such instances will be to go for someone of Indian origin. He will be aware of the traditions involved in the wedding.
Indian wedding photographer
Check the work:

Going for experience is fine, but it is equally essential to check the work of that particular Indian wedding photographer. Most photographers have a gallery section on the website. One can always go through that and check the quality of work. Do the photos have a natural feel? One should learn to dig deep into these issues. A wedding is something more than mere rituals. It is about separations and accepting new families. Hence, one can always check on whether they capture something more than rituals. Look for someone who can mix with the guests and capture all the joys and sorrows associated with the event.

The quotes also need attention:

Now once the quality issues are addressed people in search of an Indian wedding photographer need to focus hard on the quote. Actually similar to any other program, it is essential to plan for any wedding. The first stage of planning is to prepare a budget and one must try to stick to it. Even if the finances are a concern, it should not be a worry. One will certainly run into plenty of names offering quality work at a competitive price structure.
People who are slightly confused regarding, which Indian wedding photographer to opt for, can always seek references. Asking near and dear ones for references is certainly not a bad idea. Moreover, one can always browse into the testimonials, there on the website. It gives views of people who may have at some stage hired there services. One can certainly gauge the level of work efficiency through these testimonials.

These are some important issues, which someone keen on hiring any form of wedding photographer needs to keep in mind. A photograph created by a quality photographer goes the distance. Years later, it presents a perfect opportunity to go memory lane and revisit all those gone by moments, which are no more today. The style of working for any Indian wedding Photographer is more or less similar.  Once one has contacted them, they prefer to have a sitting with the customer, trying to identify areas of personal requirements. Based upon that, they chalk out a perfect course of action.


5 Features of Wedding Photographer Perth

by aiowedding on January 9, 2014

Photography business is one that is extremely troublesome venture to excel previously, incredible ability and a touch of fortune was obligatory, or else an extreme way lies ahead. In the current period of advanced innovation, the level of expertise and fortunes may have subsided, yet that has opened an entryway for a nearly infinite amount of aspiring proficient wedding photographer Perth WA. The time of getting sued for not getting that flawless wedding shot has lessened enough that just about everybody can do it. Advanced Polaroids permit the wedding camera person to see the shot before the minute has passed, and all things considered, second and third chances are conceivable. This has overwhelmed the business sector with work galore, and sheer numbers as opposed to expertise is presently the leap that tenderfoot wedding photographic artists must win. Still, there are some essential steps that if emulated, will remunerate you with a certain way to turn into a wedding camera person. 5 features of wedding photographer Perth WA are discussed below:

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Which wedding photographer is for you?

by aiowedding on December 6, 2013

Your wedding day is probably the most hectic and stressful time you will experience in your life. You need to plan everything from the décor down to the venue. The photographer is also going to be high up on that list, but which photographer is the one for you? These quick tips are sure to help with choosing the wedding photographer that is perfect for you.

What does a wedding photographer do?

Which wedding photographer is for you?For many, the wedding photographer is as important as the venue the wedding is held in. Photographers create the memories that last your life time, providing you with images that highlight the joys and emotions of your big day. It sounds easy to find a wedding photographer, but as its big business many photographer work differently and offer different packages and shoot with different styles.
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