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They say Jewelry is women’s best friend and it is definitely true to some extent. But if you want your partner to be your best friend forever then you may gift a platinum ring on your wedding. Platinum rings are especially made for women. Platinum wedding rings for women are one of a unique kind. You can take as much time as you want and compare a platinum ring with any other wedding ring but you will always come to the conclusion that the platinum ring is far better than the others. Many people only buy these rings for wedding and there is a separate wedding collection as well. If you check on the internet, you will find lots of unique designs from which you may choose. Previously people used to prefer the gold rings in case of weddings and engagements but nowadays platinum rings have become the hottest trend.

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Why you should choose Platinum Wedding Rings?

When compared with other metals, platinum is the most expensive metal amongst all the others but still people prefer to buy a platinum wedding ring instead of a gold or silver one. Given below are some of the reasons why you should choose the platinum wedding rings:

  • Platinum wedding rings for women are elegant looking and give that modernistic look which other metals fail to provide. Most importantly when you polish the ring after a few days, it would give that same sparkle and brilliant look as if it was new. Side by side if you polish a gold ring, it will not give that same look when it was first bought. In the earlier days, platinum was mixed with gold to give an additional shine.

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  • When you are willing to spend on the wedding ring, it is always wise to spend on something that would last long. Platinum wedding rings are very much durable and they would not get damaged by wearing while the daily household routine. Because of the shine of the metal, you can wear it any day you want and the shine would not go even if you wear it for the lifetime.


  • One of the best reasons why you should choose platinum wedding ring is because it does not cause any type of allergic reactions. This is because it is a neutral metal. It is often seen that brides wearing gold ring or rings of any other metal tend to get allergic reactions after few days. Since this ring would be worn on a daily basis, you would certainly not want to get allergies after wearing it. That is why platinum rings are chosen so often.


  • It is possible to combine platinum with precious stones but in general, it is wise to choose diamonds. When you add diamond with a platinum ring, the beauty increases in leaps and bounds. There are separate sections for solitaire diamond rings set with platinum and there are some of the best designs that you will ever see.

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The styles of platinum wedding rings for women are plenty and unlike other metals, it is not limited to a few designs. This gives you the freedom to choose the best ring for your fiancé. If you check the internet for the available designs, you will come across some unique styles which may not be available in the jewelry stores. It is now possible to order these rings online. When you are choosing a platinum wedding ring, you must always choose one which is simple looking because the ones that are simple are more comfortable. Some of the wedding rings also come with simple bands which look more beautiful.


Five Keys to Customizing Your Wedding Rings

by aiowedding on May 26, 2014

Starting with the basics the first key decision to make is what metal you would like your wedding ring created in. Options include traditional yellow gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium and tungsten. Decisions will depend on your own preference, available budget and durability requirements.


Platinum tends to be the most expensive but most luxurious option. It feels good to say, “this is platinum.” Gold follows close behind with different carat options dictating the level of cost – 9 carat is the least expensive (but a level most people haven’t heard of), with 14 carat, 18 carat and 24 carat also available.

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Silver is a cheaper option but can be prone to signs of wear and tear as the years go by. For a good quality silver ring ensure it is made of the highest quality silver available which is .925 sterling silver. Anything more pure is generally too soft.


Titanium is a relative newcomer to the wedding ring market, but is proving increasingly popular due to the lower cost, high durability combination it can offer. Polished and matte options are available in this metal.


The Right Size

Choosing a custom ring should mean that you get the perfect sized ring for you. This is generally the case and applies to not only the circumference of the ring (i.e. the fit around your finger) but also the ring band width and thickness.


Try on different bands to see what width looks good on your fingers and feels right. Most people wear their wedding rings every day so comfort should also be a priority.

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The Right Style

Customizing a wedding ring is the ideal way to ensure that this piece of lifetime jewelry reflects you and your style. Think of it as a tattoo – it’s that important.


Various historic styles of jewelry may inspire you, such as medieval design, art deco, Italian renaissance or ancient Greek. You may want to incorporate something from your own heritage, for example if you have Irish ancestry you could opt for a Celtic design.


A customized wedding ring can be a blank page in terms of the style you want to go for or it can be a case of fine tuning an existing design which you are drawn to. Some companies offer a service where you can add your own style accents to a piece from their existing portfolio of wedding rings.


You could add your own choice of gemstones, insert accent gems, choose a different metal or personalize with engraving. If you don’t do one of these things, you’re just not trying.


Also consider whether you and your spouse prefer matching rings or individual styles. Customization means you have the flexibility to do whatever you want.

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The Right Embellishments

A key decision to make is whether you would like a full metal wedding ring or one which also incorporates gemstones. Some people believe a simple circle is a powerful symbol for eternal love. Others want the sparkle.


Diamonds are a popular choice of course and often complement an existing engagement ring. Depending on the design of your rings you may also need to decide what cut of diamond you prefer and the clarity of the diamonds being used.


Engraving is another way of personalizing your ring. While traditionally engraving is found on the inside of a ring, a more contemporary approach is to use this to adorn the ring’s exterior. Options include engraving a personal message, a signature or even a fingerprint. This is worth exploring as it’s something not seen everywhere.


The Right Designer

All the issues so far have led to this point – choosing a designer to create your wedding ring. This designer will be tasked with creating a ring which symbolizes your never ending love and one you plan to wear for a very long time – so choose wisely.


Taking time to research designers will inform your decision – look for examples of their previous work and feedback from customers.


Working closely with the designer and giving them as much information about you will help them create a wedding ring which reflects your style and personality. That way you get a unique wedding ring which you will enjoy wearing forever.


When your wedding anniversary is on the horizon, you probably plan about the day to make it a special one. How to make it special with something extraordinary may be related to the dinner party or lunch. What gift to offer your spouse is the main thing to think about?

Flower Wedding Bouquet

Ditch the Common Rises

The most favorite of couples is to offer red roses on almost all occasions. Roses are common among all flowers for loved ones. However, repetition may make it boring or may be your spouse may feel that you are not imaginative. There are a lot of other options available too. If not physically available, a variety of flowers can also be found and ordered online to be delivered right at your doorstep. You just need to choose what flowers you will be giving.

Besides a long list of gifts that can be given, roses have a special significance on anniversaries. Some useful facts about flowers is listed below and it will be a good insight and useful to know these details. Next time when you are talking to someone, you could talk about these details and impress the other person.

Jack In the Pulpit – Flower for the 7th Wedding Anniversary

This flower has a vivid shade of green with dark markings and is a highly unusual variety. It is also called the Indian turnip many times and is famous for the 7th wedding anniversary owing to the myths and legends it carries. On your 7th Anniversary, don’t forget to send flowers of this variety to your spouse.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily – Flower for the 6th Wedding Anniversary

It is a very beautiful flower and emits vibrant colors. It can easily light up the house when placed in any corner. It is the symbol of eternity and femininity with a lot of purity. The shape that it has is that of a trumpet and the white blooms make it ideal for being gifted on the 6th wedding anniversary. The purity and innocence is also reflected in the color that the flower has, which is white.

clematis bouquet

Clematis – Flower for the 8th Wedding Anniversary

This star shaped whitish flower known as clematis is derived from the Greek word ‘klema’, which means vine branch or could be wine like. The Romans and Germans were also aware of the Clematis, but viewed it with a lot of contradiction. The ancient Romans felt that the flower covering the outer walls of the house gave protection from thunderstorms, whereas the Germans thought that the flower would attract lightening. Both views were contradictory to each other.

The main ingredient of a successful marriage is love and care. Life keeps throwing surprises at each individual and these pure flowers seem to be the optimum gift on the 8th Wedding Anniversary. So, send flowers on your anniversary to impress your counterpart.

Poppy wedding bouquet

Poppy – Flower for the 9th Wedding Anniversary

Romans introduced Poppy in England. The flower is found in White, Yellow and Orange shades. Many historians have discovered Egyptian tombs having these flowers, which mean that these flowers are around 3000 years old. It is believed that these flowers possess supernatural powers and were used for witchcraft and healing love wounds. The flower symbolizes fertility, health, and strength in general. There is, however, a touching story about how the flower came into being. At the time of Napoleonic wars, the battle scarred fields in Flanders were filled overnight with poppies. This even was rather mysterious and it is believed that the red color came from the blood in the soil in which the flowers grew.

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Wedding cards always seem like an expense that can be avoided in the budget of the wedding. In fact many times, it takes a back seat to many other expenses. While the budget for the dress, venue, food and even gifts to the friends take a front seat, the wedding invitations seem less important. In the current economy where popular advice on saving of wedding costs, is important; the one thing that takes the first cut is the wedding invitation cards. Where such invitation cards are made available, they are of much lower quality, many times not reflecting the theme and true cost of the wedding.

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