Beach Wedding Clothes That Fit the Occasion

by aiowedding on April 1, 2014

A beach wedding may require less formal clothing than a church a wedding. If you have never attended one before it is important to consider this factor. If you will be attending this kind of a celebration and you have no idea what to wear send a quick message to the bride or groom so that you would know about the theme or motif of the wedding itself.

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Beach Wedding Clothing Suggestions

For Men – As a guest in a beach wedding ceremony, forget about wearing a black suit as this is only reserved for the groom. Although there is no strict rule to this, wearing a white cotton shirt with button down collar is a safer option. You can pair this with dress slacks and the right footwear. If you prefer to wear a suit, choose light colored linen slacks. Match it with a jacket and casual shirt to make a less formal blend.

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Leather sandals are the best choice for footwear. Make sure to choose a more open style to let the sand get out of your feet easily. Leather flip flops are also a nice alternative. Depending on the formality of the ceremony you can even go barefoot but don’t go overboard. You can’t go barefoot when you are wearing posh linen suit.

For Women – Women who will be attending a beach wedding ceremony have plenty of clothing options to choose from. The main rule when selecting an outfit is to make sure you doesn’t catch more attention than the bride. Never out-dress the special person in the celebration. With formal wedding you will have more freedom in choosing dressy outfits but when it comes t a casual ceremony like a beach wedding, beach attire is the best choice. If the wedding is in the tropics, cotton and rayon skirts are perfect options. You can also choose a well tailored jersey dress. It is ideal to wear shorter dress. Long dress and high heeled shoes are not recommended.

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Clothing Should Fit the Occasion

The right wedding clothes that you should wear in a wedding ceremony also depends on the time of the celebration. For morning events light colored dress is a great choice. Men can wear their suits and women can choose a fancy dress or skirts with a matching blouse.

For evening wedding celebrations any dress that can be worn for dining out is a great pick. Clothing with darker colors is ideal. Men can wear suits and women may wear sophisticated colored dresses or skirts. There are dresses available in the market that present formality and informality. The type of dress you should choose must be based on what is required in the invitation.

Wedding ceremony garments are very crucial to people who are invited to attend a special event. You always want to look good as a guest. The bride, groom and bridesmaid have their own selection of clothing which is tailored to their specific roles in the ceremony. You can be a good addition to the picturesque of a wedding by choosing the best dress to wear during the celebration.

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