How To Find The Perfect Indian Wedding Outfit

by aiowedding on January 23, 2014

India is a very vast place, so trying to run around in the hopes of finding the perfect wedding gown for your good self might be a bit of a challenge. There are plenty of things you can do in aid of your search that can ultimately give you a much bigger selection of dresses to choose from. Here we have a look at the main places you can try out when looking for a dress for the all-important big day.

Indian Wedding Outfit

Talk To A Friend

More and more people as of late have been taking to their sewing boxes and exercising their crafting skills. Not all people have the edge you might be looking for, but the chances are you may know one or two people who just might be able to knock something up for you. The benefits to doing this is that it is likely to cost less than a custom piece from a shop, plus it gives you a chance to have some extra time together.

Peruse Market Stalls

Market stalls are an amazing way to find a whole host of different items, including the likes of clothing and bridal wear. India has a vast expanse of stalls you could try out, and you might even find a handful of potential candidates. The beauty of market stalls is that if the price they are after is a tad too steep you can try your hand at haggling them for a better figure. Some are a bit strict with this but many will lower the fee, even if it is just a small amount.

Check Out The Local Shops

Shops are a pretty obvious choice for any bride for several reasons. Shops allow you to return your item if you need to, and have fitting rooms so you can try before you buy. This isn’t always the cheapest choice, especially if the dress you’ve fallen for happens to be one of the priciest. If you’re lucky you might just come across one or two shops that have a sale on, or are trying to get rid of last season’s favourites. It might also be possible for you to pay for the dress in instalments instead of all at once.

Talk To A Professional

There are a whole host of trained dress makers out there that can make your vision a reality in just a few consolations. They can talk to you in depth about the plans you have, and work around any issues you have. This will not be cheap as each piece is custom designed specifically for you and your figure, and could take several man hours to complete. This can also be made worse if there is a tight deadline. Arguably, however, a custom dress is more than worth the money in most cases.

For more information on where to find Indian wedding gowns, or to have a look through some galleries for inspiration, simply have a look around the web or visit Traditions Online.

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