What Impact does Floral Gifts Have on the Recipient’s Mood?

by aiowedding on April 11, 2014

Gifts are often given by people to express their feelings to their loved ones. People in several countries round the globe consider blooms to be the most special gifts to express their emotions. With the help of numerous online flower shops, you can easily send wedding flowers or floral bouquet to person living in another part of the globe.

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If you are concerned about how to send flowers to your special someone living far from you, then the easiest way to get your blooms delivered is through online flower delivery,when you can’t be present there to give them flower bouquet.

Different blooms have taken on certain meaning with the passage of time. Blooms have their own unique language and are considered as an indispensable part of every important occasion in our lives namely weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc. For this reason, several people send flowers to convey their emotions to their special someone.

The best thing about beautiful, fragrant and fresh blooms is that they have a great positive impact on one’s mood. Science reveals that not only do flowers makes a person feel happier than we know, but they have strong positive effect on a person’s emotional well being. Recently, a professional team of researchers revealed the connection between blooms and emotional & behavioural responses of the recipient on receiving the special gift of blooms.

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Let us discuss about it in brief:

Research Findings

The result of research findings has shown that blooms are natural moderator of moods.

Different types of blossoms have an immediate and positive effect on happiness. All the participants of this research expressed that they experienced “excited” and “true” smiles upon receiving floral gifts and also demonstrated gratitude and happiness.

  • Fresh, fragrant and colourful blooms have a long term positive effect on the recipient’s mood. It is a true fact as participants of this research study also reported that they felt less anxious and depressed after receiving wonderful flower bouquet. Besides this, they also felt higher sense of life satisfaction and enjoyment.

  • Blooms also play a vital role in making intimate connections among people. The mere presence of blooms has also led to increased contact among buddies, family and kinsfolk.

If you are facing difficulty in choosing right type of floral or flower arrangement for that special occasion, then you need not worry about it anymore. For such a situation, you can take help of online florist,who will provide you assistance to choose the best flower or floral arrangement that meets your need, choice and budget too. Also, online flower shop provides flower buying guide so that customers can refer them and place an online order for flower delivery.

Flower delivery is also suitable for different occasions and you can consider floral delivery services to give a special touch to several occasions.

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Birthdays – Blossoms offer the most special way to provide the feeling of specialness to the recipient. At the time of selecting flowers, take some time to consider the message that each bloom selected by you will convey. This will make your recipient’s birthday more special and memorable one too!

Weddings – Different seasonal flowers such as lily, dahlia, tulips, etc. would be the best option as floral gifts on wedding event. During spring season, pale and delicate floral would be suitable, whereas for summer season roses are suitable.

Valentine’s Day – For Valentine’s Day, roses prove the most suitable gifts as this flower symbolizes love, beauty and passion. Roses are the most popular blossoms that are given on this special day and are often the priciest ones on this day.

Thus, it can be said that flowers are priceless gifts that truly give the best value for your investment.


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