Five Important Points to Remember While Choosing the First Dance Songs

by aiowedding on February 1, 2014

The first dance songs are something really special for a couple. For many, it is the perfect option to lay the foundation of a great relationship, which is to follow. Hence, this is precisely why one must be all the more careful, while choosing these songs. People, who are a bit confused, can always seek online help. There are plenty of sites, ready to help customers, choose that perfect song on the wedding day. However, before zeroing in on something, there are a few issues, which require a bit of thought.

The focus should be a bit personal:

The wedding is all about the integration of two souls into one. Hence, one should always discuss with his/her partner regarding any common musical interest.  At times, the musical interests may differ wildly, Hence, on such instances, one must certainly look to narrow it down to the genre, which choosing first dance songs.  Sometimes, such songs may not be traditional wedding songs. However, there is nothing to worry. It is common these days.

The focus should be on the lyrics:

The focus should be on the lyrics, while choosing first dance songs. One can certainly focus on lyrics, which tell a story of their relationship. It can always be a sweet love song. People keen for something special can always focus on lyrics, which speak in details regarding the first date. The whole idea should be to look for lyrics, which relate to all that has unfolded.
The beat is also equally important:

While lyrics is certainly important, but people looking at first dance songs option must also look into the beats of music. The idea is to enjoy the event and hence the beat must be foot tapping.  One need not hire a choreographer or a ballroom dance instructor for the event. However, the focus will be to put up a reasonable show with the dancing boots.

Do what the head says:

There will be the plenty of people advising on how to choose first dance songs. However, it is important to do what the head says. There will be classic, contemporary or melodious dance numbers to choose from. Hence, the way out is to identify personal requirements and move accordingly. Moreover, it certainly not a bad idea to get one’s favorite band to play some of their popular numbers. One can even focus on a bit of experiment. There is no harm in being a bit unconventional. Brave people can certainly try funny songs.

The do not play list should also be ready:

This is extremely important for people keen to hire the services of a band. During, the course of the event, the band may stress on various popular numbers. However, the do not play list should also be ready. The idea should be to stay away from the songs, which do not relate to the event.

One must equally stress upon the fun element, while choosing the first dance songs.  After all the wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. Hence, the idea is to have fun with all near and dear ones. While, these songs must stress upon personal relationships, but the fun part is equally important. People who may be tag confused will do well to seek professional help. There are plenty of them and with most of them having online presence, locating someone should not be a major issue. Professionals certainly help in choosing a song, which will make that day special.

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