Wedding fairs forced to adapt to changing fashions

by aiowedding on June 24, 2014

Wedding fairs have become an established rite of passage in the long, drawn out walk up the aisle. It seems that not a single soul, who has promised themselves in wedlock to another, is able to get a sick note to escape the ordeal of the wedding fair.

Wedding fairs

Wedding fairs – are they strange?

Yes, wedding fairs, those strange events that strike fear into the heart of every bridegroom, and blissful mania into brides. Challenge even the most loved-up couples to spend a day at a wedding expo without exchanging a barbed word or two. They won’t manage it. It is not possible. Fact.

This state of affairs is a great shame. The time leading up to getting married, the planning, anticipation and excitement, should all be a romantic, cherished time. Increasingly however, it seems outside pressures throw couples off balance, into spirals of indecision, marriage-planning madness and general grumpiness about the whole affair. How can this be right?

Getting back to basics

We need to get back to basics, claw our way back to where it all started. When two people fell in love and decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together…

If you are a wedding exhibitor who has noticed the dead-eyed expressions of brides and grooms as they thread their way between stands at fairs, you’ll understand where I’m coming from. A disconnect has developed between the client who is buying a product or service, and the endpoint. To be blunt, wedding fairs are losing their relevance to their target market, and if we don’t do something to reverse this, such events will be consigned to history.

Keeping goods and services fresh and engaging

So what can we do to keep our wedding focused goods and services fresh and engaging? Well for a start we can keep updating and renewing what we offer. The days of exhibitions in overheated, soulless halls, filled with bland and unappealing stands are over. Couples about to get hitched are looking for something new, perhaps edgier and quirkier – the days of the cookie-cutter, fairy-tale wedding have not disappeared, but let’s just say things are evolving. Scaled-down wedding fairs held in charming church halls and historic buildings have become more widespread, championing the artistry and services of smaller wedding suppliers and tapping in to a demand for offbeat approaches to tying the knot.

Alternative weddings

Take a look at the movement towards alternative weddings. This term encompasses all manner of styles, but essentially it addresses head-on the fact that such weddings deviate from the path of frothy bridal gowns, stucco white cakes, teams of cute bridesmaids, a hotel reception, band and buffet. Expect something out of the ordinary. Weddings can now take place in some pretty weird and wonderful places such as caves, forts, bowling alleys, old power stations, Arabian tents, whisky vaults, aquariums, racecourses and more – for a wedding with originality and personality, such venues are hard to beat. So if you were considering the local golf course or stately home for your do, why not think outside the box and try something different?

It’s not just wedding venues that are changing; the food, fashions,photography, flowers, décor and traditions are all being re-worked and developed in order to meet altered tastes. Can you imagine ten years ago attending a wedding featuring a retro sweetie-bar for guests to get all nostalgic over, traditional ice cream vans serving cornets, an escapologist for entertainment, fish and chip suppers, camel rides? Even chocolate fountains were cutting edge once!

Wedding show exhibitor

If you are a wedding show exhibitor with a product aimed at this market, be aware that sweethearts are forever moving the goal posts. Trends in wedding style shift and morph all the time. Attract potential clients to your wedding display by making it stand out from the crowd. Invest in professionally designed and manufactured exhibition display stands that present your goods or services in the best light. Checkout for some ideas. Work with display stand experts who know all the secrets for catching the eyes of the crowd as they move past, they will have inside tips and tricks that could really improve your sales results. You will have specific ideas about the style and presentation of a display stand because it reflects your core business and when these ideas are translated into a stunning expo stand, sit back and enjoy the compliments and orders flowing in.

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