Five Keys to Customizing Your Wedding Rings

by aiowedding on May 26, 2014

Starting with the basics the first key decision to make is what metal you would like your wedding ring created in. Options include traditional yellow gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium and tungsten. Decisions will depend on your own preference, available budget and durability requirements.


Platinum tends to be the most expensive but most luxurious option. It feels good to say, “this is platinum.” Gold follows close behind with different carat options dictating the level of cost – 9 carat is the least expensive (but a level most people haven’t heard of), with 14 carat, 18 carat and 24 carat also available.

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Silver is a cheaper option but can be prone to signs of wear and tear as the years go by. For a good quality silver ring ensure it is made of the highest quality silver available which is .925 sterling silver. Anything more pure is generally too soft.


Titanium is a relative newcomer to the wedding ring market, but is proving increasingly popular due to the lower cost, high durability combination it can offer. Polished and matte options are available in this metal.


The Right Size

Choosing a custom ring should mean that you get the perfect sized ring for you. This is generally the case and applies to not only the circumference of the ring (i.e. the fit around your finger) but also the ring band width and thickness.


Try on different bands to see what width looks good on your fingers and feels right. Most people wear their wedding rings every day so comfort should also be a priority.

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The Right Style

Customizing a wedding ring is the ideal way to ensure that this piece of lifetime jewelry reflects you and your style. Think of it as a tattoo – it’s that important.


Various historic styles of jewelry may inspire you, such as medieval design, art deco, Italian renaissance or ancient Greek. You may want to incorporate something from your own heritage, for example if you have Irish ancestry you could opt for a Celtic design.


A customized wedding ring can be a blank page in terms of the style you want to go for or it can be a case of fine tuning an existing design which you are drawn to. Some companies offer a service where you can add your own style accents to a piece from their existing portfolio of wedding rings.


You could add your own choice of gemstones, insert accent gems, choose a different metal or personalize with engraving. If you don’t do one of these things, you’re just not trying.


Also consider whether you and your spouse prefer matching rings or individual styles. Customization means you have the flexibility to do whatever you want.

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The Right Embellishments

A key decision to make is whether you would like a full metal wedding ring or one which also incorporates gemstones. Some people believe a simple circle is a powerful symbol for eternal love. Others want the sparkle.


Diamonds are a popular choice of course and often complement an existing engagement ring. Depending on the design of your rings you may also need to decide what cut of diamond you prefer and the clarity of the diamonds being used.


Engraving is another way of personalizing your ring. While traditionally engraving is found on the inside of a ring, a more contemporary approach is to use this to adorn the ring’s exterior. Options include engraving a personal message, a signature or even a fingerprint. This is worth exploring as it’s something not seen everywhere.


The Right Designer

All the issues so far have led to this point – choosing a designer to create your wedding ring. This designer will be tasked with creating a ring which symbolizes your never ending love and one you plan to wear for a very long time – so choose wisely.


Taking time to research designers will inform your decision – look for examples of their previous work and feedback from customers.


Working closely with the designer and giving them as much information about you will help them create a wedding ring which reflects your style and personality. That way you get a unique wedding ring which you will enjoy wearing forever.

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