Tips For Buying a Wedding Ring For Your Partner

by aiowedding on November 10, 2014

Wedding rings being symbols of the eternal love, it is essential that due care is taken while purchasing these. This is an important step in your life because you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life. Some suggestions are offered here to assist you in finding the dream wedding ring.

There is little difference between engagement and wedding rings. Engagement ring is likely to be bought by you in the absence of your fiancée. But in case of wedding ring, it will be a combined choice as wedding preparations will already be in full swing.

Both of you should first decide budget together and that will determine your options whether to go for diamond or a plain ring. How thick or thin it should be? The best way of searching for the appropriate rings would be to search online and use coupons from

Certain things should be kept in view while especially while selecting a diamond wedding ring:

1. Two Rings

If your partner will be wearing both engagement and wedding rings, you may think of buying curved wedding ring or one which complements engagement ring. Right choice would be to have both these rings in same metal and style.

2. Comfort

If you and your partner lead an active life, you should opt for robust wedding bands as these would be secure. Diamond ring with a large stone will certainly look fantastic but will be uncomfortable to wear in long run. It can also get caught in clothing easily. If the ring has to be removed regularly, it would be better to go for plain ring that could be replaced on getting lost. Simple ring can also be made unique by getting it engraved.

3. Metal

Keeping your budget in mind, decide whether to opt for white gold ring, platinum bands, silver or yellow gold wedding ring and use Amazon India offers for good discounts. Gold whether yellow or white is most preferred choice. But gold purer than 18 carat is not recommended for rings as 24 carat gold being very soft can lead to damage and warping. White gold is coated with rhodium which is similar to platinum for creating real white look. But this thin layer will wear off after sometime and will have to be re-plated after every 12 to 18 months. If you can afford it, platinum is best metal for jewelry.

4. Setting

A diamond solitaire ring having prong setting creates more sparkle as this setting permits more light to go through diamonds. Bezel setting shows top of gems with beautiful edge around. It makes it less likely to get struck in clothes.

5. Design your own wedding ring

You could create your own and personal wedding ring design.

6. Diamonds

It is not the size but quality of diamond that is more important. While buying diamond ring, it pays to read color, cut, carat and clarity.

7. Style

Your wedding ring should last for life. Don’t just go by trendy pieces because your preference shall change.

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