Personalizing your wedding: Importance of wedding invitation cards

by aiowedding on February 21, 2014

Wedding cards always seem like an expense that can be avoided in the budget of the wedding. In fact many times, it takes a back seat to many other expenses. While the budget for the dress, venue, food and even gifts to the friends take a front seat, the wedding invitations seem less important. In the current economy where popular advice on saving of wedding costs, is important; the one thing that takes the first cut is the wedding invitation cards. Where such invitation cards are made available, they are of much lower quality, many times not reflecting the theme and true cost of the wedding.

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Wedding invitations are the first thing that your guests see. This means that they set the tone for the guests. The first clue as to what kind of occasions, the guests are being invited to come from the wedding card invitation. Whether you are going away on a destination wedding, holding a black tie wedding or a classy event, even a casual simple wedding, the first idea of what kind of wedding you are having is the wedding card invitation. The invitation not only shows whose getting married but also who is in charge of the event and where guests can ask for extra information. The card serves to create excitement to your guests for the wedding.

Wedding card invitations also help greatly in planning and budgeting for your wedding. Not all guests who have been called and invited to the wedding will eventually attend the wedding. The cards allow people to RSVP, their attendance to the wedding, and as courtesy demands such RSVP will help in the planning. You can know exactly who is attending the wedding how to place them, how much food you need and other such small details which are useful in the budget. When you remove the guests who will not be attending, you end up saving money that you would have spend on extra accessories such as chairs and food which would not have been used, and the money can be used for other things.

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Wedding invitation cards are also an ideal way of communicating important information to your guests. For example, the time and venue of the wedding are usually communicated through the wedding card. Such information is vital to allow guests to organize for transport and where the wedding is a destination wedding, plan for tickets and accommodation. Furthermore, the date of the wedding can only communicated through the wedding invitation card. Further details such as the map to the wedding venue can be included in the wedding invitation card. Aiming your card informative is very important. While you may be tempted to include the least details possible, an informative card ensures that the guests are not confused and are able to attend the event comfortably.

Where the wedding is an invite only wedding, the wedding invitation card is not only important it is completely necessary. The only way to identify the invited guests is through the wedding invitation cards which are matched up against the guest list. This is the only way to avoid gate crashers and people who may come to the wedding for their own reasons. This is especially the case where the wedding is a high class affair and may draw many gossipers and other gate crashers.

Many people assume when they receive no invitation cards that they have not been invited to the wedding. To avoid such complications, and embarrassing situations it is best to send cards and send them early. Many traditional people avoid a wedding even one of their relative, just because they did not receive a card. For friends and loved ones, cards are very important.

A wedding invitation card gives importance to your wedding. There are several tips that when can apply to make the wedding card invitations, more personal and customized for the theme of your wedding. This include hiring a calligrapher to do the invitations as well as the envelopes and also looking at other cards to get ideas on how you can make a new and awesome invitation for your guests. The invitation cards as well as the envelopes can all be personalized to your theme and personal interests. For more information on wedding cards visit

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