10 Ways To Guarantee A Yes From Your Dubai Proposal

by aiowedding on May 21, 2015

Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is probably one of the more nerve-wracking moments and decisions any man can make. Even when you know you’re ready to take the proverbial leap, there’s still a great deal of anxiety behind such a life-changing event.

10 Ways To Guarantee A Yes From Your Dubai Proposal

And that is exactly what it is — an event, one of many you will have with the love of your life. So it pays to put some serious thought into your Dubai proposal. Here are 10 ways to secure an ecstatic and love-filled “yes” from your bride-to-be.

  1. Ask for the family’s blessing.

Get your proposal off to a good start by asking for her family’s or father’s blessing. A marriage that begins with the family’s approval not only solidifies the union but also gives you great confidence in how your proposal is going to turn out.

  1. Tailor your proposal to her taste — her personality.

Every woman wants to know that her man has paid attention to what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She might have dropped hints in the past about how she prefers a marriage proposal. It’s worth recalling those hints and applying them to your proposal.

  1. Don’t just make it about her.

You’re in this, too, you know. So while it’s great that she’s dropped hints about the kind of proposal she wants, remember that this event is also an expression of YOUR love and commitment. Let this beautiful moment also celebrate how you show your affection.

  1. Get expert help.

Your grand proposal would go off without a hitch when you hire an engagement planner. The proposal expert can scout locations or venues, get permits, if necessary, hire vendors when required, and plan and execute every little detail you envision for the proposal. All you have to do is get the ring and prepare for what you’re about to ask.

  1. Pick a venue that has special meaning to your relationship.

10 Ways To Guarantee A Yes From Your Dubai Proposal

Choosing a meaningful venue can turn even the most ordinary proposal into a special one. The desert, the beach, the towering structures around Dubai — wherever it is, make sure it holds great meaning to your relationship.

  1. Grand proposals do not have to happen in public.

You’ve seen the YouTube videos and watched clips on nightly news—the most grand and outrageous marriage proposals in public. While they can be magical in their own right, a great marriage proposal can also happen in private. After all, your aim is to not make a public performance but to get your beloved to say “yes” to spending your lives together.

  1. Make it a story you’ll tell your kids and grandkids and great grandkids.

Unique proposals make for great stories. They never get old and they never fail to recapture your romance. When planning your proposal with your proposal expert, make sure it’s going to make one heck of a good story.

  1. Kneeling while proposing is timeless.

It’s a cliché but a good one. Plus, it gives your bride-to-be time to take in what is happening before she says, “yes.”

  1. Capture the moment.

Retelling the proposal story to friends and family is great and all, but nothing beats watching the whole thing on video.

  1. Plan for after.

Finally, have something planned after she says “yes.”Keep the romantic momentum going by arranging something special, like nightcap at your apartment with a luxurious bath for you two or a weekend at Bab Al Shams.

About the author: Rosie Thomas is stay-at-home mom and a freelance writer. Being a mom, she has her share of fun memories and family “disasters.” During her free time, she writes articles about parenting advice and tips, homemaking, and also about marriage proposals and weddings. She loves sharing new information that she gathered from books and articles to parents like her and parents-to-be.She visits sites like http://www.proposalboutique.com/.

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