14 Authentically Australian Songs for Your Wedding

by aiowedding on January 13, 2015

If you’re going to tie the knot in Australia, make the affair feel quintessentially ‘strayan. A wedding at the beach or a pre-nuptial shoot in front of the Sydney Opera House may instantly and certainly make you feel that but there is nothing like the power of music to drive home the fact that you’re doing it in the great Land Down Under. Songs have the power to make you feel right at home, even if your wedding venue is a thousand miles from Oz.

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Australia is so beautiful that artists make it a point to put their love for it in song. Here are some decidedly Australian songs for your wedding:

  1. “Down Under,” Men at Work

You know we would just mention this. But if you’re an Australian couple wedding in, say, Austria, you can’t help but be thankful to hear this at the reception. From the opening notes to the unassuming ending, this song just screams patriotism without resorting to jingoism. That’s probably why the song appeals as much to foreigners as Australians: “Down Under” was a number one song in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Denmark, and New Zealand. So expect your North American and European guests to bop to this.

  1. “Sounds of Then,” GANGgajang

Memorably used as the jingle for the Nine Networks in 1996, “Sounds of Then” is as Australian a song can be. Laugh and think, indeed.

  1. “Still Call Australia Home,” Peter Allen

You may be gone for 10 years. You may have strayed to the great cities in the world. You may have found yourself an attractive Brazilian wife/husband. But you will still call Australia home, Allen assures you.

  1. “Great Southern Land,” Icehouse

Title says it all. This is a powerful ode to the country, its natural beauty and spirituality. Tourism Australia even celebrated the song’s 30th anniversary in 2012.

  1. “For The Working Class Man,” Jimmy Barnes

Like many patriotic Australian songs, this one celebrates the blue collar on which Australian society is founded.

  1. “Never Tear Us Apart,” INXS

“I Need You Tonight” is more recognisable to Americans. But to Aussies, “Never Tear Us Apart” is like a house working song. It’s moody, it’s sentimental—it’s perfect. Handled by an Aussie wedding band, it will make your first dance one for the ages.

  1. “Better Be Home Soon,” Crowded House

It’s debatable what country has bragging rights to Crowded House, but one thing’s for sure: Australians love them. The adoptive Australian rock band has many unforgettable songs but for a more nationalistic bent, “Better Be Home Soon” is a great choice for homesick couples.

  1. “True Blue,” John Williamson

Released in the same year as “Down Under,” Williamson’s “True Blue” can’t get any more Australian. This folksy tune unapologetically uses the Australian vernacular.

  1. “You’re The Voice,” John Farnham

At any rate, you can’t afford not to have Mr. Farnham in your wedding music. He’s simply the greatest Australian singer ever. This is a big honorific, considering the country is bursting with famous names in music.

  1. “Solid Rock,” Goanna

Australia’s history transcends European settlement. This 80s song is a good reminder of the continent’s aboriginal heritage. If you’re planning a native-themed wedding, this song should not be far from your playlist.

  1. “What’s My Scene,” Hoodoo Gurus

This 1987 hit is a truly a rah-rah song for all Australians, tying the knot or not. Take your cue from the National Rugby League, which used this song as their anthem from 2003 to 2007.

  1. “Truly Madly Deeply,” Savage Garden

Here’s one for the 90s kids. In retrospect, it’s a great song for LGBT Australian couples, considering vocalist Darren Hayes has come out.

  1. “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” Jet

Don’t forget that you may have angsty Millennials at your wedding reception. This rocking song will summon plenty of youngsters to the floor.

  1. “Long Way to the Top,” AC/DC

What’s an Australian wedding without some AC/DC? Check out the Scottish bagpipes.


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