4 Facts about Wedding Planners

by aiowedding on January 7, 2014

The wedding day is the singular most important day in the life of any man or woman. Every child has a vision of his or her perfect wedding. The reality however presents a lot more challenge than it would have appeared from the dream. There is enough stress on the bride and groom already without the added tension of arranging the perfect wedding. So in the early days, you had close relatives shoulder a lot of the work. But the busy schedule of the modern men and women leave one with hardly enough time to breathe, let alone plan a wedding. That’s where a wedding planner comes in. Someone whom you can implicitly trust to organize every single thing about your wedding from the flowers to the sitting arrangements, make sure things go off without any problem and take care of any and all last minute snafu.
Who makes the Best Wedding Planner?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the wedding is your day. It is your dream come true and your wedding should match the vision that you have always cherished since childhood. So your wedding planner should ideally be somebody whom knows you very closely or at least somebody with whom you share a good rapport and can confide your silly but fervent wishes. Having said that you would want to hire a professional with  good reputation and nice testimonials. Take a look at your planner’s portfolio before taking a decision.

How will a Wedding Planner help me?

You can hire a single wedding planner in Brisbane to take charge of the entire wedding or several to take up responsibilities of different aspects of the wedding.

The most beneficial aspect to hiring a planner is that they will know how to keep things within the budget. So you won’t end up hiring a palatial venue and hardly any food for the reception.

There are several things to take care of in a wedding. The cake, the food, the seating arrangements, the music, the decorations, the flower, the photographers – the list is quite nerve wrecking, more so for a bride or a groom to be. By hiring an event management Brisbane Company, you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy the day and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Your planner will not just limit themselves to giving shape to your dream, but will also offer you informed well-advised suggestions for improvement so you can have a beautiful and memorable ceremony.

Where can I find a Planner?

The best and easiest way is to ask your close friends and family for the contacts of the ones they used. This way you can also have their honest opinion of the planners’ works. Compare the portfolios and choose the one that looks best to you. If nobody around you have used a planner before, you could always go search online. You’ll find plenty of offers.

What are my Responsibilities towards the Planner?

You must be very clear and specific in your instructions. It is your day. So the flowers, the music, the cake must all appeal to you first before anybody else. Remember, the planner is there to help and not to make all your decisions for you. Also, be very sure that your planner understands the limits and flexibilities of your budget.

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