4 tips of selecting the prettiest ring for your fiancé

by aiowedding on December 23, 2014

Choosing the right engagement ring to make the proposal a memorable event of life, need not be a mind-numbing experience. With adequate understanding of one’s partner’s interests and knowledge about the things to look for in an engagement ring, coupled with the excitement of drams of proposal can make this a truly enjoyable process. So let us discuss a few important things to keep in mind while choosing a perfect engagement ring for fiance.


1. Choosing the band: The band of a ring is the circle which sits on and around the finger. It can be made from a variety of metals like gold, silver, platinum or even a combination of some other metals. Choosing the band is the first step of selecting a suitable engagement ring for one’s partner. It is at this point of time that one must know which type of band will be best for one’s fiance. Also, when there is a budget crunch, knowing fiancé’s choices can keep one grounded. Every type of metal band holds a different degree of symbolism. For example, a gold band symbolizes chastity and togetherness. Some prefer lighter shades of this metal which are less pure, like 10-14k. White gold is cheaper as it is alloyed with other materials and thus holds a silvery appearance. Since engagement rings are for life, white gold must not be opted for, as the gold plating tends to wear off from time to time. Platinum bands are naturally silver toned but with daily abrasion, tend to dull over the years.


2. Choosing the right combination of setting and gemstone: Life is all about mix and match. Two things which would look horrible separately sometimes come together to create unique combinations of beauty and innovation. The same is the situation with engagement rings too. The setting of a ring is the part that holds the main gemstone with the band. The setting may be either invisible or protruding. Popular choices are platinum setting on a gold band for lending a stark contrast. The gemstone is basically the most prominent, feature piece that captures the maximum attention. It is important to assume the preferences and personality of the partner before choosing the nature of the gemstone. Many consider diamond to be a safe and pretty option. Four factors should be considered while choosing diamond gemstones like cut, clarity, carat as well as clarity.

3. Choosing the proper size: When choosing the band for the engagement ring, it is essential to choose one of the right fit. Since this is entirely an individual factor, one can figure out a rough size by eye estimation or even sneaking out some of the fiancé’s frequently worn jewelry. The average ring size is around 7 but the actual fit does differ from person to person. Even if it seems impossible to determine the exact size, one can have the ring resized by the jeweler itself later on.


4. Know your partner’s style and choice: It is really a sensible decision when both partners choose a ring, but if one wants to make this a surprise affair; it becomes important to know the exact style of ring that suits their persona. An ideal engagement ring should be non-flattering and something that stands out in its simplicity and elegance. Also it should be worthy of daily use. Diamond engagement rings Sydney are among the best ones to select from.

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