5 Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day

by aiowedding on February 13, 2014

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is just a week along and the worst thing is that you are running out of money to celebrate this day, and then also you do not need to worry! You have many other ways to make this day special without spending a fortune! You can com e across a number of ways, which are inexpensive yet they can be memorable, and will ensure you the moment of a lifetime. A big teddy bear, a box full of chocolates and dinner at restaurants are always nice, but all these are expensive. Here are some inexpensive yet wonderful ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your partner!

1. Enjoy Cooking Together
5 Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s DayWhat else you could think of if you are not willing to stand in those long waiting queues to dine in at your favorite restaurant! What bout cooking your favorite meal together with your partner! It can be an excellent idea to prepare dinner of your choice at home. Decorate your room with some red and white balloons and prepare a table for candle light dinner along with some light and romantic music! Sounds astonishing, isn’t it! After having the wonderful dinner, watch a movie you both love. This has always been one of my best secrets to enjoy a quality time together, and it becomes more special if it’s a special day like Valentine’s Day.
2. Dress Your Best for an exclusive Photo Session
5 Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s DayIt can be excellent idea to pick up a location, which you admire and ask a friend with a good camera to click different pictures of you as a couple. Don your best dresses and be photo ready with a dazzling makeup. You can also bring in some fun props, which can plan an important role in pepping up your lovely moments being captured. Smile and feel rejuvenated while you are being clicked for some candid photographs. You will feel very nice when you look at these photos in future!
3. How About a Long Drive?
What can be better than hopping in your car along with some eternal music you both love? Drive to a point where you can both enjoy the natural beauty and enjoy the view with some lip smacking quick foods you can take along. You do not have car. Not to worry, a bike ride is always believed to be more adventurous and romantic than a car drive; even you can walk hand in hand or sit together in a park in the sparkling starry night. This can indeed be one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending much money!
4. Give Each Other Massages
Light up some aromatic candles, pick your favorite massage oil and relieve each other’s tensions with some foot, neck, leg and shoulder massages. This is completely cost effective and a brilliantly relaxing way to get close.
5. Bake a Cake At Home and Use Flowers for Decoration
5 Cost-Effective Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s DayDo you love chocolates or are fond of plain cakes, no matter what, cakes are everyone’s favorites! Bake a beautiful cake for your beloved this Valentine’s Day. Your partner will be more than happy to see a cake baked with love and all taste. You can also decorate your room with some rose petals and lit small candles everywhere. Do not tell your partner about your plans. Bring him/her in the beautifully decorated room and let him/her feel that love and passion. Trust me, this surprise can do wonders! Play a soft and romantic music, and cut the cake together. Have a lovely home cooked dinner and catch this moment in your camera so that you can cherish this time forever!

guest-post-aiowedding-4Author Bio: Rashmi Karan is passionate writer who loves to share her views on relationships and matrimonial alliances.

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