5 Major Benefits of Online Wedding Invitations

by aiowedding on December 22, 2014

As you’re sure to discover pretty quickly when you start planning your wedding, a lot goes into the process of turning your vision into a reality in order to create a beautiful and memorable event. And it’s not inexpensive, either. Between booking the venue, buying the dress, and securing all of the service providers you’ll need (caterers, florists, photographers, and more) you can quickly burn through your budget and drive yourself half mad. So any way you can find to make your life easier and save some dough is bound to be appealing. And you’ll find that there are all kinds of benefits to be gained by opting for online wedding invitations. They may buck tradition, but even your guests will find them easier to deal with than standard, snail mail options. Here are a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you choose to send out digital wedding invitations.

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1. DIY creation. While you can certainly make your own traditional invitations with little more than some card stock from your local craft store and a basic layout and design program on your computer, why add extra steps to the process? If you’ve already got the digital template and you’ve filled in your information, why print it when you could just email the invites and save yourself a lot of time? Or, if you’re not keen to learn your way around a new program, simply use a site like Evite that does most of the work for you. All you have to do is choose the template you prefer, fill in your event information, and upload your contact list.

2. Use your contact list. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to go digital with your wedding invitations. Rather than going through the long and frustrating process of chasing down the addresses of everyone you want to invite, you can simply use your contact list of email address to mail out invites. And a little time on Facebook and other social media sites can help you to connect with anyone whose info is missing from your contact list.

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3. Instant RSVPs. In addition to one-click sending of invites, you’ll enjoy the ease with which you receive RSVPs. When you send out invites by email, it’s easy enough for guests to respond with a yay or nay concerning attendance and meal preferences. But if you use a online invitation service, you can actually track responses from your home page.

4. Save a ton of money. There’s no denying the financial appeal of digital invitations. Not only can you avoid the costs of printing and postage, but if you choose to make the invitation yourself, you don’t even have to pay a designer. Of course, you probably want your wedding invites to look beautiful and professional. By spending a little on an online service like My Digital Wedding you can not only set up your wedding website with info, photos, and more, but you can also use your account to send out invites and receive RSVPs. You’ll still save money over traditional invitations, but create a more professional looking product than you could get from free services like Evite, just for example.


5. Additional uses. Don’t forget that you can also use online services to send out reminder emails as your wedding date approaches, as well as invites for related events like the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, and so on. The ease of use and financial savings associated with going digital cannot be overstated.

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