5 Tips on How to Maximize Your Photo Booth Rental Experience in Chicago

by aiowedding on April 22, 2017

If you want all your guests to have an amazing and memorable time at your party, or any event, you should consider renting a photo booth in Chicago. However, a tip to always remember is to choose the booth cautiously to avail all the features it provides, and select the best package that comes with it from your renting company.

5 Tips on How to Maximize Your Photo Booth Rental Experience in Chicago

A photo booth without any doubt is the best and latest trend for events these days. It makes it easier and fun to take pictures in a party. For many reasons, they are a popular choice among locals. The top one being that you can have candid pictures printed at that very moment. Right after the event or party ends, you get your instant album with memories you can look back to, and cherish for a lifetime. It keeps your guests entertained, and adds some fun to the entire event. From wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, to any party at all, a Chicago Photo Booth Rental will allow people to line up in front of the booths to get some funny pictures taken!

Keep in mind that different companies offer different packages. You should opt for one that allows you to take unlimited pictures in all effects such as color, sepia, black and white prints. If you are hosting a party or any event in Chicago, here five tips on how you can maximize your photo booth rental experience.

1.     Have Some Funny Props

If you wish to have a photo booth experience that you can turn back to in years to come and smile, then you should ask your rental company to provide you with some funny props. Having funny props adds so much fun to the photo booths. It allows your guests to be silly, and express their funny side without thinking twice. You can ask the rental company to provide some funny masks, eyeglasses, mustache props, funny quotes, and so many other items that could add some “crazy and fun” touch to your photo booth experience. With such props, you can also be sure that your guests will interact with others in the party to have some funny pictures.

2.     Keep a Guestbook Photo Album

Compared to the traditional guestbook you would see and use at weddings and other parties/events, this is a much cooler version! When you add a guestbook photo album to your photo booth rental Chicago, all your guests can leave the pictures they end up taking in the photo booth along with some personalized quotes or messages for you. Years from now, everyone will enjoy flipping through the pages and you can treasure it more than a book with pictures.

3.     Set a Theme

Another great way to maximize the entire experience with the photo booth is to set a theme. You can talk to your rental company and tell them about the theme you have in mind. It could be a movie inspired one, or have a background of your choice, maybe a jungle background or scenery. If you are hosting a birthday party for your kids, you can give it a Barbie or superhero theme and have props to match it accordingly. If you have no idea on what kind of theme to choose, fret not! Rental companies can provide you with different themes so you should take your time and select the best one that matches your event.

4.     Spread the Word before Time

If want your guests to have a great time, you should inform them about the photo booth before time. Not informing means that some of your guests may leave the event without even knowing the photo booth was there. A tip here is to add a small note or add a link to the photo booth company you wish to rent for the event. If you don’t get the chance to add a note, you can mention it when the event starts or during a speech.

5.     Have a Photo Booth Attendant

When you rent a photo booth rental for your Chicago photography, you should make sure that the rental company brings an attendant to operate the photo booth. If you have no idea on how it works, having an attendant can save you! It not only ensures that your visitors have some great pictures taken but also makes sure that your guests have the perfect shots. The attendant could direct groups on the best poses to makes, the angles, take care of the lighting, the props and how the app works on the tablet or smart camera to take the timed pictures. A photo booth attendant would help to maximize the entire experience.

These days, photo booths are the highlights of events. Make sure that you rent a cheap photo booth rental service to make your event a memorable one!

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