6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

by aiowedding on October 8, 2013

A day that is very special for everyone that you look forward to, in your life is your wedding day. As per your liking you would want to ensure that every detail of this exceptional day is perfect including getting the right decoration, photographer as well as something very important is the right dress for your bridesmaids. Here are some of the points that you must consider when picking a bridesmaid dresses on your wedding day.

The first thing to do when getting a bridesmaid dress is to never leave it for the last moment. Choosing the bridesmaid dress will help you get the feel of the wedding. DressFirst has all the latest collection and styles of bridesmaid dresses, as well as shoes and accessories.

Another vital thing to be taken into account is to be flexible about the color of the bridesmaid dress. The dress should be such that it reflects your personality, bridesmaid hair style, your skin tone yet gel with the wedding theme. Apart from this you should also consider the season, setting as well as the color of the bride’s dress. Pick floral prints and patterned fabrics, or you could even choose to have each of the bridesmaids wearing all together different dress however it should be complementary to each other. So, take your time to ensure that you carefully choose the colors and the patterns of the bridesmaid dresses.

Most of the times, the bridesmaids are of all types of body shapes and sizes and so it is important to figure out a way using which all your bridesmaids can have the same kind of dress meaning in the same color and fabric but in different styles that would flatter their body shape and figure. This would definitely ensure that the bridesmaids are happy and the wedding preparations’ go on smoothly.

If you have a big tummy and curvy figure then opt for a dress that is not fitting but more towards the flowy side and hence go for empire lines and fabrics such as chiffon.

Additionally, when selecting a bridesmaid dress makes it a point that the dress is such that it makes you not just comfortable but is prefect is apt for the season. This is especially important if the wedding venue is it in the outdoors. So, your maids can have some kind of a shrugs or a scarf as it would make sure your bridesmaids look ravishing yet are comfy in the chilly weather.

A crucial point which often goes unnoticed is that the bridesmaids dress is the kind of innerwear they should wear with it. In case you are opting for a customized dressed ensure that from the innerwear to the shoes are of the perfect fit. Anything that is tailor made would require going for several fitting sessions so that the bridesmaid dress fit properly to your bridesmaid.

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