7 Marriage Proposal Tips That Will Get You a Delirious “Yes”

by aiowedding on August 25, 2015

It’s nerve-wracking to propose spending a lifetime together. Even when you know in the deepest depths of your soul that you are with someone who feels the same way, the anxiety may still get the best of you. And so instead of doing the world’s most awesome marriage proposal ever, you sputter out a pathetic, “Do you want to get hitched?”

1While there’s a good chance your other half will still say “yes,” it’s not exactly the kind of romantic tale you want to tell your kids and grandkids. Also, shouldn’t your beloved deserve more than just a casual question to a grand proposition?

So look alive and try these seven persuasive marriage proposal tips — and never be nervous about getting an answer different to “yes.”

  1. Know what your other half actually wants.

Not everyone likes being the centre of attention and your partner might not react favourably to a public marriage proposal. So before you do all the painstaking work of arranging one, make sure it’s what your beloved would want.

  1. Get the family’s blessing.

Indeed, these are modern times when couples can simply forget tradition. But even the most modern would-be bride would prefer to have her family’s blessing.

Asking the family’s blessing before you ask your beloved is the best way to prevent problems during the wedding. And what’s more, you might even include the family in the proposal as a kind of surprise for her.

  1. Never forget the ring.

3You need the ring to close the deal, recommends a marriage proposal company. Sure. It might seem cute to bring out a quirky toy ring or something resembling a ring, but it’s not going to signify that you put a lot of thought into the proposal.

  1. Choose the perfect location.

It doesn’t have to be at a pricey restaurant or luxurious venue, like closing down Tiffany’s. A perfect location is somewhere that matters to both of you, one that’s played a significant part in your relationship. It could be the rooftop of your apartment building, where you first met, or a spot on the beach, where you first declared your love and affection.

  1. Add music into the mix.

The perfect music makes any moment even better; it will elevate your proposal, so choose the right “soundtrack” for it.

  1. Capture the moment in video or in photo

Hire a photographer to capture the marriage proposal. This way, you can focus on expressing your proposal without losing anything that transpires — from reliving the reaction of your beloved to having an image that celebrates this milestone in your life together.

  1. Get expert help.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when that help will come from a proposal expert who has access to all the best places for marriage proposal. With a marriage proposal expert handling everything, you can simply focus on popping the most heartfelt, most memorable question you can ever ask.

About the author:

YonexSterno is a photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature along with the cherished moments happening in a person’s life. She is also an artist. She is fond of using her captured images as excellent designs to certain things like mugs, shirt and more. She visits sites like http://www.proposalboutique.com/to boost her knowledge and skill about photography.

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