8 Must-Haves For Your Wedding in 2015

by aiowedding on March 25, 2015

While a wedding should be a wonderful celebration filled with great memories of family and friends, there are a lot of things that can happen to make the event a stressful one. However, by taking the time to do some planning and take care of the important ‘must have’ parts of a wedding, a couple can reduce the chances of things going wrong.


Great Music
Whether a bride and groom choose to go with a band or a DJ (or both), great music is essential for a memorable wedding and reception. As the best go quickly, it is important to choose a music provider early in the wedding preparation process and commit to a booking. Couples should look for a band or DJ that is experienced, flexible and familiar with a variety of music.

Gift Registry
Weddings in 2015 are not like they were in decades past. Few married couples today are just setting out on their own and most have most every household item that they need. In order to avoid getting a handful of unneeded toasters and gravy boats, couples should carefully select items for a gift registry to guide guests into making the right purchases. Gift registry information should be included with invitations to make each guest aware of the registry.

Limousine Service
Every newly married couple deserves to be pampered with a limo ride after the ceremony. Not only does a limo add style and class to a wedding, but it also allows the bride and groom to relax and not worry about transportation from the wedding site to the reception site, airport or other destination. Companies such as Roman Worldwide Transportation can provide a full range of limousine services for the bridge and groom and other wedding party members.

Modern weddings have become complicated events. Whether a couple chooses to use a wedding planner or to do the work themselves, weddings in 2015 require organization. All contact information for vendors servicing the wedding should be kept together in a binder for quick reference in the event of last minute changes or problems. The binder should also include all contracts and correspondence.

As the outdoor wedding has become a very popular option, having lots of shelter room has become an even more important consideration. Companies specialize in renting tents and other temporary structures to provide guests a place to find shade and shelter from the rain. As a change in the weather can quickly ruin the best laid wedding plans, it is important to have adequate shelter available if the wedding and / or reception cannot be held outside due to the weather.

Food Choices
Food allergies have become more common in recent years and good wedding plans must include accommodations for those on a restricted diet. RSVP cards included in wedding invitations should include an area for guests to note any food restrictions that they may have. Couples may want to work with their caterer to choose dishes that avoid many of the most common allergens.
 Family Entertainment
If there are going to be children at a wedding or reception, there should be things available for the kids to do. Kid friendly wedding favors such as bubbles are a good start, but couples should consider adding an area for games and other activities that will keep the kids entertained and out of trouble. Many wedding planners even suggest hiring day care staff to help out with the kids.

wedding costs can quickly get out of hand. Couples should set a budget and stick with it. Many couples will regret breaking the bank for expensive items that will get little use. For example, spending hundreds of dollars on dove release that may get ruined by a rainy day may not be the best use of money. By staying on a budget, a couple can avoid starting their marriage dealing with a stressful amount of debt.

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