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by aiowedding on September 14, 2015

LifetimesMag is a company that has started a creative new trend, to have your own magazines made with a personalized touch. A new concept with something to look forward to, to have your life journey, memorable moments preserved and left to last forever and in a form which can be easily shared with everyone and let the world know about it.

Photo gift companies such as LifetimesMag can help you through all your special moments, ranging from birthdays to joining hands between partners in marriage to birth of a new member into the family. They help you with our creative ideas and provide the expertise on how to go about the creation according to your likes and wants. The process is very simple, and they have many pre-designed templates to choose from. Alternatively, you can have one designed according to your liking. It only takes a few minutes to answer a questionnaire, which will give insight about the event details and what exactly is needed. Then the staff will get together and write the lifetimes Mag for you in detail and create it with a lot of reality and attractiveness, which you can share with anyone. Also your photographs will be collected and reviewed with the best and most natural looking ones selected for you.

There is no better way to have life stories captured and preserved in such a personal and elegant manner. There are several other forms of photo gifts and memorabilia available to personalize from other sources. For example, you can have personal photos printed on blankets, mugs, hats, clothing, and other pieces, however there is a uniqueness and novelty about having a personalized magazine made.

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