All you wanted to Know about Wedding Rings for Men

by aiowedding on August 19, 2013

Since the ancient Romans civilization, jewelry has been regarded as a symbol of power. In those times, men mostly wore heavy chunky chains to show off their wealth and power. However, with the change in times men have started wearing wedding rings as most of them consider it a means to show their commitment to their partner.  Studies have shown that as many as 50% of men wear a wedding band proudly however, the rest of them choose not to wear it because of their professional restrictions. Well, obviously you can’t expect someone to wear his wedding band when he is into some heavy duty work. Thus, with the increase in the demand for wedding rings for men, more and more designers are creating these wedding bands in different metals and designs to suit the style of an individual. For the fact that a wedding ring has to be worn every single day it is important that you select a ring careful.

One of the most  popular ring design for men is the classic, wherein it is a simple band type of a ring. Although, to most this might not be a very attractive wedding ring but what is good about this ring is that it  can be made in different metals such as white gold, yellow gold and if you don’t have restricted budget then platinum can also be chosen. Such a wedding for men is perfect if you want a matching ring for your spouse.  Unlike olden times, today such a ring can be crafted in sleek designs, giving a contemporary look to the traditional ring.

Keeping up with the modern trend, a number of jewellers  worldwide are introducing coming up with innovative style for men’s rings. The pain metal bands are being substituted with the wedding bands studded with diamonds and other gemstones. The shimmer and shine of these stones are difficult to resist, which will make the wedding bands truly memorable. These stones can be studded in different shapes such as square cut, emerald cut, etc. but round cut stone shape is still the most common choice. Many bride and groom get wedding rings designed to compliment each other, which becomes a representation  of their togetherness.

However, if you don’t want something very simple and classic then you can opt for wedding bands that have elaborate designs. Such bands are at times also engraved with their spouse name on the inner side of the metal band.

A trend that is catching up in the men’s ring is the Tungsten wedding bands. Such rings can be either plain or can be even engraved , have inlays or bevels.  Made from Carbon fibre, it can be made in a shiny or matt finish into various interesting colours including white, blue or black. The best part about having a Tungsten wedding band for men is its price. Unlike gold, platinum and titanium, this metal is inexpensive and thus can suit everyone’s pocket.

With all this information you are sure to pick up a wedding ring for men that will be as per his choice and suit him as well.

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