Bijou Wedding Venues – a Checklist of Factors to Look For

by aiowedding on October 3, 2013

From picking the dress to flowers, decorations and the guest list, there are lots of things to organise when it comes to your wedding day. One of the biggest and most significant things on that list is the wedding venue itself.

Choosing the theme of your wedding can be quite overwhelming as you could literally have anything. One wedding style that is becoming quite popular in recent times is bijou weddings. If you want a bijou wedding then choosing the correct venue is very important.

Below are some essential things to look for in the perfect bijou wedding venue.

Manor, Mansion, Stately Home or Abbey
One of the defining features of bijou wedding venues is that they are not typically hotels, but instead usually manors, mansions, stately homes or abbeys. This gives you ample room within the venue, as well as beautiful grounds surrounding it, which are ideal for taking photographs in.

Bijou Wedding Venues - a Checklist of Factors to Look For

A wedding at Bath Abbey, a classic bijou venue
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These stunning venues are simply breath-taking and are sure to impress all of your guests.

Another essential thing to look for in a bijou wedding venue is exclusivity. While most weddings simply hire a section or room in a venue, bijou wedding venues hire out the entire place exclusively for you and your guests. This means that you are free to roam around without bumping into any unfamiliar faces.

This is also particularly beneficial when it comes to decorating the venue and taking photographs. As you have exclusive use of the entire location, you can ensure that your wedding theme runs absolutely everywhere the guests may visit – even the bathroom if you so desire!

It also means that you don’t have to worry about getting people you don’t know in the background of your photographs. You can use any part of the venue at anytime, giving you lots of flexibility, which is a real advantage on such a busy day.

The next thing on your bijou wedding venue checklist definitely needs to be the size of the venue. There’s absolutely no point hiring a venue that does not have the capacity to hold your guests, and at the same time, there’s no point paying over the odds and hiring somewhere way too big.

Bijou Wedding Venues - a Checklist of Factors to Look For

Make sure you hire a wedding venue which is big enough
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There are lots of great bijou wedding venues up and down the country that cater for a variety of different sized weddings. Whether you’ve invited 50 people, or 200, be sure to check how many people the venue can hold before booking it and paying a deposit.

Amenities and Service
Finally, you need to ensure that the venue has ample amenities and top class service. Visiting a venue is the best way to decide whether or not it is right for you; while pictures and photographs will give you an idea, you can’t truly decide until you have experienced the place for yourself.

A good bijou wedding venue should offer an extensive menu from which you can choose your wedding meal, including starters, desserts and canapés. It should also offer waiters, waitresses, bar staff, and other servers who will ensure the smooth running of your day to the best of their ability.

Bijou weddings are a great way to celebrate in style, but it is absolutely essential that you find the correct venue. With these things in mind, you are ready to start looking for the perfect bijou wedding venue today.

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