The Checklist of a Bride-to-Be

by aiowedding on March 15, 2014

Oftentimes, a bride-to-be uses a checklist when she is planning her big event. The checklist may be long or short depending upon the size of the wedding. The number of guests is also a factor in the size of a wedding. Consider a few examples of the items on the checklist of a bride-to-be.

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First, it’s a good idea for a bride-to-be to figure out the number of guests she will have at her wedding. This is important because she will order the food and choose the venue based on this number. She may want to sit down with her fiance and work out the numbers on the computer or on paper. Once she has the total number of guests nailed down, she can move on to the next step in the planning process.

The next item on the checklist is to arrange for a venue. It’s best to book a venue at least six months before the date of the wedding. If it’s a popular venue, there will be many couples vying for a spot on the schedule. If a bride-to-be is inviting less than a hundred guests, she may want to choose a private room in a restaurant or small banquet hall. Alternatively, if a bride-to-be is inviting a few hundred guests she may want to go with a large banquet hall or perhaps rent out a club.

Ordering the food for the wedding reception is the next step on the list. The menu should consist of foods that are enjoyed by the bride-to-be and her fiance. She may want to choose both vegetarian and meat dishes so her guests will have plenty of choices. As an example, a bride-to-be may go with catering Los Angeles as an option for her reception. A bride-to-be and her fiance must also decide if they want to serve alcohol at their wedding. This will be an important part of the budget if they plan to serve alcoholic refreshments.

Finally, a bride-to-be must arrange for transportation from the church to the reception venue. She may want to book a limousine or perhaps arrange for a private car. This is an important decision to make so she and her new husband don’t have to depend on friends or family to give them a ride to the reception. This transportation may also be utilized when it’s time to leave for the honeymoon hotel or travel to the airport for a flight.

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