Decorate to suit the event with Chinese hanging lanterns

by aiowedding on April 26, 2014

Chinese hanging lanterns are unique in style and very creative. Coming in an array of colours , sizes and shapes it is definitely going to grab anyone’s attention to set your decoration apart from others.

Decorate to suit the event with Chinese hanging lanterns

The Hanging Lantern Company makes all this difference providing its customers with  high quality paper lanterns, tissue pom poms, wedding parasols and paper fans delivered to your door step promptly. They offer a very creditable customer service, keeping to traditions of high etiquette and courteousness. The deliveries can be done within a day in the United Kingdom and through International Priority service to most regions of Europe. Chinese Hanging Lanterns Company has been maintaining 100 percent satisfied customer service with on-time  service, and products to match the website catalogues at very affordable prices.

With over 500 different types and forms of lanterns, one has a wide choice to select from, to suit your imagination and to match the event and venue. The budget for the decorations would be reasonable in comparison to most other forms and  spectacular and unique to surprise your guests. All the products are handmade to give a very delicate touch.

Paper lanterns have been widely used in the Far –East since many centuries back, to celebrate New Year’s day celebrations, special celebrations and the lantern celebration of course. In the past, these lanterns were hung around houses to provide lighting and to ward off evil spirits from the houses in relation to Feng Shui. With time the plain simple lanterns evolved in artistry and now made into many different shapes and sizes to give beauty and live to the tradition.

The products manufactured are in accordance with safety guidelines to comply with BS EN 60598 . The Hanging Lantern Company has its distribution center located in Ridgewood with a nice customer showroom as well , to welcome visitors to see the products and lighting accessories. The common balloons and crepe paper decorations are gradually switching to accommodate lanterns and accessories. The Hanging Lantern Company is the premier and leader in trade throughout the UK and Europe for hanging lanterns and they have successfully catered to movie sets , gala dinners , weddings and many events, be it big or small with custom made designs.

You are most welcome to the lantern world,  ranging from flower lanterns to beach ball lanterns with the Hanging Lantern Company. Feel the uniqueness.

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