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by aiowedding on November 18, 2016

Weddings are once in a life time special day for everyone. It is justifiable with the amount of time spent on preparing for the wedding, the lime light of the day would want to arrive in style to make the day more impactful and memorable.  Of course the idea may sound quiet quirky but yes it is true, in most of the countries, now a chauffeur driven wedding cars have become a big fashion statement. To believe, we have seen it in movies the elegance and style that is reflected when the bride steps out of these big luxury cars flaunting their gowns or when the happily married couple make an exit running towards the waiting car with chauffeur holding the door open and allowing the couple to enter in the world of luxury, champagne and other goodies.

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Well with that imagination running, today the car hire companies have a special department that caters only to weddings. The chauffeurs here may still be crisp and professional but are allowed to loosen or relaxed a little to suit the atmosphere. Looking at the demand there are a fleet of wedding cars available to choose ranging from vintage Rolls Royce to modern day phantom cars. The choice of these cars depends upon the wedding type. But surely each one of these are equipped enough to create wealth of memories.

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A few decades ago the vehicle to ride was the last thing on the minds of the couple and their families. But today the situations have changed. With full blast event planning and type of wedding to be hosted the vehicles have started playing a major role. There have been weddings that are specially done in chauffeur driven buses, vans, trailers etc. There are a couple of thoughts that are considered while deciding the type of vehicle required:

  • Type of Ride: Many people have outstation relatives to attend the wedding. It gets difficult and expensive to hire individual cars. Hiring a reasonable sized transportation makes a lot of sense allowing all the guests reach the venue on time.
  • Personal Drive Style: This is the personal choice of the wedding couple. They have to make the entry and exit in these vehicles and the choice depends upon the style of the wedding, the budget and the personal preferences.
  • Location of Wedding: Most of the car hire service have event specialist also. They can exactly guide the couple and families in appropriate selection of cars depending upon location and type of wedding.
  • Worth a Wedding Exit: The wedding cars are decorated in the preferred style of the couple which can be matching the attire, wedding style or location etc.

Apart from these wedding car agencies also help picking-up the guests from the fixed destinations or provide valet services taking the parking responsibility off the guests’ shoulders. They pre- visit the location and understand the parking location, number and type of cars and finally draw an approximate map of parking positioning.

Having a professionally managed wedding car does not only coordinate the wedding couples personal ride but also manages the entire entourage reaching on time fresh and relaxed. They elegantly match the wedding look and gives special memorable experience to the couple who can think and talk about it for years to come.

Today most of the people are preferring chauffeur driven wedding cars for another important reason which is non alcoholic safe driving. The chauffeurs are fully trained and completely reliable to get the newlywed couple safely to the desired destination in absolute style, luxury and comfort.

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