Ethnic Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

by aiowedding on January 28, 2014

Arranging for a theme wedding set up calls for preparation well in advance. The theme can deliver beautiful results if it is crafted around ethnic inspirations that involve a lot of ideas from traditions.

Wedding is the most special day in a person’s life; and in order to make it even more memorable, themes are followed. The trend of theme weddings with ethnic ideas and inspirations arises from the fact that every single need and vision of the couple is taken into consideration. From the nuptial dais to the decor, every element must reflect character and add to the beauty and elegance of the theme in place. Basing on these, flowers, color palette, invitations, music, menu and lots more can be arranged. Keeping the need for theme weddings in mind, here is a list of some highly demanded party concepts for ethnic weddings.

While deciding upon an ethnic wedding setup, most couples prefer to do it differently. This is because they want their party to stand out amongst other weddings happening in the circle at the same time. This can be done by incorporating special things in the wedding party and reception so that people can remember the event for years. As a couple, the duo can work together to put in collective ideas for a better outcome. If required they can outsource the entire job of arranging the event to an event manager and then work with the managers to bring out the best from their ideas.

Wedding theme inspirations and ethnic ideas
•  Some popular ideas like having a happy potter inspired setup or a scene from the wizard of oz can look great as well as create unforgettable memories for the guests. Some couples who love sports like baseball, cricket or basketball can have a sport themed set up. They can even announce a compulsory dress code for guests to make the theme more alive.

•  Other popular themes include a traditional Scottish style wedding even if none of the duo is of Scottish origin. The classy bag pipers and their music add an element of freshness and tradition to the air.

•  Vintage themed weddings with rolling verdant hills fresh countryside flavours is the menu captures the elegance of the by gone era. Couples can get retro styles pictures clicked in black and white or sepia tones. Besides this, the bride’s attire as well as the banquet set up must have lace work for Vintage and lace go hand in hand.
Ethnic weddings and multicultural weddings have an lement of the culture and tradition of one’s family’s heritage as well as showcase the background. Rich fabrics is vivid colours, beautiful traditional fashion, jewellery and decor bring out the element of tradition. Ligts can be used to pull out thebest from such set ups. Besides, couples can hire musicians, dancers, stand up artists etc for a live show to entertain their guests. Couples who belong to a seaside town or city can have a wedding on the beach. The decor can be made sinple to include the nature’s beauty as a part of the decoration. Besides having fresh seafood on the menu can add to the grandeur. All in all, having an ethnic wedding that is inspired by one’s tradition is not a tough task. Careful planing in advance can make any dream wedding idea come true.

Author bio: Mary Thomas is working as a freelance writer. Over the years, she has reviewed many event hosting venues & has given an insight into their level of customer service & authenticity of their advertised claims.

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