Every Indian Bride Should Follow These Expert Tips to Look Gorgeous in Wedding

by aiowedding on November 19, 2014

It’s this season again, when everyone seems to be marrying. The wedding would call for a lot of things to do, numerous errands to take care of, and multiple fittings to go through. Especially for the bride, there would be series of trial make-ups, outfit choosing, and post wedding lingerie pick-ups. Every bride should find out some fashion tips for Indian Bride immediately after engagement. Bride, entourage and attendees alike go through the issue of what are the best makeup, the best outfit, and the best accessory to get by this season of love. Putting on the right outfit is always difficult especially when the occasion requires a special preparation from top to bottom. In this case, the experts always have fashion tips for Indian Bride. Experts can be hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, and wedding organizers.

Tips from the Experts

During the wedding, expectations from the bride are too high. Next, the family of both the bride and groom are also thought to appear in an extra presentable look. The wedding experts are the best people to gives fashion tips for Indian bride about what will work after all wedding day is the grandest day of every woman’s life. Here are some outfit related fashion tips for Indian bride,

  • Start shopping of wedding day outfit before 2-3 months of your wedding. So that you can get enough time for its alteration & trial.
  • Don’t buy anything the first time you see it. Whenever you are going for a shopping of wedding day outfit, always carry a camera, take a pictures of every dress you try on. Go home, make a proper decision & then purchase the outfit which suits you & also you feel comfortable in it.
  • You can also go for designer wedding dress for your special day. But choose a best designer for it. For choosing a best designer first check out him/her previous work & take feedback of previous customer regarding him/her services.
  • If you wear a lehenga in your wedding, then blouse is also important. Because fabric material of blouse will responsible for your bulky or slim look. You can go for matching blouse or contrast color blouse.
  • For the bride, online lingerie shopping can help you to through the idea of buying sexy lingerie in preparation for the post wedding event between you and your other half.

During a wedding, the bride and groom are supposed to have all the attention. Anything different or unusual from the guests, costume, make-up or behavior, can likely divert the most sought-after attention away from them. In wedding most attention gets to bride, so she should follow all experts’ fashion tips for Indian Bride.

Make-up Tips

Now that outfits are covered, we can go through the makeup which is supposed to enhance your innate beauty, mask the unnecessary gaps, and show up the best in you. The experts have a lot to say about what would be the best makeup for someone who is about to tie the knot and live with it for the rest of her life. Here are make-up related fashion tips for Indian Bride from the experts:

  • Eyes

Do not overdo things. Simple eye do can be a winged eye line which will definitely flatter the guests and will look grand during pictorial. The time of your wedding can also be a basis of your makeup. There are day or night eye makeups to get you the best look on your wedding.

  • Cheeks

There is always something you can do to your face so you get the look you wanted. You can have your fine skin look tanned or vice versa. There is nothing makeup can’t do. Your skin tone should also be considered in putting makeup to your cheeks.

  • Lips

Expect tears and kisses to flood during your wedding. So pickup and put on a lipstick that doesn’t smudge easily, nor doesn’t plough through anywhere you face. Your lip color should complement and do not contrast with the color of your skin.

These are some fashion tips for Indian Bride for her makeup. These suggestions may vary if you are just one of the guests. Just make sure that you do not come out as the most beautiful, unless you are the bride. That is why it is called make-up, so it is used to cover up patches.

Gorgeous Hair for Your Wedding

Regardless of the preparation on your wedding, the bottom line of it all is to get you the gorgeous look you well deserved as a bride. You are the most important person in this event so it is but just and proper for you to prepare single details such as your hair. Nothing should be left undone before the wedding starts. Here are some fashion tips for Indian Bride to get your hair perfect during the wedding:

  • Up

You can have a tight bun, a messed-up do, a highlighted canopy and the likes, but what is essential is for your hair style to complement the shape of your face, the color of your skin, and the shade of your makeup.

  • Down

This is the style where you no longer need heavy clips or something to hold your hair up. You have the option to just make way with your own hair without having to go get yourself, extensions, lengtheners, and thickeners.

  • Half-up and Half-down

This decision will be up to you. You must have gone through the task of deciding over your hair design and how you would want to look at the time of your wedding. You can have a clip holding your hair altogether somewhere mid-length.

You must have gone through trial hairdo days or weeks before your wedding. This is the only way for you to determine whether there is a need for you to try another hairstyle or even to see whether you need another hairstylist. Any of the above fashion tips for Indian Bride for her hair is supposed to enhance your bridal glow and your hair style is supposed to be able to stay in the mood from the start to finish.

Bridal Emergency Kit

Here are some fashion tips for Indian Bride from experts which things should be present in bridal emergency kit.

  1. Tissues – You will need a lot of this. It is expected that there will be one person who will cry during the big day. It may be you, your future husband, any of your parents or in-laws.
  1. Bobby pins – A flimsy hairstyle normally needs some nice re-touching from time to time and a pin can always be a nice weapon.
  1. Freshening mints – This is important for a minty fresh, perfect kiss.
  1. Deodorant – You need to smell good all throughout that big day; hence a deodorant that comes in handy can be very helpful.
  1. Make up – Definitely, you will need a lipstick and foundation to make a retouch.


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