Exclusive Innovative Ideas to Design Your Wedding Bouquets Beautifully

by aiowedding on March 20, 2015

Bride’s wedding bouquet plays an important role on the special day of her life. They define the significance of the wedding moments. It is an accessory carried by the bride displayed proudly while walking down the aisle. It enhances the beauty of the wedding girl.

Wedding Bouquets Beautifully

In some wedding themes, floral arrangement is signified more prominently to give a natural appearance to the wedding arena. Florist ensemble multiple varieties of flowers in different patterns to make the wedding place appear like a dreamy world.

Here are few themed wedding bouquets designed for the bride of modern era:

  • Kissing ball: Flowers are arranged in round shape looped on a decorative satin ribbon to be held easily by the bride. The stems are cut and bundled by silky satin or velvet ribbons.
  • Nosegay bouquet: It is little different from other flowery boutonniere, as it consists lot of greenery. It is assembled on cone shape handle tightly. Shiny and sparkling ribbons enhance its beauty. In present wedding occasions, it is carried by the bridesmaids. The blooms are bordered with magnolia leaf, ivy and dusty miller.
  • Biedermeier flower bunch: little bigger than posy bouquets, consisting of different color of blooms in separate circle. It is becoming more popular as vibrant contrasting colored flowers are arranged to match the happy mood of the bride.
  • Arm sheaf/ Bernhardt bouquet: Totally different than traditional bridal bouquets. Named after an actress, it has long stemmed flowers to be easily cradled in the arms of the bride. Popular flowers such as lilies, orchids or delphiniums are adorned in a bundle tied with big satin ribbon.
  • Composite or cluster bouquet: Made of single daisy surrounded by other exclusive flowers, it enhances the beauty of brides, who love to have simple wedding.
  • Fan bouquet: Taken from vintage weddings, blooms are attached to a well-designed plastic or fan. The lacy fan is trimmed with different colors of flowers.
  • Basket bouquet: It is more popular in weddings taking place in gardens or in country homes. Colorful flowers are arranged in shallow basket made with shiny silky velvet and satin laces.

In modern weddings, girls prefer to have multi color large flowers or simple big white blooms to carry in their arms. A professional Dubai wedding organizer will hire the best florists to meet your venue décor needs. The innovative ideas will make your wedding moments special and memorable.

Tips to select the right kind of bouquet and flowers for your wedding:

  • Flowers mostly the off-season ones are little expensive. Therefore, it is wise to order seasonal flowers.
  • Ask your wedding planner the kind of decoration he or she is planning for your big day and its cost. If you desire, you can ask them to use low budget flowers.
  • If you are having your wedding in country location then usage of wild flowers will surely be cost effective to décor the whole venue.

Flower arrangement on any happy occasions play a major part to spread a pleasing appeal on the eventful day.

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This blog has been written by Julia Gomes. If you are interested in finding out money saving ideas to plan your wedding, and need professional Dubai wedding organizer assistance, visit their website.

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