Favorite Country Songs for Father-Daughter Dances

by aiowedding on February 23, 2017

When it’s your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect, from the dress to the flowers and everything in between. One of the most stressed-about aspects of a wedding day is that of the dances. Many brides consider the dance with their husband one of the most important ones but next in line of importance is that special dance with their father.

The best father-daughter wedding dance songs must have all the right elements. It must be meaningful but also sentimental. Choosing this song can be one of the biggest decisions for many brides when it comes to their wedding day. If you are stuck trying to figure out just the right song for that other special man in your life, here are some of the best ones out there that can really add an extra special moment to your big day.

God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

The birth of his daughter is one of the biggest and most important days for any father. Blake Shelton captures this memorable and magical day when a man becomes a father with this beautiful and heartwarming song. It expresses the trouble that some men may find themselves in during their lives. The ups and downs they face come and go, but they shouldn’t determine who a man really is. That special day when his daughter is born; it’s like they become a changed man, and this song truly represents this by expressing that she is an angel sent from heaven especially for him.

It Won’t Be Like This for Long by Darius Rucker

The one thing that many parents are far too familiar with is the speed of which the years pass by when their children are growing. Darius Rucker really tugs at your heartstrings with this amazing ballad. He expresses how fast these little moments that you may think will last forever pass you by. It starts with the sleepless nights that a man experiences when his daughter is first born.

Four years later, his little baby that kept him up at night has grown up and become a preschooler who he’s now dropping off at school. She’s a little hesitant and doesn’t want to leave dad at the door, but he knows this phase won’t last that long.

Then he begins to recall how the teenage years come up so fast, and, at times, his little girl claims she hates him; but that, too, he knows is only temporary. Flash forward to dad walking his little girl down the aisle and how fast it all went by. It’s a beautiful and perfect fitting song for any father-daughter dance.

My Wish by Rascal Flats

All parents want is what is best for their children. Rascal Flats hits this nail right on the head with this memorable song. He expresses how fathers only want easy moments for their daughter, no matter what road they take. That, one day when a door closes, they wish another one will open. Dreams should be big and worries should be small for their little girls. It’s a heartwarming song that shows the love a father has for his daughter.

Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks

This song is sung from the perspective of the groom. It’s beautiful that it shows how much a dad holds dear when it comes to his little girl. The groom goes to ask her dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage, surrounded by all her childhood memories in pictures. His little girl was playing Cinderella dancing with her dad one moment, and the next this man is asking for his daughter’s hand in marriage. He leans in and says to the groom, “Now, ain’t she something, son?” and he responds with “Yes, she’s quite a woman.” To which the father looks puzzled, because to him she’ll always be that little girl playing Cinderella, with Dad as her Prince Charming.

I Loved Her First by Heartland

This is a great father-daughter dance song because it reminisces from the father watching his little girl dancing with her new husband. He’s remembering that it wasn’t too long ago that she said dad was her number-one man. He wants her husband to know that he has to be careful with his little girl and that he was the one who loved her first, from the moment she was a teeny tiny little baby to this beautiful woman standing in front of him now. It’s a heartfelt song that shows how much a father’s love stretches for his little girl and how protective he will always be, no matter how old or grown up she gets.

Always Be Your Baby by Natalie Grant

If you are looking for a song that expresses to your dad how much he means to you, this one by Natalie Grant is the best. It shows that a daughter always thinks of her father as her first love. That he was always there to teach her right from wrong. That one day she had to grow up and learn to stand on her own two feet, but, in her eyes, her dad is still always her hero and will always be. From her first steps to walking her down the aisle, her dad was always there by her side, and that, even though there will now be another man in her life, she knows just by looking in her dad’s eyes she will always be his baby.

Daddy’s Hands by Holly Dunn

For another beautiful song dedicated to the man who helped to raise her, this song is one that can show your dad what he truly means to you. Daddy’s hands reminisce about the days of her childhood and growing up; how much dad always sacrificed to ensure his daughter was taken care of. They were kind but hard-working hands that made sure his family never wanted or needed for anything. Now that she is growing up, this song shows that her dad is still one of the most important men in her life, no matter if a new man is taking a lead role or not.


There are so many unique, and heartwarming songs to choose from when it comes to picking just the right one for your father-daughter dance song. Taking time to review and listen to a little of each of these that made the list of the best ones can help you determine which one fits your relationship with your dad – one that you will always remember when you look back on your wedding day.

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