Hold Golden Memories In A Personalized Photo Book

by aiowedding on October 19, 2013

Even with digital provisions that allow you to create a customized album of images, the charm of a traditional photo book is still highly preferred by many. Being able to touch the pictures that conjure up happy and touching memories is definitely an entirely different experience compared to the common swiping motion on a smart phone or tablet PC. It may sound all too nostalgic, but aren’t photographs supposed to have that effect in the first place?

Although surely digital photo albums or books are also nice, there really is just something more charming about the traditional provision, especially if it has been decorated creatively so it does not only have collections of nice printed images, but it also really serves as a memory book that holds other elements that remind people of a particular time that seem to come alive with the scents they come with and even the sounds.

For example, you can add candy wrappers from a special candy store you visited during one of your many travels, place them in sealed decorated plastic bags, and stick the bag onto the page of the book. Whenever you want to revisit that particular moment, you can just easily take out the book, look at the pictures, and treat your senses to the scent and sound of the additional memento you integrated into the page. Or you can write something about the picture, like a backstory that you may forget over the years; you can be reminded of the nice little trivia once you take out that photo book again. There are just so many ways to be creative with it that you cannot accomplish in the same way using a digital program.

Worth mentioning as well is that a photo book makes a better personalized gift for special occasions — say, a wedding. The bridesmaid book can contain snapshots of the female members of the wedding entourage, but these close, dear friends can also leave their heartfelt messages on the book. They can write long or short “letters” using colorful pens. If you’re the bride, it’s just really nice to see the difference in handwritings of your friends who made sure to be part of your special day, and be able to tell who wrote the notes even without checking the name at the bottom of the message. Plus, you know how friends can be, right? They may just spray their perfume on their little section of the page, or leave a lipstick-y kiss mark instead of their signature, or even food stains from the buffalo wings they were eating at the reception when the book was presented to them for signing. The bottom line is that it’s all very personal and special, and the experience will not be the same with a digital photo book.

So if you want a really charming way to preserve great memories, go for the traditional photo book – the trip down memory lane will definitely feel more authentic and nostalgic.

Author Bio: Yonex Sterno has a passion for photography. He usually takes photos of landscapes, people and weddings. He keeps all his photos in traditional or personalized photo books from SIGNINGBOOK.

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