How Personalized Wine Glasses Can Be the Ideal Return Gift for Wedding Guests?

by aiowedding on December 21, 2016

Every celebration has its own liqueur that makes the function what it is and also gives the occasion its peculiar feel. Like how a victory is incomplete without champagne, a wedding is incomplete without wine. Wine is as varied as the place it is from and a wide variety of wine glasses are available which complement the variety of wines available. Champagne, Red Wine, White Wine, Pink Wine, Chardonnay and Sherry are all as varied in taste as their names and origins.

How Personalized Wine Glasses Can Be the Ideal Return Gift for Wedding Guests?

Now you can conduct your wedding party with some decorative personalized wine glasses. Your guest will become delightful to take their peg in these glasses. Apart from that, these personalized wine glasses are also an ideal gift for every occasion. Maybe it is your corporate party or you want to gift it to your loved one in the next anniversary, wine glasses are always suitable for every event.

Significance of Customized Wine Glasses in Weddings

Wine at weddings is part of Christian tradition since the marriage at Cana where Jesus performed the miracle of converting water into wine. Christ may have preferred the red one from the valleys of Canaan but the current wedding guests like to have a list of choices that will make the kings go wow.

  • Ideally there should be at least three separate glasses per person, one for champagne, one for white wine and another for red. A boxed gift pack that includes all the glasses with the guest’s names and the occasion engraved on it can prove to be the perfect gift that will lift the spirits of the revelers.
  • The ideal design can be an engraving with the name of the bride and groom at the foot and the guest’s name on the bowl. These customized wine glasses can adorn their shelves and help set your guests apart while hosting their own party.

Personalized Wine Glasses Are Best for Weddings

Customized wine glasses as return gifts for wedding guests can help avoid confusion over seating orders without resorting to the obvious name cards on each table. The guests will feel more at home with these special glasses with nicknames on some of them to add to the fun.

What to Do If You Have Large Number of Guests?

It is an easy endeavor to take up but can be tedious if the guest list extends particularly long. These glasses would portray your guests how much they mean to you on and the unforgettable day of your life. Wedding is indeed a moment that makes every person involved feel fulfilled and special gestures on this day can make it into a momentous occasion.

  • The tradition of wedding gifts is as old as the tradition of marriage itself. It started in 3000 BC in Mesopotamia where land was given to the married couple to help start their life together. Return gifts are a unique tradition that is still embraced in every occasion. The idea is to present the guests with a gift that will make them keep the celebration of the event in their memory.
  • Customized wine glasses are ideal because it is not a onetime use gift and it requires the care and attention of the guest to help keep it in pristine condition. This might reinforce the care and love they feel for the couple and their positive emotions will in turn help the couple get through some tough times if at all they come up.

Marriage is a social institution, it is the declaration by the couple to society that they choose to live for each other and showing the guests how much you care about them is the greatest token of appreciation there is.

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