How to Buy Engagement Rings

by aiowedding on February 5, 2015

Even if you’d talked extensively about getting married, it can still be a fun surprise to go out and secretly buy an engagement ring and plan a proposal for your intended. The first major hurtle you have to cross, however, is buying that engagement ring.

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This can be a nerve-wracking process—no matter how well you know your wife-to-be, you may not know her exact ring size or exactly what kind of jewelry she wants. And because she will be earing this ring for the rest of her life, you want it to be something she’ll truly love. A note of encouragement here: she’ll love what you pick out for her because you took the time to consider what she might want and buy it for her. If you’re still in need of a little guidance, here are some tips for buying perfect engagement rings.

  1. Take a look at her other jewelry. Sneak a peek into her jewelry collection the next time she’s in the shower or try to pay special attention to what kind of jewelry she wears on a daily basis. Does she like fancy, extravagant pieces, or does she prefer something small and demure? If she has a ring in her collection that you know fits her perfectly, consider taking it with you to the store, so you can get something in her exact size. You can also search and find a perfect jewelry for her online. I suggest checking JR Jewelers online shop; you can find collection of ArtCarved wedding rings, Scott Kay engagement rings and fine fashion jewelry.
  1. Determine which metal she prefers. While it might be too obvious to just ask her what kind of metal she prefers to wear, this is another great time to reference her jewelry box and the pieces that she wears on a regular basis. Some women only wear gold. Others won’t wear gold at all. Has she ever mentioned that she doesn’t lie gold, but she would wear a gold engagement ring?
  1. Consider the size of the diamond. The diamond is going to be the priciest part of the ring. Some women want a large, solitaire diamond. Others prefer a very small diamond, or a few small diamonds. Carefully consider what style of jewelry she prefers.
  1. Determine the thickness of the band. Thinner bands are more popular and will make a small diamond look larger, but thicker bands, especially ones that are inset with stones is also a popular choice.

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