How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

by aiowedding on March 1, 2015


The perfect venue, the perfect outfits (and matching shoes), and you even finally got that centerpiece you saw on Pinterest to turn out right. All that’s left is to say “I do,” right? But wait, how are you going to capture this perfectly curated moment? That’s where you’re wedding photographer comes in. While there’s something to be said for all the long hours of crafting and carefully matching shades of peach, there’s more to be said for what your wedding express about you and your partner. Your photographer must understand your identity as a couple if your wedding pictures are going to truly capture the spirit and emotion of the day. But how do you find a photograph that can learn so much about you? Below are a few key details about how to find a wedding photographer that covers all the things that are important to you.

imagesFirst find a photographer whose photographs you find interesting. Professional photographers run the gamut as everything from part timers who pick up the camera on nights and weekends to art school grads who see every moment as a canvas. It’s important to know ahead of time what kinds of shots you want. If you know you’re not into too many posed shots, you’re going to be better off with someone on the artier side. If you like the formal look, go for someone from a studio background. One great place to start is to ask friends. If you went to a wedding recently and liked the décor your friends had, chances are you will probably like their photographer too.

Second, make a note of the photographs you like by a certain photographer. A photographer may spend hours putting together the final photo package for a couple so they will know their photos better than anyone. If you can point out exactly which photos you liked and didn’t from their past shoots it will help both of you know what it will be like to work together. Which leads to our third tip.

Get to know your photographer. Capturing a perfect moment is all about knowing the real people behind the moment. How can your photographer get to know you if all you do is go over shots and sign a contract? Why not offer to take a potential photographer out for a night on the town, maybe even a double date? This gives both you and the photographer a chance to get to know each other as real people, not just two halves of a business deal. Sure, it adds a cost to the whole thing, but when the day of the wedding comes you’ll appreciate a photog who knows the difference between your real smile and one you fake for creepy uncle Mike.

By far the most important thing to go over with your potential wedding photographer is the kind of shots you want. Extended family is a given, chicken dance is a must, but don’t forget the most powerful symbol of unending love: the ring. Especially when you have one of the ever-increasingly unique rings like ones made from real wood and coral like those sold by Northwood rings, you’ll want to make sure a ring photo in on your “shot list.”

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